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Wing Wah Restaurant (Coventry)

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4 Reviews

583 Fletchamstead Highway (A45) / Coventry / CV4 9EL / Tel: 0247 669 1818 / Fax: 0247 667 8811 / Chinese restaurant and wine bar.

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    4 Reviews
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      06.03.2011 23:23



      If you like queuing up for sub-standard food with little taste and enjoy eating at laminate tables with children running around and paying £11 for the privilege then this is the place for you! I'm amazed that others have given 4* reviews, presumably other Chinese restaurants must be serving worse food, although that would take some doing. I can only assume that the reviewers put quantity above quality - tough beef, tasteless Singapore noodles and cold fritters for dessert are not what I would expect from my Chinese restaurant.


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      17.02.2009 22:23
      Very helpful
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      Brilliant place, never had a bad experience

      Oh, I love this place! It has surely got to be the best Chinese buffet ever. Chinese food PLUS a chocolate fountain, what's not to like?!

      *~The restaurant - layout/decor/atmosphere etc~*

      The actual restaurant is very large, there is plenty of seating available. On entering, you are in the bar/waiting area and there is a stand where you go to be seated. You then walk past the food area, the seating is laid out to the left. Decor is quite tasteful, nothing too outrageous or tacky, and has an authentic feel to it. The restaurant does tend to get very busy at peak times, so booking is advisable.

      *~The service~*

      I have always found service to be of a very high standard. The staff who show you to your seat are very friendly and professional. Orders are taken very quickly and drinks usually arrive promptly. Staff are very polite and any queries have always been dealt with very well. The teppanyaki chefs are great, they work under pressure a lot of the time but never seem stressed!

      *~The food~*

      The most important part of the review!
      In my opinion, the food here is amazing. I have never seen such a selection and it is always hot and fresh. As well as the usuals (sweet and sour, prawn toast, lemon chicken, spring rolls...) you can always count on the Wing Wah to have some unique dishes. (Satay squid or beef stomach in curry sauce anyone?!)
      The crispy chilli beef is my ultimate favourite, they get it just right!
      The teppanyaki section always proves popular and is especially great for those who turn their noses up at the usual buffet food. You make your selection of fresh meats,veg and seafood then the chef will cook it in front of your eyes. Brilliant!
      To top it all off, if you still have room left, the dessert selection is amazing! As well as ice cream, jelly and blancmange desserts, they have a spread of cakes, profiteroles, and the ultimate chocolate fountain!

      *~The prices~*

      Prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from £5.99 to £13.99 depending on the day and time you visit. Even at the maximum price of £13.99, this is extremely good value considering the quantity and quality of food.


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        19.04.2008 19:41
        Very helpful



        A fantastic meal, day or night!

        I absolutely love food! I particularly have a fondness for Chinese food and the best way of eating it for me is a buffet style restaurant where I can eat lots of different dishes to my hearts content for a set price. So when Coventry eventually got this restaurant (which used to be a pub I drank in once upon a time), chuffed to bits I was!!!

        Where Is It?....

        583 Fletchamstead Highway (A45)
        CV4 9EL
        Tel: 0247 669 1818
        Fax: 0247 667 8811

        Wing Wah resteraunts are also in Birmingham, Oldbury, Burton On Trent, Wolverhampton and Nuneaton.

        What Wing Wah Says For Itself....

        'Visit Wing Wah - Together with our finest cooking, and an experienced and friendly team of dining room staff ready to serve, why not let us surprise you with a whole new gastronomic experience at Wing Wah?

        Restaurant & Bar Our fully equipped bar, has an extensive range of spirits, cocktails, beers and our award winning wine list'.

        Fine Chinese Cuisine Our menu boasts some of the most extensive selections of Asian food that you will find anywhere, and blends many flavours and textures from the many regions of Asia. Wing Wah's combination of flavours and cuisines will ensure you find the meal your after.

        The food is inspired from many regions of China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines.

        The Restaurant..

        A very large one floor restaurant. Brick building with lots of windows being very light and airy. As you walk through the double doors there is a bar that greets you and a small seating area and a desk to go to for a table. Never have I had to wait for a table but if your worried about this or making a special trip here do book a table just to be on the safe side.

        There are loads of tables varying in shapes and sizes, well set out with white tablecloths and flowers on the tables with a complimentary wicker basket full of prawn crackers (they will refill these if you ask), cutlery is already there as are wine glasses.

        Pine floors and cream walls, lots of greenery and pictures. The place is fairly attractive and very clean indeed think sort of like a canteen. The buffet area is huge and there is a separate dessert area and at night along with that there is sushi in that area and a chocolate fountain.


        Excellent. Front of house is run by English women in long Chinese dresses. Thigh cut outfits and they wear these in the day which is a bit extreme (or maybe I'm a little bit of a prude!). The waiters/waitresses and chefs are all Chinese wearing black trousers and white shirts and are very clean looking indeed. Tables are quickly cleared the the only fault I can give is trying to get their attention to get a drink takes ages cos they're so busy and the wait can be a while.

        The Atmosphere....

        Can be very lively particularly in the daytime cos the menu is a cheaper one. You get alot of families in and weekend days are full of parties of birthdays so it can be very hectic, but always friendly and full of comradory.

        The Food...

        Fabulous and varied. The buffet area is very big and is in a u shape. The menu is different in the day to the night (hence the price). Always well stocked and refilled nothing 'sells out' so you don't feel the need to rush and be a gutsy pig.

        Day-times and night-times there's a great selection of appetizers, starters, main meals, rices, noodles, and salads. Daytime the foods are a little bit 'cheaper' such as onion rings, battered mushrooms, seeweed, yuk sung, Spare ribs, won tons, chicken and sweetcorn soup (2 or 3 soups), chicken pancake rolls, chicken curry, chicken with mushrooms, sweet and sour chicken, beef in black bean sauce etc but still very varied but missing fish dishes but lots too choose from (I've only mentioned a few dishes and these do change) ad there's plenty of veggie options which are clearly marked out.

        Night-time well I've never seen anything like it! It's the bomb!

        There is the same amount of dishes but cos your paying more the food is made of pricier ingredients! There is a whole tray of fresh salmon, steak, sushi, king prawns, calamari lemon chicken, etc Also the hot plate is only open at night and there is a section to pick your own bits and bobs into a bowl and the chef cooks them in front of you which is just lovely. You have a selection of meat, fish, vegetables, noodles and sauces to choose from and he heats them up in seconds (again you can do this as often as you wish and you choose how much or as little you want to eat). A selection of sauces are always available to go with your meal and the night time deserts are alot nicer and more interesting than the day (ice cream in the main in the day lol), and at night lots of sweets and quality street sweets are about along with gorgeous tiramisu and chocolate fudge cake and the likes, you just have to remember to save room as there's loads it's like a grotto!.

        The food is all delicious and always hot and fresh and there are about 100 dishes to choose from so you don't get bored. I've never eaten something I don't like there its all so well cooked and meat is always tender. They do the best fish dishes I've ever eaten! There are a few vegetarian dishes available that anyone can help themselves to and most of the rices and noodles don't contain meat. The noodles here are simply the best!!

        This is not canteen style food, regardless of it's premise. You are not rushed around the buffet and out of the door. You are free to take your time and enjoy your stay here. You can have as much or as little as you like and no one looks down on you cos you visit the buffet boat (the buffet is encased into like a boat) 200 times if you so desire and you see people making alot of trips and you do wonder how people stuff it all in!

        The Drinks....

        A little more pricey than in a pub, this is where they make there money. For 3 cokes in here it sets me back about £9.00 and a pint is £3.60. Bottles of wine are available as are champagne and the bar seems stocked with lots of bottled beers and spirits but no alcopops live here! All drink are on the menu along with Chinese tea and coffee etc. Wing Wah's website mentions cocktails but I've never seen anyone drinking one and I haven't seen them on the menu.

        The facilities....

        There is male, female, and a disabled toilet here just off the main restaurant room. White fresh and exceptionally clean and fragrant and music is softly played into them.

        There is a function room and it's a large room that is soundproofed and is also just off the main restaurant room. Here you can book it for works do's etc and then everyone pays for their meal at the going prices. Tables can be laid out, with waiter service just as the main room and you come out and get their food along with anyone else (queues included). They can set up plasma screen, karaoke etc. I personally haven't been to a do in here but it looks great and I've seen many fancy dress do's here and a wedding party! Looks fantastic!

        Children are very welcome here and if you have a baby and want to give it a bottle etc they are more than happy to accommodate you and if you need anything and can supply high chairs etc. On the menu (night and day) if your children are not daring there are chips on the menu and fried chicken wings and chicken nuggets (sauce provided for us more daring customers, which is optional!) So there is food to keep the kids happy as well!

        Special Events....

        For Valentines day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc booking is really advisable. Special menus are occasionally laid on and prices can and do change for this cos of the demand.

        If you are going for a birthday and you let them know in advance they will put on this horrible smurf music and the waiters come over (even if you haven't finished eating!), singing happy birthday at you, the whole restaurant watch and sing while the waiter tries to take a photo and they give you either a melon full of fruit and ice-cream (£5.00 including photograph and embarrassment) or a frozen swan with a candle, fruit and ice cream in it (£7.00 including photograph and embarrassment). I report this cos my parents did it to me with a deformed looking ice swan! I'm still working out if I can ever forgive them! Do remember though you have to book this as far as I'm aware and I think you can order a birthday cake with them well in advance as well. Do be aware though its so embarrassing! Oh and you get the photograph they took of you with the price someone paid to get the fruit thing on the way out of the door which they place in a cardboard frame advertising the restaurant (I loved my photo!).


        A really fantastic restaurant with nothing at all to complain about apart from so many birthdays in one place at one time and the same happy birthday song running in your head for the duration of your visit! Can be annoying but you kind of get used to it! If you want to avoid this it tends to be quieter at night but still busy but mainly couple orientated. Your left to your own devices and can chill in a nice clean environment. I adore the place and now I really want to go back again!!

        Highly recommended this one and I've never heard a bad thing about this restaurant. It's very well thought of in Coventry and I shall continue to regularly visit! Day-times are incredible value for money whilst the evening is a bit more expensive but still cos of the dishes is still excellent value, do go! Oh and I must add really easy to manage here is a wheelchair as well with big doors and the aisles are big.

        Opening times and prices....


        Lunch - Sundays To Thursdays
        Adult - £5.90 1.4m in height or below - £3.90

        Lunch - Fridays and Saturdays
        Adult - £5.90 1.4m in height or below - £3.90

        Evenings - Sundays To Thursdays
        Adult - £11.90 1.4m in height or below - £9.90

        Evening Fridays And Saturdays
        Adult - £13.90 1.4 in height or below £9.90

        Opening Times....

        Monday To Saturday
        Lunchtime 12pm-3pm
        Evening 6pm-11.30pm

        Lunchtime 12pm-5pm
        Evening 6pm-10pm


        For lunch and night buffet (Takeaway), just fill a box provided (certain items not included) and prices for sit down meals and take-aways do vary from restaurant to restaurant. I'm not sure of the price for this as it depends whether it's lunch or dinner but it's around £5.25 in day I think but I've never done it.


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          12.07.2007 12:35
          Very helpful



          Oriental restaurant arranged on a one price buffet style.

          Wing Wah is a chain of Oriental restaurants based around the West Midlands. Opened by celebrity chef Ken Hom in all there are five restaurants in all and the one I have experienced is in Coventry. There are also restaurants in Birmingham, Warley, Burton on Trent and Wolverhampton.

          The one in Coventry is located on Fletchhamstead Highway on the corner of the A45 and from the outside I would guess that before it became a restaurant it was probably a large pub based on the size and layout of the building. Open seven days a week it is open weekdays and Saturdays between 12.00pm and 3.00pm for lunch and 6pm to 11.30 for evening meals while on a Sunday lunch is from 12.00 to 5.00 with it re-opening at 6.00 till 10.00 for evening meals.

          This restaurant is a one price eat as much as you like buffet style and the prices do vary according to the time of visit. Children under 1.4m in height pay a reduced amount. Lunch from Sunday to Thursday is £5.90 (£3.90 under 1.4m) with the evenings £11.90 (£9.90). On a Friday or Saturday prices are the same for lunch but rise to £13.90 (£9.90) in the evenings. There is also a take out service for £5.90 where you get a polystyrene container and can fill it up with pretty much anything you like as long as you are able to close the lid.

          I would recommend booking in advance as it does get very busy and especially if you are in a large party, I have been in on three separate occasions and every time it has been at least three quarters full and on one occasion it was pretty much packed out. On the plus side it is all on one level so ideal for wheelchairs or those who do not like stairs and there is plenty of parking spaces.

          The Eating Area

          As you enter there is a small bar area with limited seating and then the main floor opens out into a large eating area. There are windows all around so that there is plenty of light however the décor is rather cheesy but not too oppressive. There are a whole variety of tables sizes from small two seater ones to larger circular tables that could cater for ten people, the largest group I have been with totalled 23 and this was accommodated by making one long table. I have been told there is also a separate function room as well but have not seen this.

          Sprouting out from the kitchen area is the hull of a boat and within this is contained most of the food, on one side there are a number of starters and Japanese dishes while on the other there are more traditional Chinese and Malaysian dishes as well as soup and crispy duck. At the bow of the boat is a teppanyani hot plate where you can fill your plate with raw ingredients and have it cooked for you. To the left there is an area that has sushi and also all the desserts including a cabinet for ice cream and my children favourite a large chocolate fountain with trays of fruit and sweets for dunking purposes.

          The Food

          The strength of Wing Wah and the reason that I like going there is that it does represent good value for money as there is such a huge choice of food to enjoy. There must be well in excess of 100 dishes to choose from and you can make as many journeys as you like so my advice is to get thee stretchy pants on and go for it in true Homer style. You should also avoid some of the pitfalls and exercise caution when loading your plate or you could merely adopt my daughters’ style and attempt to eat your own body weight in sweets and chocolate.

          When you arrive your table will have a basket of prawn crackers, these are a trap and so you should not eat more than a couple as they are designed merely to fill you up on cheap stuff. There are a huge number of starters to choose from and although most of them are of the heavily fried variety it is worth hunting out the sushi (which are rather strangely displayed next to the desserts) and the ribs are also rather nice as well. My personal favourite is the crispy duck of which there is an unlimited supply alongside pancakes, sauce, chopped cucumber and spring onion.

          When it comes to the main courses I personally go for the teppanyani which is cooked in front of you, although all of the other dishes are rotated on a regular basis and because it is usually so busy nothing sits for long some of the dishes that are less popular do look a bit congealed at times which puts me off especially with sea food so I prefer to load up a plate with some raw veg, noodles and meat and watch it cooked in front of me. The chefs certainly put on a show and are very dexterous as they line up a number of peoples food at a time occasionally adding oil to make flames shoot up into the air, the kids loved this way of getting their food and it has a nice taste although there is a limited choice of only two sauces to add, a mild chilli sauce or soy sauce and it would be nice to see some other alternatives like teriyaki or oyster sauce.

          There is a fantastic range of choice for the main courses, one section is devoted to Japanese dishes while there is a good selection of vegetarian dishes as well. The sea food range is really good with sea bass being my favourite alongside a really nice dish containing giant mussels in a black bean sauce and of course there are lots of meat options as well.

          It is worth saving some room for dessert, now I’m not a big fan of the chocolate fountain although the strawberries in chocolate are nice it is just that the chocolate is not as nice as some I have tried, instead I head straight for the little portions of cheesecake which is very acceptable as is the tiramisu. There are a number of other sweets a well and there are about three types of ice-cream as well. This is when the stretchy pants come into their own and when the sacrifice on the prawn crackers starts to reap its rewards.

          I have not mentioned the drinks situation mainly because every time I have been there I have been driving so I have never checked out the wine list, drinks are not cheap however in line with most restaurant prices, I the big group I went with which had a range of alcohol and non alcohol drinkers the shared bill was just shy of £18 per head which included the week rate of £11.90 for food.

          The service is very good, there are a lot of staff bustling about bringing drinks and collecting dirty plates from tables, all of the staff are polite and for the most part work with a smile which is no mean feat given how busy the place gets. You may have to queue to get your food at times as the line can be slow moving as people pile food on but the wait is never that bad and as the serving area is in fill view you can time your visits.

          Kitsch Value

          I have to mention some of the slightly more tacky points, the first is the truly awful canned music that rings out every time they bring out a celebration cake, actually what they bring out is a large dessert with sparklers in it, however this dessert is accompanied by a woman wailing the Happy Birthday song in an stereotypical Chinese accent, when we went for my sons 14th birthday he was so pleased that we had not gone for this option as I knew just how embarrassed it would have made him.

          I’m also not convinced of the need to dress all of the waitresses up in Suzy Wong style split gowns no matter how attractive they are and some of the décor is a bit tacky as well.

          On the plus side the toilets are really clean as is the whole restaurant and I also like the fact that the tables are reasonably spaced out to enable people to move about.

          Overall if you want a good variety of traditional (for the UK) oriental food at a reasonable price then Wing Wah is a fun place to visit especially in big groups.

          For the details of the other locations check out the website at


          Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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