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Crazy Spoon (Kissonerga, Cyprus)

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Address: Crazy Spoon, 8574, Kissonerga / Tel: 26943165 / Type: restaurant/snack bar and snooker hall

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2012 16:38



      My wife and I are coming to Paphos in Feb 2012 and wondered if sequence dancing was held at the Crazy Spoon and if so what nights and times. If not does anyone know of any sequence dancing in the Paphos area please. Thanks very much, Keith Simpson. I am unable to find a contact of the Crazy Spoon.


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      27.01.2011 17:23
      Very helpful



      A friendly atmosphere with good food served. Also great for pool and snooker.

      On my last family holiday in Cyprus, I stayed at the Paphian Sun Holiday Village, which I have previously reviewed. I went with my husband, our seventeen year old daughter and our son and his girlfriend, who are both in their early twenties. We had a wonderful holiday although we had mixed feelings about the hotel.

      One thing that fell short in the hotel was the food, especially from the point of view of us three ladies who don't eat meat. There was little vegetarian choice and, although my daughter and I are pescatarians, the fish on offer wasn't at all to our liking. As we were here on an all-inclusive basis we weren't prepared to eat out too often (the food was edible just not that not anything special) but on several occasions we either went out for the evening usually eating in the Paphos Harbour area or, chose to lunch out. If we were sightseeing then lunch often seemed to fit in nicely with our plans.

      However, as the pool table wasn't up to much in the hotel and there wasn't a snooker table, we were pleased to find that there was a restaurant/snack bar which also had a snooker club, opposite our hotel.

      I must explain that in all family holidays that my son has been included on over the last ten years or so, has always meant a friendly challenge between him and his dad. They have a tournament over the holiday period of either (depending on the type of table available) pool or snooker or if possible, both. During our holiday my son carefully keeps count of the score and they both enjoy the competition. During this last holiday sometimes we went as a family group, or sometimes the two men went to play while we ladies were getting ready for the evening. Or sometimes when we preferred to call it a night and get some sleep while they played a couple of games of snooker until about one a.m.


      We knew that Crazy Spoon had a restaurant but thus far had only had drinks there and played pool and snooker. We had sat there late in the evening enjoying the subtle music and chatting with the Cypriot manager, Nicholas.

      Towards the end of our holiday, I decided to treat everyone to a meal out as I had quite a lot of Euros left, so felt generous. We decided to dine out but as it was so hot we thought we would prefer to dine across the road at Crazy Spoon rather than travel further to nearby Coral Bay or Paphos itself. This saved us from suffering in the intense heat of the Cyprus evening if travelling by bus, or walking any distance.

      Crazy Spoon is a restaurant/snack bar complex. It is located in Kissonerga, on the outskirts of Paphos. There aren't too many other restaurants nearby; just a few and several small supermarkets and gift shops. The area has several hotels and aparthotels in the area and I would think many guests from these would visit the Crazy Spoon, either for a meal, a drink or a game or two of snooker or pool. I believe it also hosts events in the vicinity.

      The Crazy Spoon has the appearance of an informal restaurant. It's pleasant but you won't feel out of place if you dress casually to eat here. The Crazy Spoon has ample tables placed on its frontage, allowing diners to eat al fresco. Large fans are fitted onto beams or dotted around in a free standing state. There is a circular bar which is styled like a beach bar. It is particularly attractive in the evening being strung with fairy lights.

      But even in the evening, and with the fans whirring, it is still very hot, and on this occasion we had chosen to eat earlier than we normally would as my daughter had been invited to sing at the hotel that evening. Therefore we didn't wish to be away for too long. When we began our meal the sun was still shining and the early evening remained hot. It is usually very hot during the summer in Cyprus, and so for those preferring to be cooler while they dine, there are plenty of tables inside and very welcome air conditioning.

      We were greeted by Nicholas who asked where we would prefer to sit. As there weren't many other diners around yet we were spoiled for choice but all wanted to dine outside. He suggested we sit at a table with a fan blowing cooler air in our direction. We did.

      Menus were supplied and the choice was surprisingly good, ranging from a snack type fare to full meals.

      We decided not to have starters but all choose a side dish instead.

      Our meals ranged from a chicken dish, T bone steak, fish burger, vegetable risotto and a pizza. We ordered various side dishes, such as garlic bread, a Greek style side salad, garlic mushrooms etc. potatoes or chips, and vegetables or salad, were served with the meals.

      Drinks were chosen by all, including lager, a half carafe of red wine and soft drinks. The red wine was the house own and it proved to be enjoyable.

      We were all impressed with our meals. They were of a good size and tasted great. My daughter hadn't eaten much on this holiday; she is quite choosy and the hotels food wasn't so good. I was pleased to see her tuck in to her meal and wished we had dined here more often. I would say the food wasn't gourmet but good. The steak was cooked as requested. It was one of the better meals we had consumed in Cyprus and definitely very favourable to the limited hotel choice.

      Nicholas was very attentive and served more drinks. I couldn't eat all of my risotto, which he noticed, even though I had tried to hide it under my table napkin, and asked what was wrong. I insisted it was lovely but I didn't have a great appetite in the heat. He raised his eyebrows somewhat and I felt a little ashamed!

      Two of our group had dessert; they chose ice cream. It looked inviting.

      I can't remember how much this meal came to but do remember that it was more than reasonable. Everyone had ordered what they liked and as much as they wanted. Even so it still came to less than we had bargained on. I didn't need all of the money I had put aside for the meal to pay the bill.


      When walking through the interior to find the lavatories, I was surprised at the size of this area. There was another bar in here too.

      The toilets were clean and better furnished than many conveniences found in similar types of restaurants and bars. The lavatory paper was blue which is very unusual to find in Cyprus. Thought you might like to know that!


      The restaurant is accessible to wheel chair users having a ramped entrance, and then being on one level. I am not so sure about the snooker hall.


      To the side of the outside bar and dining area there is a conservatory type room leading straight through from the outside area of the restaurant, where there is a pool table. Signs are clearly to be seen, politely stating that the pool table is only for use of patrons of the Crazy Spoon who are either there to consume food or beverages. However, downstairs there is a basement snooker hall.


      It was a pleasant evening. As well as enjoying the food we found Nicholas friendly and he showed the right amount of attentiveness. He seemed to enjoy talking to us about Cyprus and our lives in England. He had visited the United Kingdom several times. But he made himself scarce while we ate but simply hovered from time to time to see if we needed anything. An enjoyable evening was spent at the Crazy Spoon.


      Crazy Spoon's snooker hall has several snooker tables and a further two pool tables. This very useful facility is open to holiday makers as well as locals. There is no need to purchase drinks to enjoy the pool or snooker tables, although there is a further well stocked bar available here.

      In the snooker hall one can pay for a timed amount of play. I think it cost about ten euros for an hour of snooker. This was payable at the bar.

      Because of the good facilities available here we were surprised one evening when we were playing pool on the upstairs table while having a drink. As there were five of us we'd planned on playing two games of doubles, so that everyone got to play at least one game. Then a family of two adults and two pre teenaged children very quietly entered the room through a side door and sat down near to us and the pool table but in a corner. We recognised them from our hotel. The father got out his laptop and the children had their eyes glued to us. We knew they were impatient for us to finish.

      Being polite we tried to hurry the game along, until Nicholas appeared asking for their order. They all said they were alright thank you and so Nicholas then pointed out the sign and further informed them that the pool table was for patrons, but they could go downstairs to the snooker hall to play; by doing this they wouldn't have to purchase a drink. They returned to the hotel. I think a minority holiday makers who choose all inclusive board don't wish to spend anything at all. This is fair enough if they are on a tight budget; that's the beauty of all-inclusive, but they should remember that the restaurateurs and bar owners also have to make a living. This must be made harder due to all-inclusive hotels. I believe that it is right, if you can afford it, to spend a little money at least, while holidaying abroad, to help keep the resort going.

      We felt the manager of this facility was exceptionally polite and tasteful in the circumstances.

      My husband and son, and occasionally the rest of us enjoyed the facilities of this snooker hall. Indeed we all have high praise for it. Not only were management and all staff here friendly, welcoming and polite, but the place had excellent equipment. It was a pleasure to play on these tables; the cues were good too. Chalk was always at hand. And the whole area was clean and cheerful.

      The lavatories were well maintained and well equipped.

      The lighting was excellent.

      When asked what time the snooker hall closed at night we were told by a much laid back manager, "when the customers have all gone!" However, the snooker hall and restaurant doesn't open on Sunday evening.

      Crazy Spoon snooker hall is a popular and needed facility in this area, making a good change from ones hotel for an evening or even just for an hour or two.

      Address: Crazy Spoon
      8574, Kissonerga,


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