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Antica (Boleslawiec, Poland)

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Address: Plac Wolności 10 / Boleslawiec

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2012 09:20
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      Antica Pizza, Boleslawiec

      ==Antica, Boleslawiec, Poland.==
      Visiting my partners family in Boleslawiec requires the tiresome task of sitting on a train from Krakow for around 7 hours! As you can imagine this is one very long and boring train trip and I'm always feeling rather hungry at the end of it. On our most recent visit we decided to try the restaurant directly opposite the train station called Antica.

      Antica is a small pizzeria located directly opposite Boleslawiec main (and only!) train station on Plac Wolnosci 10. The city of Boleslawiec isn't very big so the restaurant would be easy to find from most directions if you simply head for the train station. The restaurant building looks really nice from the outside, almost like a small house or cottage with a thatched roof effect and a small outdoor seating area at the side of the restaurant.

      ==Pizza Time==
      We entered Antica through the main entrance and as it was a nice evening we decided to make our way outside and sit in the sunshine. I noticed the restaurant looked very nice inside with nicely laid tables with tablecloths and nice furniture combined with cream walls which gave the impression of a larger room than we were actually in. The outdoor seating area was a slightly different story and more of a beer garden with casual tables, no tablecloths and chairs, they were kind of like the little patio sets you can buy in your local Homebase during the summer. This was fine for us though as we wanted to be outside in the sunshine.

      Once we were seated the waitress came over with the menus and asked if we would like any drinks. We each had a small beer at a cost of 7zl (Polish Zloty) and began to browse the menu. The menu was written entirely in Polish, so not very good for tourists who don't speak Polish, thankfully though my partner does so I had a translator! Saying this though I think a lot of the items on the menu are pretty easy to translate as they do use the traditional names of the pizzas such as Margherita, Tuna and Pepperoni. The menu offers a variety of mainly pizzas, but also a few salad and pasta options as well as a couple of the more traditional dishes including Pierogi. There is a drinks section on the menu offers the usual selection of teas, coffees, beers, wines and soft drinks. After a lot of debating we chose to have a Wiejska pizza which has bacon, sausage, onion and tomato toppings at a price of 18zl. The pizza's are only available in one size so we decided to order one and share it as we were unsure of exactly how big it would be. We placed our order when the waitress returned with our drinks and sat enjoying the fresh air after spending so long cooped up on a train.

      The current exchange rate is around 5.11zl for every £1.

      Once our order was placed it only took around 15 minutes for our pizza to arrive. The pizza was served on a large plate and we were each given a smaller plate and cutlery wrapped in a napkin. The pizza looked nice and the cheese was melted to that lovely "just turning golden" stage. The bacon on the pizza looked pretty decent and like there was more meat than fatty parts! Thankfully there weren't too many tomato chunks as this had been where the debate had been over which pizza as I don't like tomatoes, this was fine though as they were chunky enough for me to take off. There was a nice sprinkling of onion pieces and all in all the toppings were just about right with regards to quantity.

      So, how did it taste? Well, the toppings and the golden cheese did taste really good and were cooked lovely, the base of the pizza was however the let down. The dough tasted really dry and the underneath of the pizza was quite burnt and let a horrible taste in our mouths. When my partner asked about the burnt base we were told that it is because the pizza is cooked in a brick oven and the heat comes from beneath the pizza. I am told the waitress was quite rude when she answered my partner and like she was offended anyone would even ask such a question. I don't know this part myself as they were speaking in Polish. I have had pizzas cooked in this way before and I have never had anything that was burnt like this. Nevertheless we were hungry and still ate the pizza as the good toppings almost made up for the base.

      After finishing our meals we asked for the bill, paid in cash and didn't leave a tip for the rude waitress and left.

      The toilets in Antica are located through the main restaurant area inside and at the time of our visit they were clean and well stocked.

      ==Wheelchair and Pushchair Access?==
      Antica is on a level with the street and there are no steps inside the restaurant so in this respect it is wheelchair and pushchair friendly and if you want to dine inside you will have enough space, however for dining outside you will be very pushed for space as the outdoor area is rather small with quite a few tables crammed into this small area.

      == Overall ==
      Overall the size of the pizza was enough for 2 people and the toppings were generous and tasted good it is just a shame about the base. I don't think we will be eating here again and I am currently undecided over whether I would recommend it to you or not. I think it depends how hungry you are as there are not too many places near the train station which offer food.

      Thanks for reading :)


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