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Wing Wah (Burton on Trent)

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‚Äú Address: 43 ¬Ė 45 New Street / Burton¬Ėon¬ĖTrent / DE14 3QW ‚Äě

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2013 13:59
      Very helpful



      An okay place but not the best by a long way

      Wing Wah Chinese Buffet Restaurant
      Burton on Trent

      WING WAH

      Wing Wah is a small chain of five Chinese style buffet restaurants; one in Birmingham, Nuneaton, Wolverhampton, Coventry and the one we visited in Burton on Trent. We have been to this restaurant a couple of times with different family groups. We like to go to buffets with our family because it means everyone can choose something they like and the children can have a huge choice of desserts. Both times we have taken daughters with their families so children in both families.

      Parking for this restaurant is in a pay and display car park across the street which is part of a shopping centre. It is not far to walk and all along paved paths then you cross the road. The restaurant from the outside looks fairly unappealing if I am honest. It reminds me of the old Chinese places we used to eat at in the 70s as they gave bargain lunch deals. This restaurant was opened in 2004 and can seat 380 diners.

      Once you enter the restaurant it is obviously Chinese with a huge Happy standing Buddha, a fountain and red decorations . There is a huge high desk/bar in front of you where you are greeted and from here you are taken to your table. On the left there are a few chairs where you can sit and have a drink while waiting for someone in your group, or maybe waiting for a table.


      Monday To Saturday¬†: Per Person - £6.99 / 1.4m In Height Or Below - £3.99
      Sunday¬†: Per Person - £7.99 / 1.4m In Height Or Below - £3.99

      Sunday To Thursday¬†: Per Person-£12.99 / 1.4m In Height Or Below - £7.99
      Friday and Saturday¬†: Per Person - £14.99 / 1.4m In Height Or Below - £7.99

      Monday to Thursday | Lunch Time : 12:00pm to 3:00pm / Evening: 6:00pm to 11:00pm
      Friday to Saturday | Lunch Time : 12:00pm To 3:00pm / Evening Time : 6:00pm to 11:30pm
      Sunday | Lunch Time : 12:00pm to 4:00pm / Evening Time : 5:00pm to 10:00pm
      Bank Holiday | Open as Usual


      This place is huge. It is apparently the largest of their restaurants which doesn't surprise me. I was absolutely gobsmacked as it was more like the size of a football field although not all one large room. The main room was big enough but as we were taken to our table we passed through a couple of other huge rooms and there were other side rooms too. It was all a bit noisy and frenetic, this is not somewhere you would go for a quiet romantic meal.

      Once we had been shown our table the waitress took our drink order and explained how the buffet worked, where the starters, were the mains and the desserts etc. As we had not been here before and there did seem to be rather a lot of people just walking around we chose not to all go from the table at the same time so that there was always someone there to guard our bags.


      In the middle of the main room of the restaurant is a model junk a copy of those that sail along the coast of Hong Kong. This junk is in fact the buffet table. Although the food was mainly Chinese and there was plenty of selection to choose from and there were dishes from other parts of Asia.

      They claim to use fresh ingredients and their chefs are skilled and authentic. The food is plentiful and there is a lot of choice but if I had to say is it authentic? I would have to say I have had better Chinese food. Chinese is not really my favourite Asian food, I far prefer Indian Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian but there are some Chinese dishes I do like.

      TO BEGIN

      The starters on offer included crispy wontons, Peking spare ribs, sweet and sour chicken balls, chhesy biscuit, fries onion rings, crispy seaweed, chicken wings with salt and garlic, lemon chicken, prawns with garlic and different soups such as crab and sweetcorn. Although there was quite a lot of choice it was all a bit too fried and greasy for my personal taste.

      They had a special section with noodle dishes and also the disgusting congee dishes. That is a kind of savoury porridge and is truly yuk. I avoided that section.

      The dimsum section doesn't really appeal much either as chicken feet in black bean sauce has been a dish I have avoided and I am not a fan of the stodgy dumpling buns either.


      There was a huge choice here and there were dishes that were beef based, chicken based, seafood and fish based as well as vegetable dishes. There was something for everyone from spicy through to quite plain, something for carnivores and vegetarians too. I was quite happy with what I had to choose from here and managed a pretty good plate with no rice at all.


      My step daughter's boys both love their sweet things and spend most of the meal waiting for their chance to get to the ice cream machine. You can serve out your own Mr Whippy stuff and top it with sweets, chocolate buttons and other things which is their favourite. Once again although I do love desserts these were as boring as most Chinese desserts usually are with jellies and squishy looking cakes that begin to look messy once a few people have been helping themselves. It isn't the best dessert buffet I have ever been to but the boys were thrilled.


      Well it is a buffet so there isn't a lot of service. The waitress came around asking if we wanted more drinks. When we had finished we asked for the bill. Once we had the bill we then went to the front desk/bar and paid. I never feel the need to leave a tip at a buffet as really there isn't any service and you have already paid for the meal.


      There are a few around the place and all were clean when I went. Sometimes you had to walk quite a way to find one and often I felt I needed a map to find the table again. The place is all on one level so no issue with accesibility and there were toilets too with wheel chair access.


      It depends. I personally wouldn't rush back if it were just for my husband and I or us with friends but the children enjoy the experience and it is a good value meal our especially at lunch time. It is not the greatest food and certainly it is far from a gourmet dining experience but it is good value and offers something for everyone.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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