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Turmeric Gold Indian Restaurant (Coventry)

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3 Reviews

155 Main Rd / Meriden / Coventry / CV7 7NH / Tel: 01676 521055.

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    3 Reviews
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      28.01.2009 09:20
      Very helpful




      My friend and I were meeting our two sons at the skydome as they had been to Newcastle to play ice hockey and we decided to have a meal and a few drinks in town beforehand. We arrived at about 6.30 pm to the restaurant and were looking forward to a nice meal and a chat. We hadn't made a booking and when we asked for a table they huffed and puffed. They gave us a table upstairs, but rushed us from the word go. I had a ceiling fan above my head which was blowing down my neck so I turned it off and told the waiter and once again he huffed and puffed. They wouldn't allow us to have coffee after our meal because they said the table was booked and when we complained the manager went berserk and tore our bill up and told us to get out, we walked out and he followed us and screamed at us down the road, it was very embarrassing and we could not believe the way we were treated. We were two middle aged women going out for a quite meal and we were humiliated and thrown out of a restuarant because we wanted coffee. We will never go there again.


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      25.11.2008 16:09



      This restaurant really fell below expectations. Atmosphere: fantastic. really impresed by the setting.Food: average taste, nothing special here.Portions:TinyService: SatisfactoryPrice: A rough guide... £9-13 per meat dish, £5 side, £2.50 for a poppadom AND £2.50 for the pickles to go with it!!!!! thats a first!!!£2.50 Naan£3.00 RiceWine is reasonable at £11-16 a bottleOur food (for 2 people) came to £83 with 2 bottles of wine.Not reccommended at all. I think its unfortunate they try silly money-making tactics like charging for the pickles to go with the poppadoms and shrinking portion sizes.. I shall never be going there again for this reason.A shame when the setting and location is so perfect.


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      03.06.2008 14:31
      Very helpful



      A wonderful Indian meal not just a curry!

      I do adore a good curry. Well my whole family does so if there's a bank holiday Monday it means as a family we can go out and have a few shandy's on the Sunday and it usually ends up with a decent meal afterwards cos Step dad isn't working!

      In Coventry we have loads of Indian restaurants. We have a couple we like take aways from, a couple we go to as regulars that is great and reasonably priced and this one 'Turmeric Gold' is used by my parents for special occasions I.E when I'm not tagging along because with my love of King Prawns and more refined special ingredients for my more dis-concerning palette I put the bill up phenomenally and this place, being a touch more classy you pay for it so it's always put them off taking me! However after far too many drinks and Step dad (David) slurring away and not being able to walk far from the pub as we had put away far too many drinks in too short a space of time, this restaurant was one of the closest so off we trotted!

      Where It Is....

      Turmeric Gold
      166 Medieval Spon Street
      West Midlands
      CV1 3BB
      Telephone: 0247622603
      Jay Allam is the proprietor.

      Car parking is available to the front and behind the restaurant and there is a car park (pay and display near by).

      The Building....

      400 years old and is actually a cottage but looks incredibly small almost like a shop outside but beautifully presented and situated amongst a few pubs and take aways in a cobbled street. Lots of hanging baskets on the outside and it's painted blue and white (woodwork only of course) adorned with brightly coloured chiffon net type things and it does look like an upmarket bistro. What did hit me was the lack of Indian food smell which sometimes can be a bit off putting to me when looking for somewhere to eat, particularly late at night when the smell is over powering and smells stale. This place actually doesn't smell at all inside or out!

      Inside it's igly de pigldy for want of a better description. As you walk in, on the right is a tiny bar and a narrow open staircase goes upstairs to further seating and toilets. In front of the bar (downstairs) is a small seating area and on the left hand side of the restaurant a couple of tables (where we sat at front of house) then up a couple of steps there's more seating and the kitchen is at the back. There is a small garden for smokers to the side of the building. Not a huge restaurant say about 20 tables.

      The place is rather posh in a shabby chic kind of way. A mixture of light yellowish, blue, orange painted walls, dark old fashioned wooden beams, dark leather seating in a variety of shapes and sizes, light floors and shades of colour are dashed about this place and rather interesting ornaments and pictures there is a huge feeling of old meets new. The place is impeccably clean and you sort of feel like your in a bit of a tardis really. Now I did say about upstairs so I shall cover that upstairs. There are two kind of curtained off Bedouin tent type things. These are called 'The Maharaja quarters'. Apparently the Maharaja and Mararani's led lives of wealth and excess. Now I don't know alot about these people but to say they had a hoard of staff so book these and you are basically waited on in privacy.

      These 'tent' type things are meant for two people only. There is a low large table and you sit on the floor and can close the curtain for privacy if you desire. It's rather regal looking with plush cushions etc and these are incredibly popular though I'm sure there is extra charge and different menus on offer so do enquire if necessary. Truly visually stunning this area is so worth booking for someone or something special. Also there are a number of tables upstairs as well, just simple dark wooden one's though lol.

      So we arrived at 6pm and people were already filling in. We were greeted by staff and sat down for about two minutes while they sorted us a table out near the bar area. We ordered our drinks which went onto our bill and we sat and munched complimentary bombay mix. We were then seen to our table and left to peruse our menus for quite a while without being bothered or rushed.

      The menu is large enough. My Mother moans because this this isn't really a chicken Dupiaza or Vindaloo kind of menu. The dishes are slightly more exotic and thought out so you do need to careful. Read the name and the dishes are really described well. There are lots of starters, main meals, desserts (mainly ice creams) and lots of accompaniments such as rices, side dishes and nans. Lots of fish on the menu for us fishy lovers.

      For the 3 of us we chose ....

      8 poppadoms and dips to share, chicken balti (Mum) special balti (me), tandoori king prawns and a separate madras sauce (David). We shared one portion of bombay potato between us, a cheese and onion nan, parents shared a mushroom fried rice and I had special fried rice to myself as I'm a pig. Drinks wise parents had half a lager each and I had a single vodka and diet coke (total almost £70.00, without tip and the restaurant does except all major credit cards lol).

      We waited about 5 minutes till food started arriving and of course in typical fashion out came the poppadoms.

      Now I have a huge row with most restaurants on this one. Doesn't matter how many poppadoms come out you get the same amount of sauce and salads. However this doesn't matter too much here because you do pay for a small tray of chutney and salad (and I mean small) and the price if I recall correctly for this (not poppadoms they were separate) was about £3.00. Gorgeous though all of it! Worth the money? Debatable.

      Then the food came out about 10 minutes after. Napkins were laid on our laps and the silver heater things ended up on our table and bang all the food was out. The first thing I noticed was portions. Not at all big, here you pay for quality not quantity (and you pay for it to as both David's main course alone was £12.95 each and £3.00 for his sauce without anything else and my main was also £12.95). Now the balti's were better value for money than the prawns, he actually got 4 but they were huge to be fair and he was delighted with his meal.

      The taste? Exquisite. You get what you pay for. All you could hear from our table was oh's and ahs. The food looked well presented, was hot as in cooked and it was just amazing. David's prawns were just to die for and in our house we know our king prawns from our lacrustines and do have a bit of knowledge about them and these were melt in your mouth gorgeousness. My curry was amazing. Mum even tried to lick her dish (she does that whether she's sober or drunk!). Rices were great not at all greasy, the nan was the most amazing nan I'd ever eaten and the bombay potato was also lovely. No complaints about the food at all though we could have eaten more.

      If you do come here its no good penny pinching or trying to be on a budget if you do your going to be very much underfed. The idea seems to be to order many things and make a night of it. Lots of people were drinking expensive bottles and wine and had set up camp within the restaurant for the evening.

      The Service....

      Fast and efficient but not very friendly. Read other reviews that can be found about this restaurant on line, I'm not the only one saying this. I asked for our nan to be made extra cheesy and I was greeted by a dirty look and a tut. Yes I know they know what they're doing but I like my nan cheesy and I know what I want after all! They won't chat or banter with you but then this isn't a local balti house where they need to be chatty, it's pretty much passing trade and I'm sure not many people would want to pay these local prices regularly.

      The Ambiance....

      Nice gentle contemporary Asian music in the background. Not at all obtrusive. It's not a loud place full of people screaming and I really don't think they would allow that apart from perhaps late on weekends but again this is more of a buisness type place to eat in the daytime and families and special occasions etc. This is not a rough place and it feels no nonsense.

      My only small niggle was the lighting. It was a bit too dim for me to see my menu and when the food came out I struggled to see it properly. The lighting is nice to relax to but not to try and do your ordering!

      The Awards....

      Voted twice on of the top 30 UK restaurant by BCA 2006
      First winners of the 'best ethnic experience category in the Coventry and Warwickshire Food and Drink awards.
      Best in Britain award - Top 100, voted for by the readers of the 'real curry restaurant guide'.
      Voted best restaurant in Coventry & Warwickshire by Coventry Evening telegraph readers.


      Ignore the prices. This place is a little stand offish staff wise but look this place has won a hell of alot of awards, has been written about in alot of newspapers including good food guides and has also been on the news quite alot. They don't have to be friendly really. They do a good service and keep a calm chilled atmosphere. This is not a late night curry house. This is a fine dining restaurant. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you have the money only ever go here. If it's a special occasion or your trying to impress a date, most certainly. It's lovely!

      Does do take-aways but no reduction in price and they do not deliver. Turmeric Gold has two restaurants as well. This one in Coventry and there is one in Meridian and from what I can see from the restaurant website the one in Meridian is very similar to ours and yes I do want to go to compare lol

      Booking is also advisable!


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      Great Indian food with modern twist

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