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Viva Restaurant (Leeds)

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Address: 9-11 Bridge End / Leeds LS1 7HG / Tel: 0113 242 0185

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2011 12:29
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Where its based

      9-11 Bridge End
      LS1 7HG
      Tel: 0113 242 0185

      Do you need to book

      When i went here it was on a Monday and we did not need to book, maybe if you go in on a weekend there may be a slight wait or you may have to book a time, as it is not a very large restaurant and it does seem to have quiet a few customers.

      On walking into the restaurant

      You are instantly greeted by the Italian manager with a hand shake, he then led us to a table, that was nicely decorated with flowers and a lit candle, the tables looks nicely presented and well decorated for a nice romantic scene. The chairs though were just your basic household chairs but they were pretty comfortable to sit on.

      Once you were led to the table and sat down they brought a small plate over to you with a slice of baguette on covered with tomato and cheese with some salad and told that this was on the house. They then took your drinks order and brought them over to the table for you. They also brought the menu over with your drinks.

      The menu

      The menu was quiet varied with hot and cold starters, and main courses, they also just did pizza's if you would rather just have something simple. The menu was in Italian so I can not actually pronounce none of the meals on the menu loll, but underneath it did describe to you what it was in English and what it was served with.

      I never bothered with a starter but for the main course I went with breaded chicken with tomato and chilli spaghetti. Once ordered the meal came within 10 minutes. The food was well presented and was not the type of small portions you can sometimes get. Once they brought the plates over they asked if you would like black pepper and/or Mozzerella cheese then they brought that over and put it over my food for me.
      On the plate were 2 large pieces of breaded chicken, with a large portion of spaghetti at the side, with a side salad at the side also. The food was really well cooked, the chicken was not too crispy but it was not too soft either, it was cooked just right. The spaghetti was also very nice it was cooked to perfection although as it was cooked in chilli it was pretty hot but it was still nice.

      I did decide to try a desert although after my meal I felt pretty full so we decided to go for the selection of ice cream, I did however think that they would ask us what flavours we would like but they never did. They brought them out and mine had 2 scoops of vanilla and 1 chocolate my boyfriends had 3 scoops of vanilla, which was lucky really as he does not like chocolate ice cream, it also came with a dollop of cream and squirted with chocolate sauce. So if you do want to order maybe you should check what flavours they would put on for you. There was plenty of ice cream in the bowl however the only fault i could find with it was there was a few lumps of ice in the ice cream but apart from that it was also nice.

      The staff

      This is one thing that I could not fault on this restaurant, the staff were so friendly and I have never been made to feel more welcome anywhere else. They are Italian but speak very good English, they greet you the moment you walk in the door, and make it feel like you have known them for ages. They like to make sure that you have anything you need while you are there and bring everything to the table for you, once you are seated you never have to move again until you are leaving.


      For my main course I paid £12.95 but there was plenty of food there and it was very filling, unlike in some of the posh restaurants you go to where you pay more. The deserts were all priced at £3.50 which did seem worth the money also. There was cheaper main courses on the menu and the pizza's started from around £7 so there are cheaper options. The drinks seemed a little dear in my opinion as they only had small bottles of strongbow and Italian lager, it cost us £10 for 2 bottles of strongbow and 1 pint of lager.

      Ways to pay

      When you are ready for the bill you just ask the waiter he will bring this to the table for you then you can either pay by cash or by chip and pin, if you do pay by chip and pin they bring the machine to the table for you.

      My overall opinion

      This is by far one of the best restaurants I have been to and I would go back there again. It was not just the food but the whole atmosphere, I was made to feel welcome from walking through the door until the moment I left. The restaurant is only small but if you go through the week you will get a table straight away. I think a smaller restaurant is a better one as it means the staff can be more attentive towards you and these certainly was. They would come over see if we needed anything else and to see if everything was ok.
      I can not fault this restaurant in anyway and it is somewhere I will be going back to, hopefully soon if my boyfriend will treat me again loll.


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