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Yr Hen Feudy Restaurant (Gwynedd, Wales)

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2 Reviews

Llanbedr / Gwynedd / LL45 2NH / Tel.: 01341 241555.

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    2 Reviews
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      02.02.2007 01:10
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      Food does'nt get better than this!!!! Should be 10 star rated!!!!

      This is my favourite restaurant in the whole world!!!
      Myself and family travel annually to Llanbedr from Stockport for our camping holidays and we usually end up giving up on campsite food to eat here every evening!
      The owners remember us from previous visits and make us feel really welcome! The atmosphere is fantastic and the food is out of this world! Try the 'Welsh Stack' if you go there - you won't be disappointed! I took a picture of mine on the last visit and have it displayed on my desktop - Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! It's only 118 miles from our house - might pop over for a quick bite tomorrow!!! Keep up the good work!!! Nick Williams


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        09.06.2006 17:32
        Very helpful



        A resonably priced, good food, welcoming atmosphere and pleasant surroundings.

        ~~ Yr Hen Feudy Restaurant ~~

        We have just been lucky enough to have enjoyed a glorious week away in Wales, actually at Meole View Caravan Park, Tal-y-bont, Nr. Barmouth (see previous review). On one of our day trips we visited Nantcol Waterfalls, Llanbedr and on our way back we saw this restaurant at the bottom of the hill, we stopped and had a look at the menu board, which they very nicely have displayed outside. I will say we looked at a couple of pubs, but this restaurant is the one that caught our eye and we liked the look of the menu.

        So apart from the menu, what else attracted us? Firstly, it had a car park, which was easily accessible and holds approximately 18 cars now, this may sound a little strange, but this was a very small welsh village with narrow roads and lanes, with cars parking on the road sides it made them even more narrow so to go for a meal we needed somewhere to park our big estate car. There was a lovely outside patio area which was fenced off and very decoratively designed with planters and little rockeries, there was also a decorative cart, painted lamppost all incorporated into a flowering border. This area was ideal if you had children or dogs with you, being fenced off you had not concerns for them running off. (They do cater for children with high chairs and menu on request, but do not have a play area to keep them entertained. There was a noisy pub opposite that catered for that). I digress sorry, the patio area contains 4 large wooden tables, each with 2 x wooden benches that sit 2 persons comfortably, and 2 x single bench armchair style seats. So in effect each table can sit 6 persons comfortably to eat. The patio area was also raised and you have a step entrance and a ramp for wheelchair access.

        The main building is a single storey building with two (I think) large windows running the length of the building with pretty hanging baskets at each window. So you can have a view to the outside (which is fairly picturesque) from most tables inside, obviously the window seats do get the best view.  Across the road from the restaurant is the end of the falls, where the cascading water still runs over the rocks, these shrouded by trees and foliage. It was so peaceful here you could sit and listen to the water, wonderful. Oops sorry I digested off again, back on topic to the interior, there are 9 x tables that seat 4 persons, 1 table of 6 and 1 table of 2, these are moveable so can be moved to other positions to allow catering for larger parties.

        The Ladies and Gents toilets were located at the rear of the building, well stocked with supplies and Carex hand wash for hygiene. Both were kept very clean and fresh smelling.

        The kitchen is open plan and is visible from the inside of the restaurant, so if you are bored with the views you can always watch your meal being cooked.

        The restaurant has been owned by Roger and Janet Owen for the past year and appears to be a family run business with Janet doing the cooking and our table was served by their young daughter.

        We chose to sit outside in the sunshine on the patio as we had the lovely Chloe our Golden Retriever with us. We arrived early around 6.30pm as we had worked up an appetite with a lovely long walk earlier along the beach. (A long walk that took us 3hrs, we were very energetic that day, lol). It is advisable to book a table if you wish to eat later in the evening, as it did start to fill up fairly quickly during the course of our visit.

        We found ourselves a nice outside table, and within a minute of us being seated a waitress came out with menu's, she took our order for a glass of wine and a lager shandy, oh and she kindly bought us a bowl of water for our Chloe.

        It is the last night of our holiday and we are completely relaxed in a nice calming location, so let's eat. What choices do we have? Well, let's see, there are choice of 7 starters, ok, ok, I know you really want an idea now what they have on offer, so here goes.

        Melon: fresh melon served with fresh fruits & raspberry coulis @ £3.50

        Homemade Soup of the Day: it was Potato and Leek on our visit @ £3.50

        Asparagus: wrapped in Carmarthen Ham served with Hollandaise Sauce @ £4.50

        Thai Fishcakes: served with a green salad and a sweet chilli sauce @ £4.50

        Prawn Rarebit: traditional Welsh rarebit served with prawns @ £4.50

        Garlic Bread: 4 slices of baguette cooked with Garlic Butte @ £2.50

        Specials off the board for this day were:

        Melon & Strawberries served with Champagne Sorbet
        Sweet Chilly Prawn & Cod Fishcake served with Side Salad

        Both these were @ £4.25 ea

        If you are sitting outside for some reason they did not promote the specials board to you, so unless you went inside you would not notice.

        The main courses are made up of Specials and traditional with the cheapest being £7.95 to the dearest choice at £15.95, actually that is a tiny bit misleading as there is a gradual variation in the prices between £7.95 and £11.75, then you have the one Special which costs £15.95. I bet you are really curious now as to what it is that makes the price jump up so high, do you really want to know, lol. Alright then, I will put you out of your misery and tell you. The most expensive item was Yr Hen Feudy Welsh Stack which comprises of Welsh Oat Cakes with black pudding, local Welsh fillet steak, leeks wrapped in Carmarthen ham topped with Y fenni cheese and served with a mustard sauce.

        So that's the most expensive one out of the way and sorry I cannot comment on the taste as it did not appeal to my taste buds. Also in the specials you have quite a variety of choices including, Roast Duck served with Dijon sauce, Chicken Breast stuffed with Cromlech Cheddar Cheese and wrapped in bacon, served with a Leek cream. Then we have the fish, on offer today was Sea bass fillet served with a white wine sauce or Smoked Salmon Carbonara served with garlic bread.

        We are not finished yet there are still more choices. What I call traditional pub grub, they have on offer 8oz Welsh Sirloin Steak, served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomato, chips and peas. Gammon Steak served with a choice of pineapple or egg with chips, peas and side salad, Homemade pies either a local Welsh Steak & Onion Pie or a local Lamb and Mint Pie both topped with puff pastry. You could also try the Minced Beef Lasagne which is minced beef in a tomato sauce layered with pasta and a béchamel sauce, served with chips, peas and side salad, or you could try the Welsh Beef Stroganoff, tender strips of beef cooked in a cream and brandy sauce with onions and mushrooms.

        Not forgetting the Today's Special Board inside for £9.95 you were given 3 options of:

        Lamb Shank in a mint and rosemary gravy, served with new pots and fresh veg.
        Smoked Haddock in a leek, bacon & cheese sauce, served new pots and fresh veg.
        Salmon coated in a sweet chilli dusting served with chips, peas and side salad.

        I have not forgotten the vegetarians out there, it was sadly a little disappointing for the vegetarians that don't eat fish, as they only offered three vegetarian options you were given a choice of Vegetable Lasagne, Brie, Courgette & Almond Crumble or Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake.

        We have now covered the main courses, but I checking back I realise I missed out the Scampi and chips, oops (now that used to be very popular years ago with the basket meals, lol).

        The menu states that all traditional main courses are served with Chips and Peas and the Specials are served with a choice of fresh vegetables or salad and chips or new potatoes.

        Leaving the main courses now, if you are like me you want to know all about the dessert menu, this sadly is not written down on a menu for your perusal, the only place you will find it listed in on the board inside the building, I believe this is because it gets changed often. So what was on offer on the day of our visit? We had a choice of Sticky Toffee Pudding, Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake, Pancake and Strawberries, Banoffe Pie, Lemon Sponge with lemon sauce or Pavlova with fresh fruit. Now the menu states that desserts start at £3.50 but the board states that they are all £3.95 ea. They are all served with a choice of cream, ice-cream or custard.

        This is a licensed restaurant so you also had a choice of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and wine beverages at your disposal.

        ~~ Our Eating Experience ~~

        Now I have gotten your mouths watering I will tell you what we ate and our comments on the food and the service.

        I went a little bit plain and boring for my starter and I opted for the soup of the day which was Potato and Leek soup. It was nothing spectacular, but it was quite pleasant and edible, a pale creamy colour and a rather dense consistency. Served in a small bowl and decorated with a small amount of chives, a side plate with a lovely warm half baguette and a small slab of butter (which was malleable not rock hard). My only complaint here was there was no butter knife provided with the roll to spread the butter they give you. I will give this starter a rating of 7/10 and on reflection I wish I had gone for something a little more adventurous.

        My husband's choice of starter was the Prawn Rarebit, which I have to say tasted delicious (and I am not a big fan of fish). This looked like a small meal in itself and not just a starter. The bread was overflowing with prawns and melted cheese, the cheese was fairly strong in taste rather like a Farmhouse Cheddar, with the amount of prawns they gave you, they managed to get the balance just right, neither flavour overpowering the other, there was a slight hint of Worcester sauce. Hubby gives this 9/10.

        After our starters we sat chatting away over our drinks for approx 10 mins, I did not time this, so it could have been either side of that, but I know we didn't feel rushed or we did not have to chase up our meal.

        ~~ Our Main Course ~~

        Women first, my main meal was the Chicken Breast stuffed with Cromlech Cheddar Cheese and wrapped in Bacon, served with a Leek Cream. I was offered a choice of veg/salad, chips or new potatoes. I opted for the vegetables with chips (naughty, I know but I did share them with my dog). I was totally surprised by the meal, I expected a thick creamy sauce, but it appeared like a warm single cream over the leeks and chicken, the cheese has quite a strong flavour but was not overpowering, the chicken was lovely and tender, the bacon was not smoked which was a godsend as it complimented the meal instead of overpowering it. I have an amazing amount of vegetables, broccoli, green beans and diced carrots (all cooked slightly aldente)and much too many chips which pleased our Chloe. I am glad I chose the vegetables as I feel they complimented the meal. I do not feel that it would have gone so well with the salad I give this 9/10, it was lovely.

        My hubby had Welsh Beef Stroganoff as his main course with an option of chips or Rice, he chose chips and peas, the stroganoff came in an oval dish on the plate, he gives this 9/10 saying that the beef was tender and it was so nice to taste the sour cream instead of natural yoghurt which many use as a substitute.

        We are now both suitably full, but for this review only he, he, I had to try one of their desserts and I was shamefully tempted by the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake, with the option of the ice-cream, I had to force myself to try this for the sake of everyone that reads this, well that was my excuse. It tastes lovely, the raspberry taking away a little of the sweetness of the white chocolate. It was very creamy, but you can expect that with white chocolate, after about ½ way through it started to get a little sickly, but I persevered (even though I shouldn't) to finish it. I give this 8/10.

        We ended our experience with a pot of tea and a cup of coffee, no mints, but hubby got a little Belgium biscuit with his coffee.

        Our visit was on the Friday, the last day of our holiday 02.02.06 and for the two of us complete with our drinks and myself having 3 courses it cost us £37.55 not bad for a middle of the road restaurant, I call it middle of the road because to me it is above your sizzlers, harvester, toby grills and pubs with the 2 for 1, or 2 for £10.00 offers, but it is below you're A la Carte restaurants and hotels etcs.

        ~~ Other Information ~~

        Ye Hen Feudy Restaurant translates to the Old Cow Shed Restaurant, it has been a restaurant for over 10 years now, but yes it was once an old cow shed, hence the name.

        They do offer 3 course Sunday Lunches at £9.50 per person, it is best to phone up and book a table as it is quite popular, also you may want to know what is on offer for the coming Sunday as this can change weekly, this coming Sunday they offer a choice of Lamb, Pork or Beef.

        Finally where is this restaurant?

        Yr Hen Feudy Restaurant
        LL45 2NH

        01341 241555

        It is off the A496 between Barmouth and Harlech

        Thanks for reading

        Lyn x


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