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Wing Wah (Wolverhampton)

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4 Reviews

499 Stafford Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, WV10 6RR. Tel: 01902 783 388

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    4 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 13:28
      Very helpful



      A great place to sample some new dishes

      Wing Wah - yum yum yum. I absolutely love going to Wing Wah, and the Wolverhampton restaurant is the closest to us at around 15 miles away - but its well worth the trip.

      Wing Wah Wolverhampton is situated on the Stafford Road, in the Fordhouse area of Wolverhampton. The city centre of Wolverhampton is just up the road about 5 miles away. The Wing Wah restaurant is a former pub, and sits grandly on the street. It is 2 stories high and a traditional brick built public house. There is a car park adjacent to it and some other shops.

      Opening Times

      Monday to Thursday 12:00pm to 3:00pm and 5:30pm to 10:30pm.
      Friday to Saturday 12:00pm To 3:00pm and 5:30pm to 11:00pm
      Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm.


      Monday to Saturday £6.99
      Sunday £7.99

      £11.99 except Friday and Saturday which is £13.99

      All children under 1.4m can eat for between £3.99 and £5.99

      The restaurant is spacious and has 280 seats. There are a wide range of tables that seat from two people upwards and although there is a lot of seating available the restaurant does not feel overcrowded and the tables aren't too close to one another. There is a separate room for party's that contains a karaoke machine but this is out of the way of the other diners. Food wise there are a wide range of starters from prawn toast, to Yuk sung and duck pancakes. Then as you move round the island of food you have the biggest selection of Chinese dishes you have ever seen. No-one will be disappointed as there is something there for everyone with a range that includes:- Rice, Noodles, Chips, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chinese Curry, Roast Beef in Peppered Sauce, Black Bean, Stir-fried Mushrooms...to name just a few! You can go up and refill your plates as many times as you want and you are not on a time limit so you can eat plenty. If you have room there are also a great selection of puddings such as fresh fruit, cakes, chocolate fountain and ice-cream.

      All the food tastes fresh and well cooked. The flavours are strong and have depth and everything tastes amazing. The restaurant is clean; plates are spotless as are glasses and cutlery. All the staff is polite and helpful and one waiter goes round and entertains the children which I thought was a nice touch. Having tried other Wing Wah restaurants Wolverhampton is definitely our favourite as it feels the most welcoming. Little touches make you feel welcome such as the plush carpets, and nice décor, there is nice low music and clean toilets. Other restaurants in the Wing Wah chain have had lino floors, dowdy décor and have felt a little dirty so Wolverhampton is lovely compared to these!

      There are a couple of downsides though, the car park fills up quickly and is not very organised which means you have to try and park by the shops which is not great. Although the staff are helpful it can take ages to receive your drinks order and it can sometimes take them a while to get you to yur table even when you have booked beforehand. However, the food quality and range are not tainted by this and as long as we are not in a rush we can cope with the wait.

      I think Wing Wah is a great way to allow you to sample a lot of different Chinese dishes in one place and really have a good meal.

      Address Details
      499 Stafford Road, Fordhouse, Wolverhampton, WV10 6RR
      Tel: 01902 783 388 Fax: 01902 788 883


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      20.09.2011 12:28
      Very helpful



      A great place to have Chinese in the evening. Check it out if you're in the area of one!

      This weekend my parents decided to take my sister and I out for a meal seeing as it was our last few days in Wolverhampton before we headed back to our respective universities. Since the idea was very last minute we struggled to decide on a place and even headed out to the Frankie and Benny's 12 miles away in Walsall- only to be told there was a 55 minute wait. In the end we headed out to a regular buffet restaurant we visit for special occasions- Wing Wah.

      ===What is Wing Wah? ===

      Wing Wah is a chain of Chinese buffet restaurants around the Midlands area including in Nuneaton, Birmingham, Coventry and Burton as well as Wolverhampton. The Wolverhampton branch is located on Stafford Road (A449) in Fordhouses, so 10 minutes out of the city centre and easily accessible from the M54 motorway.

      Prices are as follows:

      Mon-Sat is £6.99 per person or £3.99 for those 1.4m or below in height.
      Sun is £7.99 per person or £3.99 for those 1.4m or below in height

      Sun-Thur is £11.99 per person or £5.99 for those 1.4m or below in height.
      Fri-Sat is £13.99 per person or £5.99 for those 1.4m or below in height

      Payment is taken by either cash or card at desk near the entrance after your meal and you have the option to round up payment for tips. For an all-you-can-eat buffet these prices are pretty reasonable. The '1.4m' rule does seem a bit silly however as whilst it implies the prices are for children, there will always be tall children and very short adults, though I suppose it's better than trying to deceive staff that your twelve year old is most definitely 8 to get child prices!

      ===The Experience===

      Generally whenever I've been to Wing Wah it's never been a miserable outing as my belly is filled and cash or card duly paid to the staff, but for the purposes of my review I shall detail my most recent trip there, which is for a dinner service.

      We arrived around 8'o'clock on a Saturday and, inevitably, the restaurant was at its peak. The manager noted down our surname and instructed we had an half an hour wait, which turned about to be 20 minutes instead so not bad for a peak time. Fortunately there is a waiting area with seats and the restaurant bar is at the front of the restaurant before you enter the buffet section. Drinks can be purchased at the bar separately which you can take into the dining area, which is good because you don't have to wait to be seated before ordering drinks.

      The dining area consists of tables and chairs and the buffet stations are towards the left side of the restaurants with a row of starters, two rows of main course choices, a dessert section, a salad bar, a sushi and dimsum section and even a open kitchen (or teppanyaki) section (where the food is cooked right before you're served). Staff mill around either ensuring to collect empty glasses, plates and cutlery or will top up the buffet when selections get low. When busy the atmosphere can be a little claustrophobic due to the darkish decor and the possibility of screaming children and/or loud hen night parties, but I can still hear myself think generally. Tables and chairs aren't close together so little risk of knocking your plate of food over when you make you way back to your seat.

      My sister and I jumped right into filling our plates with the two main courses but our parents both had starters and had no problems. The starter foods on offer include Peking style spare ribs, spring rolls and even onion rings.

      The main course choices are obviously a lot broader and you can choose from a range of meat, chicken, rice, noodle and vegetable selections. They even serve the typical English chips! For example, between two main course plates I had sweet and sour pork, chow mein noodles, crispy chilli beef chicken fried rice, chips and stir fried vegetables. I enjoyed my plate because it was filling and everything seems to be cooked to a good standard- considering it's a buffet place it's probably not the highest quality Chinese cuisine you can get and some of meat-based dishes are a little oily. However they do have good flavour and aren't really greasy or sloppy like takeaway food.

      Due to having two main courses I was too full to handle a dessert, but my dad did. He had some sliced watermelon, a couple of profiteroles and a slice of sponge cake, but there are also cupcakes, jelly and swiss rolls among other things. Even he couldn't handle that much dessert, but he commented that while he liked his profiteroles the fruit was a little tough. I guess it could've been because the dessert section doesn't need as much topping up as the buffet sections do so the food has been out in the open for a longer time, but I'm only judging based on my dad's experience as I don't tend to have desserts at Wing Wah anyways. I could see the cupcakes from where I was sitting though and they looked scrumptious!

      Generally the service at Wing Wah is good. The staff may not be always smiling when going about their job but they are efficient in cleaning tables and making sure the food stations are sufficiently topped up, plus they are very thankful when you are leaving the restaurant and give their goodbyes. If you have a birthday available for someone's meal they will play 'Happy Birthday' over the speakers and bring out the cake to you whilst you're in the middle of the meal for a small fee, which is a very nice touch as it lets the whole restaurant know through the music!

      I enjoy visiting Wing Wah for those special evenings and would very much recommend it for those living around Wolverhampton or if you ever visit the city and want a cheap meal. The location isn't quite central but still accessible for those coming to the city straight from the motorway as it's on a main road. The food is very tasty and there is a wide selection of Chinese dishes on offer- they're even adding an Indian section to the menu now! Provided you aren't looking for gourmet standard food, Wing Wah certainly fits the bill for an excellent buffet restaurant in the city.

      499 Stafford Road, Fordhouse, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV10 6RR
      Tel: 01902 783 388

      (Also on Ciao under the username Anti_W)


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      22.04.2010 13:01
      Very helpful



      A good quality cheap buffet.

      I went here for a meal as part of a hen night last year. My husband actually dropped me off here, and I was shocked at it's location, it is literally on the side of a main road. It does have a car park though. It just seems like it has been plonked down there.

      When you first walk through the doors you are greeted with a bar, and a seating area. We had to wait a while for our table to be ready (only about 10 minutes) so we all took the time to get drinks. The drinks were reasonably priced and you had to pay at the bar, as they are separate to the food, which isn't a bad thing, as some people weren't drinking.

      The restaurant itself is fairly average in size, but the buffet definitely looked good. It is a chinese buffet but they also do jacket potatoes and a couple of other English dishes. I did wonder how many options there would be for me being a veggie but I found loads to eat there.

      The buffet all looked fresh and was topped up regularly, and the food was great quality, no-one out of the 15 of us had any complaints. I tried a wide variety of dishes, including vegetable curries, spring rolls, different noodles, and they were all very tasty. They also have a huge desert buffet with ready made deserts, one of those ice cream machines like they have in pizza hut, and lots of fruits.

      When it came to pay at the end we all meandered up to the till and they took our money separately, as there was so many of us this was the easiest way to do it. The buffet costs £14.99 a person, which I thought was quite reasonable as you can go up as many times as you want. I think these prices do differ depending on the time and day you go.

      For more info you can visit their website:

      I found this restaurant good quality, it's what you would expect from a buffet. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area looking for a cheap place to eat.


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      26.10.2009 23:30
      Very helpful



      Excellent Chinese buffet restaurant

      I have always been a fan of Chinese food and so when my wife and I were heading down to visit her family for her sisters 40th birthday meal out I was delighted that I was informed we were going to a Chinese all you can eat restaurant and so I simply had to offer up a review. First thing I will say is that I did not pay for the meal out as it was her father who paid for the family meal out for her 40th present from him so I am not able to offer up too much opinion on value for money.
      When you arrive you are greeted by a member of staff who will offer to take you to a table...as we were waiting for a group of people to arrive we sat in a small waiting area to the right of the entrance with myself going to the bar and picking up a drink from the bar on the left side of the entrance.
      Once all of our party had arrived we were taken by a member of staff to the table they had prepared for us and offered a drink so we sat down and allowed the ladies to head up to fill their plates first of all (my wife wanted to go up with me so she waited for me to go up). The hot plate areas are pretty much in the centre of the restaurant itself with the bar and kitchen to the back of them to allow for ease of access for staff to keep the trays filled. There were about 5 hot plates each holding up about 14 different dishes and the actualy trays were all kept full at all times (we were in for about 2 hours and no tray was empty during this time).
      So what of the food on offer? Well I am someone who only likes pork and chicken and so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant offered up a good variety of meats with beef and black bean offered up as well as chicken and black bean which is something many places will simply not do. The food on offer included soups, spring rolls, spare ribs, rices, chips, noodles, sweet and sour dishes, black bean dishes, kung po dishes, szechaun dishes, mandarin dishes, chicken balls in batter, curry dishes and a range of desserts (including an ice cream machine). All of the foods which I tried were of exceptional quality and taste and still tasted of freshness although from a buffet which I feel suggests they were regularly bringing out fresh trays.
      The restaurant itself is simply huge with a large number of clean and comfortable tables and even though the place was packed there was always food out and I feel this contributed to the food in the trays being so fresh as each tray was being changed regularly.
      Staff in the restaurant I found to be very helpful, well turned out and efficient meaning that if you ran out of a drink you did not wait long until you were offered another.
      The range of drinks on offer was excellent with a proper bar in the restaurant allowing you beers, wines, lagers, ciders and more from the alcohol range.
      The restaurant also seemed to be good about children and did not pick out people unjustly who had children as soon as they made any noise so I was pleasantly surprised with this as I have experienced this in other buffet restaurants.


      - Excellent quality food
      - Well laid out buffet
      - Brilliant staff
      - Huge restaurant so not likely to wait long for a table
      - Proper bar so good range of drinks on offer
      - Spacious and clean tables despite a lot of them in the restaurant
      - Food trays always kept well stocked


      - None

      This restaurant offers up great food and atmosphere and although I did not pay I am told it is excellent value and for the food quality I would be happy to pay a fair penny for each dish so with buffet offering choice of foods it is exceptional.


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