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Yates's (Blackpool South)

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Address: 407–411 The Promenade / South Shore / Blackpool South / Lancashire / FY1 6BQ

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2013 17:57
      Very helpful



      a nice pub on the promenade

      Whilst discussing our plans for Blackpool with my Dad, I asked him for any recommendations on places to eat. My Mum and Dad visit Blackpool a few times a year and normally opt for Wetherspoons type pubs for lunch. My Dad recommended Yate's on the promenade. There are two Yate's pubs in Blackpool. We had a late breakfast here and also lunch before heading home as the pub was in a practical location for the train station.

      ~Yates, Blackpool~

      407-411 The Promenade
      South Shore
      FY1 6BQ

      01253 406070

      This pub is a five to ten minute walk from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and is right on the seafront. The building isn't the most attractive but there is a welcoming outdoor area. Yate's is set over two floors and there is access for both wheelchair users and those with prams to navigate the pub. This particular Yate's caters for functions but on a day to day basis, it offers cheap food and drink. At the weekend, they offer karaoke and a DJ.

      Yate's is open daily from February until November.

      *Monday - Thursday : 1000-2300hrs
      *Friday : 1000-0100hrs
      *Saturday : 1000-0200hrs
      *Sunday : 1000-2230hrs

      ~The Menu~

      Yate's offer quite an extensive menu including breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have special promotions whereby you can select two meals for just £8.95 from a selection of 11 popular dishes. Diners are entitled to 50% off food on a Thursday too and desserts are always on a 2 for 1 promotion.

      Breakfast is served until noon and options include a cooked breakfast, porridge, scrambled egg on toast and muffins to name a few. You can opt for a curry and drink for just £6.85 or low calorie options such as crayfish salad, aubergine bake and turkey meatballs for around £6.45. Another special deal is any sandwich, panini, taco or baked potato with a drink for £5.85. There is a range of burgers on offer from £6.25 and also a range of classic dishes including mixed grill, fish and chips and gammon steak for around £6.45. Vegetarian options include a veggie breakfast, a curry, aubergine bake and a few other meals.

      Childrens meals are just £1.99 including a drink - pizza, macaroni, pasta bolonaise etc. Desserts are priced at £4.95 and include rocky road sundae, chocolate and caramel tart and a few other options. Yate's also offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including cocktails (2 for £6.95) or pitchers from £5.95.

      ~Layout and Standard of Service~

      Inside this Yate's pub, it is spacious and appeared to be clean. On both visits, we opted for a table next to the window which was up two small stairs. We chose here as it was lovely and bright. On our first visit, we arrived around 1100hrs and found the pub to be quiet. This was the same during a lunch visit and aside from a few diners, we were almost alone. I believe this pub is much busier in season and at the weekend but we didn't experience this as we had our young son with us. As we were leaving on our second visit, we did notice a stag group coming in and they were quite rowdy but it does state on the website that this pub does attract this clientele on a regular basis. I believe that they have security doormen at the weekend which is reassuring.

      The pub is clean but we did find our table to be a little sticky on our first visit but not on the second visit. It isn't the most modern of pubs but it isn't too shabby.The service was perfectly acceptable. We noticed a few members of well presented staff who served us quickly and with a smile. You select what you want to order and order at the bar - payment is there and then so very much like Wetherspoons. Our food was brought out at a steady pace - not too quick that we questioned how it was cooked but not too slow that we were left feeling overly hungry. Good service.

      ~Our Food~

      We found the menu in Yate's to be very varied and there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. My boys are quite fussy with there food but Yate's accommodated our preferences. Our first visit saw us ordering a late breakfast/early lunch before heading our for the day. My fiance opted for the 'bigger breakfast' which included two bacon, two sausage, two eggs, baked beans, tomato, mushroom and hashbrowns - you can have chips but sorry, we don't 'do' chips for breakfast! He received quite a good sized portion and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was priced at around £4.00 which was good value.

      I opted for the traditional breakfast which was one of each of the above items and no hashbrown. We swapped a few bits around - I had a hashbrown and my fiances tomato whilst he took my mushrooms. I enjoyed my breakfast and found it to be very tasty and not overly greasy. The sausages and egg in particular were delicious and at around £3.00, it was well worth the money. My son asked for a sausage sandwich and whilst Yate's specify a breakfast stack, they were happy to change this to two slices of thick white bread for my son. He loved it and was pleased to see three meaty sausages on his sandwich.

      We had a juice each (one fizzy, one pineapple and a Capri Sun) and the bill came to under £12.00. I paid by cash but card is also accepted. Given how delicious the food actually was and how big the portions were, the price was very reasonable indeed. If we go back to Blackpool next year, we will definitely go back for our breakfast again. The food was served piping hot, cooked well and generally well presented. We were provided with a train of condiments including mayo and tomato sauces.

      Our second visit was on the Monday and we were trying to kill some time between checking out of our hotel and our train arriving. We chose to return here for lunch as we didn't really have a great deal of money left and as Yate's offer a range of special promotions, we thought it would benefit the purse to eat here again! We decided to order from the 2 for £8.95 part of the menu which does result in a considerable saving compared to the main menu prices.

      My fiance decided upon the cheeseburger and chips (as he does always) and received a hearty portion. A deliciously meaty burger with a side bowl of chips and some tomato sauce was present on a platter type plate. The portion size was excellent for a grown man and he thoroughly enjoyed his meal. I had to taste the burger and found it to be well seasoned, extra meaty and with the ideal amount of toppings including lettuce and tomato. The chips were equally as tasty - fluffy and crisp. A very substantial meal.

      I opted for the chicken burrito which was served with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese and a side of salad and sour cream. I really enjoyed my dish and whilst it looked a tad sloppy, it isn't exactly the easiest meal to dish up onto a plate. The burrito was delicious and very flavoursome with the cheese and tomato topping. It was cooked to perfection and there was decent portion of chicken pieces inside which I appreciated. The burrito itself was quite big and perfectly soft but not soggy from the toppings. The salad was fresh and very colourful including onion, peppers and lettuce. There was a slight spice from the burrito topping so I made use of the cool dip which was lovely and perfectly fresh. I would order this dish again as it was of a high standard and very filling.

      My son, being the little fussypants that he is, opted for chicken and chips. Again, the portion size was perfectly fine for a child and he enjoyed his meal. The quality of the chicken was really good and they didn't scrimp on anything despite the meal and drink only costing £1.99. This pub is family friendly and our son was content to make sure of the crayons and picture sheets whilst waiting (a short time I may add) for his meal to be served.

      I believe our meal including two fizzy drinks and the Capri Sun came to around £13.00 if I remember correctly. The draught drinks don't seem to be overly expensive compared to a lot of other local pubs/restaurants so you can actually eat here on a budget!


      Whilst Yate's isn't the most exciting of places to eat out, it is purse friendly, family friendly and there is plenty of food and drink to choose from. We visited the toilets and found them to be very clean and tidy which is good for a pub in my opinion. The location of this pub is excellent if you are staying up near the South Shore and this particular Yate's is said to be nicer than the one in the town centre. There is parking to the rear of the building too which I believe to be free for Yate's customers. I would recommend here if you want something to eat that won't break the bank. The food was really nice for a bite to eat rather than a special meal and we would happily return.

      Thanks for reading :)


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