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Dave and Buster's (New York, USA)

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Address: 234 West 42nd Street New York , NY 10036

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2012 12:12
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      good day for the family

      After seeing this restaurant in an episode of Kendra I immedietly wanted to go there because they looked like they had so much fun and it was a fun play to go. The Dave& Buster's in Times Square was my nearest one when I was living in New York so me and my family decided to check it out and it lived up to my expectations.

      -----------About The Restaurant----------Dave & Buster's is a restaurant where you can eat a sit down meal and play games and win tickets for prizes in the gift shop. The are three areas in the Times Square restaurant including: The Bar, The Game Area and The Quite Area. ----------The Bar In the restaurant you can choose to sit in the bar which is located near the front of the restaurant. Sitting in the bar is ideal if you are out with you friends for a drink and a meal because it's easier access to the bar. Take in mind to sit in the bar you have to be over 21 due to that being the age your allowed to drink in america. Sadly as I was under 21 when the few times I have visited this restaurant so didn't get to experience the bar. -----------The Games Area The Games area is basically the area where all the games are but it also has tables in this area so those who want to be close to all the game action can choose to eat there. This area is ideal for parents with kids because they can sit at the table and watch there kids while they go off and play the games. The games room tables are small, high and round tables that make the restaurant feel more like a fast food place. I think it's good that the tables and chairs are like this because this area is for the more active that want to get straight into games so this style suits that. The atmosphere here is generally always quite loud and has quite loud music abit like and arcade. -----------The Quite Area The quite area is not really a quite area it's just more restaurant like and less noisy than any other area in the restaurant. This area has all different size restaurant tables which are elegantly dressed with white table cloths and silverware. Here is for those who prefer a regular sit down meal first then go and play games after.

      ------------My Experiences-----------My fist visit to this restaurant I sat in the games area because it was my sister's birthday and she wanted chose there. The best thing about sitting here was that you are right next to all the games so when I was waiting for my food I could go play but still see when my food came. One thing that was a negative about sitting in this area was that there where little kids running around while I was eating so that was kind of a put off because I couldn't really eat in peace. Depending on the time of day the atmosphere does get a little loud in this part of the restaurant. The staff sang happy birthday to my sister and gave her a free slice of cake which was a nice little treat from them. Other times that I visited the restaurant I sat in the quite area then went to the games room after. I found that this was a much better because I got to eat my meal in peace with a regular restaurant atmosphere then go have fun when I have finished without having kids running up and down beside me. ---------The Games The games in the restaurant are arcade games and you win tokens that you can trade in for prizes. With every meal you get $10 worth of free games which is a decent amount because the first time I went I didn't buy anymore game credits. Example of games they have are Air Hockey, Pin Ball, Dance Mat, Guitar Hero, Wackamole, Shooting, Racing and Basketball nets etc. One time I went I spent ages in there trying to win loads of tokens because for some reason they where just rolling out the machines and I felt lucky lol. --------The Rewards Shop The rewards shop has loads of good in there and most of it is memorabilia for the restaurant experience that tempted me to want to get so many tokens to get everything. They always have little weird Dave & Buster's cups which always attract me I have 4 of them in my collection of cups. I also have some of their t-shirts that I won from the rewards shop that I wear to bed and in the house sometimes as it's comfy and has lasted me quite a while.

      ----------The Menu/Prices & Standard of Service--------------The Menu is quite good because it has a variety of food to choose from and the food is very tasty. The Menu contains Burgers, Rice, Fries, Steaks, Wings, Pasta, Ribs, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and Deserts. My favourite meal to have from here would probably be the Cajun Sirloin Steak and Spicy Rice. That ended up being my regular order every time I went there. I do have to say that they do tend to skimp down on the portions of food they give you which is a shame. ---------Prices With this restaurant it always ends up being an expensive day out for us when we used to go. The cheapest meal is $15.99 which is all the basic food like burger meal. Other meals go up to $22.99 and steak meals being $30 plus. I think on the meal side of things it's cheap because in terms of pounds it's only really £10-20 each but when you add up the potential money you will spend of games and drinks the prices start going up and up. On average we used to make sure we had at least £100 to cover the 3 of us. ----------Standard of Service The service was very good and the staff are extremely friendly. The starters cames out withing 5 minuites of placing the order and the meal came out 15 minuites later. The staff are very enthusiastic and they make sure you are having fun and there are one or two that make jokes to keep you entertained what make it nice because I like seeing workers that actually enjoy there job.

      ------------Overall Opinion------------My overall opinion of the restaurant is very good because it really is a good family day out. High chairs for babies and parents can sit and watch there children play games while they eat. The place is clean and caters for everyone's taste and has all you could want in a restaurant. The bar, quite area and games area are all somewhat separate from each other so everyone can have the atmosphere that they want. The food taste good despite them being stingy with the portions. I was living in New York at the time so it was quite expensive to go there all the time and I din't get to go there as much as I would have liked but If you visit it is definitely somewhere where you should go because being on Times Square it's a bonus because you can look around the famous road after. For a one off visit I do think it's very good day out for your money but not somewhere you could go all the time unless you are well off.


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