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Grimaldi's Pizzeria (Las Vegas)

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Address: Suite 2710 / 3327 Las Vegas Blvd. South / Las Vegas / NV 89109

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2012 14:46
      Very helpful



      I might try a different branch next time

      Grimaldi's is an American pizza restaurant chain which originated in New York, but has branches throughout the United States. When we went to Las Vegas we had an overwhelming number of recommendations for things to do and places to eat and we were told Grimaldi's served the best pizza in Vegas, so we put them on our list.

      There are a few branches of Grimaldi's in Vegas, the first one we spotted was in Fashion Show Mall, but the one we actually visited was in the Palazzo hotel on The Strip.

      We were able to find Grimaldi's easily once inside the hotel and I thought the restaurant had a nice atmosphere and was cosy without feeling cramped. There was a chandelier on the ceiling made from old wine bottles with little lights inside them which I thought was quite pretty and at the back of the restaurant the kitchen is part open so you can watch the chefs spinning the pizza dough.

      We were shown to a table quickly and told our server would be with us soon, but we waited quite a while before a waitress eventually showed up. When she did, she took our drinks order and gave us menus, before explaining how the menu works. Unlike most places where you have a list of pizzas with set toppings, here you choose your base and then select the toppings individually with each topping being individually priced.

      We may have waited a long time to give our drinks order, but we waited even longer to receive it! When our drinks finally were brought out (by a completely different waitress), she gave them to the table next to us! After some protestation from the ladies at the next table, she came over to us and seemed genuinely apologetic for her mistake. She then took our pizza order, warning us that there would be a slight delay as they were so busy. Although I was happy enough to wait (I was used to it by this point!), the restaurant wasn't overly full (I think it was a Wednesday or Thursday evening) and there seemed to be lots of staff on both the restaurant floor and the kitchen at the back, so I'm not sure what was causing the delays.

      When it comes to choosing a pizza at Grimaldi's there are three sizes available, 'personal pizza' in other words pizza for one (12"), small (16") or large (18"). You can have a standard base, a pesto base, a 'white with garlic' (I think this is pizza with white sauce instead of tomato - someone please let me know if I've got that wrong) or calzone. There are twenty different toppings listed and these range in price from $2 for most of the veggie options, such as onions or sun dried tomatoes, up to $5 for grilled chicken. We chose to get personal pizzas and I chose ham and mushroom for mine and my husband chose the grilled chicken. As you can tell we are not the adventurous type!

      Our pizzas were not as slow to arrive as I was expecting, however there was another mix up whilst we were waiting, when we were served pizzas intended for another table! Eventually our correct food arrived and was brought out by one of the chefs rather than a waiter or waitress. The pizzas looked absolutely amazing and they tasted just as good. They are all baked in coal fired brick ovens and you could really taste that they were fresh. The bases were quite thin, yet doughy and the toppings were plentiful and tasty. My husband also enjoyed his and said the chicken was very good.

      We had only just been given our pizzas when a waitress appeared and asked if we wanted dessert. I was a bit surprised by this as I'd barely taken a bite of my pizza and I just said no without thinking really, probably because I was a little bit taken aback. She then came back about ten seconds later and put the bill on our table, the only time anyone had been quick about anything since we got there! As it was, I probably wouldn't have ordered a dessert considering I'd just eaten a 12" pizza to myself, but I felt a bit rushed after that as if they were trying to get rid of us!

      The bill came to around $35 + tip for both pizzas and two soft drinks which came with free refills. That translates roughly as £22 at the current exchange rate which isn't too bad. We did tip, as despite the amount of mix ups and the long wait times the staff were always friendly and polite and apologetic for any mistakes.

      On the whole I have mixed feelings about Grimaldi's. The pizza was nice and tasty and I like that you can see them making it in the back as it assures you that it's fresh and it also gives a quite authentic feel to the place. My husband is a picky eater and so he appreciated that you could choose your own toppings as he often spends ages picking bits off his food before he'll actually eat it. On a more negative note, I got the impression the staff didn't know what they were doing to some extent (hence the mix ups with both the drinks and the food) and I didn't like having the bill brought to the table when we'd barely started eating. Whilst I think I would eat there again myself, I would only recommend it to others if they would be willing to accept that they may experience less than perfect service.


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