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Fabryka Pizzy (Krakow, Poland)

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Pizza Restauant in Krakow, Poland.

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2012 14:06
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      A great place to eat some fab pizza at Fabryka Pizzy

      == Fabryka Pizzy, Krakow. ==
      Fabryka Pizzy is as it sounds, a pizza restaurant. I have visited this restaurant a couple of times since my move to Krakow and so far I have been pleased with the service and even more pleased with the pizzas!

      == Location ==
      There are a couple of branches of Fabryka Pizzy in Krakow. The one I have dined in is located on Lubomirskiego Street. It is about a 10 minute walk away from the main shopping galeria's and is pretty easy to find.

      There are regular trams and buses which run to the centre of the city and the restaurant is clearly marked by its black and orange sign hanging on the wall.

      == The Restaurant ==
      Fabryka Pizzy is a really small restaurant, however thankfully each time we have been there has always been a table available.

      The layout of Fabryka Pizzy means that you will walk in through the centre of the restaurant with the tables and chairs on either side of you. You can choose where you want to sit and you don't need to wait to be seated. Once we were seated the waitress came over and greeted us with a smile and asked us if we would like anything to drink and gave us a menu each.

      == Menu ==
      I think it is quite clear from the name Fabryka Pizzy that the main bulk of the menu here is going to be pizza, however they do also offer a large varieties of pasta dishes, salads and soups.

      The menu itself has a really funky design, it is written in a cool looking text but is still perfectly comprehensible. The menu is written in Polish but has an English translation for every dish so I found it really easy to choose what I wanted without having to keep asking 'what's this?'. The English translations aren't perfect, but they are good enough to make it clear what you will be getting.

      The menu is actually quite amusing as the different meals have some quite unusual names, for example, a pizza with chicken, mushrooms, garlic, pepper and onions on it is called 'Good Morning Dracula' and a simple ham and pineapple pizza is called 'Hog on Holidays'. Some of the pizzas offer more unusual toppings such as curry or broccoli.

      For the kids there is a kid's menu offering the same kind of variety in pizza's and pasta's but smaller sizes.

      At the back of the menu there is a list of drinks available including beers, juices, soft drinks and a range of tea and coffee. We ordered a beer each and we were really pleased with the speed the waitress returned at with them!

      For starters we ordered a portion of garlic bread to share. When it arrived it was lovely and hot which made the bread nice and soft and the edges were cooked to a lovely crisp perfection. The only thing I could maybe complain about is that it could have done with a little more garlic sauce on the bread, but this wasn't a major issue as it still tasted delicious!

      For our main meal we decided to share a pizza as from looking around the restaurant we could see they were quite large! The first time we ate here we had a simple cheese, ham and rocket pizza called 'Rocket from Parma'. When it arrived the pizza took up a large part of the table and looked really nice. It was served piping hot and we did have to wait a few minutes to be able to eat it. The base of the pizza was thin and in my personal opinion it was a little dry, but I generally prefer a thick base. I forgot to ask for this though! Once it had cooled a little bit we ate the pizza and I have to say it was very moreish. The cheese was melted with the odd golden patch and the ham was cooked just right and not burnt. I have never eaten a pizza with rocket on it before and I am pleased to say it was really nice, which says something as I usually avoid eating salads and greens!

      On another occasion we have had a more spicy pizza, I cannot remember the name but it was marked on the menu as being mildly spicy. This was a big under estimate as it was actually quite hot and I found myself drinking between each mouthful which in turn made me feel rather dizzy as I had ordered a beer, so the combination of spicy pizza and beer is not recommended by me!

      == Prices ==
      The prices in Fabryka Pizzy are quite reasonable. You can expect to pay around 20zl for a pizza, which, when you see the size of the pizza's is a really great price! We shared one pizza between 2 of us and there was plenty of pizza for us both. Salads are around 15zl and Soups are only about 8zl. At the current exchange rate (February 2012) of £1 being equal to 4.9zl I would say these prices are great!

      == Service ==
      The service we received was great. Our waitress was very polite and came over to ask us if everything was ok with our meal and if she could get us anymore drinks. She only did this once, which I think was enough to be polite but not intrusive. She was efficient and fast with bringing our drinks and pizza and made no mistakes with our order.

      == Decor ==
      The decor in Fabryka Pizzy is unusual but nice. The walls are covered in newspaper pages from an Italian newspaper and while this sounds really untidy and maybe scruffy looking, it is actually the opposite and looks really effective and adds to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The tables and chairs are all made from a nice thick dark wood and are stable so they don't wobble around while you are eating, this is one of my pet hates!

      == Toilets ==
      The toilets in Fabryka Pizzy are kept clean and they are stocked up with toilet paper and soap.

      == Wheelchair Access ==
      I would say that Fabryka Pizzy is wheelchair friendly as it is all on one level. There is one small step as you enter the restaurant but this is no higher than a kerb height so if you have someone with you I don't think you would have any problems getting in the restaurant. The toilets are on the same level as the restaurant and I would say are big enough to move around in. The restaurant itself is well spaced out so movement and finding a place to sit wouldn't be a problem.

      == Overall ==
      Overall I would definitely recommend Fabryka Pizzy in Krakow. The food quality, the size of the pizza's are great. The prices are reasonable and I will definitely be eating here again!

      Thanks for reading :)


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