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Hash House a Go Go (Las Vegas, USA)

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Address: 12300 Las Vegas Boulevard South / Henderson / Nevada 89044 / USA

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2012 20:53
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      Good food with enormous portions, each one would feed four normal people!

      Hash House A Go Go

      IMPERIAL PALACE, LAS VEGAS, 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
      When we were in Las Vegas last year my daughter and her partner were keen to visit this place as they are fans of 'Man Versus Food' and this was one of the places he had visited. It took us a little while to find it as it was hidden in a casino and upstairs which wasn't entirely obvious.

      They state their aim is to:
      "We keep the fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, live stock, and old recipes with a twist. We maintain a level of excitement & entertainment within the dining experience, while ensuring excellent service each & every day."

      This restaurant is open on Sunday - Thursday from 7:00am-11:00pm and then Friday & Saturday from 7:00am-2:00am.

      When we arrived at about 10 am for a late breakfast/early lunch we had to wait a short while to get a table as there were six of us. While we were waiting we were able to look around at all the photos of famous people and signatures of the same who had already experienced this eating place. Most of them I have to admit I had never heard of and so were obviously only famous in the USA.

      We didn't have to wait long before we were seated and handed the most enormous menus to selct our food from. My son's girlfriend and I chose the same as it looked the smallest dish. It was called a Farm Scramble and included Ham, spinach & cheddar but I asked them to leave the egg off mine and the price was $10.95. My son went for the waffle with some elaborate decoration on top while my husband and girl friend's partner went for the sage chicken which 'Man V Food 'embarked upon. I can't remember what my daughter had but I can tell you now that not one of us finished more than half of the meal.

      The atmosphere was one of busy -ess . This is not somewhere you would go to for a romantic relaxing meal. It was crowded and the waiting staff were running all the time. They were i highly efficient and the usual American friendliness but they never stopped running.

      We ordered soft drinks as it was pretty early in the morning and we were not quite ready for alcohol even in Las Vegas. These were as always huge. A few of us decided to have coffee too which was good, hot and full of flavour.

      The drinks came sometime before the food and I think we probably waited around ten to fifteen minutes for our food. We were gobsmacked when the food began arriving. We thought the portions might be large but this put a whole new meaning to supersize me! The food arrived on platters similar in size to the one I serve the family turkey on at Christmas. The creations then went up vertically.

      The two 'Man V Food ' dishes were huge with Southern style biscuits on the side ( For anyone who doesn't know these biscuits are like huge savoury scones). My son's had the most amazing decorative creation on top and mine and Julia's dishes could have fed both of us and still had some to spare.
      If we had known we might have shared dished. My daughter and I did share a dish in Williamsburg one day and the tiniest meal arrived that I have ever seen in all the USA - typical! You can't always know what the size of the meal will be but these were obscene and enough to feed two or even three people really.

      Mine was very tasty and had a bid variety of food on the plate from spinach to biscuits through chorizos and so much more. Mine wasn't the biggest ort the prettiest dish we ordered. The biggest was the 'Man V Food Dish' which was The Sage Fried Chicken Benedict and that was enough food to feed the entire nation of Kenya I think. Both of those who ordered this made valiant attempts at finishing it but the two huge biscuits were not even touched and there was other food left after about half an hour of eating.

      My son's was the most elaborate dish with a veritable sculpture on the top of his tower of food. His was sage fried chicken tower on a waffle. This is apparently The New York Time's Favorite. It is a Hash House adaptation of an Indiana dish. The sage fried chicken is served with bacon and balanced on top of waffles then crowned with fried leeks and served with a maple reduction. My son failed to even consume half of his and asked for a doggie bag but after carrying it around for about half an hour he decided he probably wasn't going to eat it and he put it in a bin.

      We felt so bad wasting all that food when probably outside in the city there were poor people who would have been grateful for the leftovers but what can you do? I hate wasting food and found that this was even more obscene and wasteful than most USA restaurants. They should offer small portions to those than want that and charge accordingly.

      The food was not expensive at all and was actually really tasty but there was just far too much on each plate. No child portions were offered that I can remember as I think I would have opted for one.

      This was a busy restaurant. The tables were not that close together but it was not the sort of place you could feel that you could linger. You felt that you were there to do business. You were there to eat and experience the atmosphere which was fast and busy. This restaurant could not have been anywhere else in the world in my view it is so very typically American and even more typically Las Vegas. The idea that they do everything bigger and better than anywhere else comes through loud and clear.

      I did enjoy looking at the rich and famous who had eaten there and wish I had recognised a few more so that I could have been even more impressed.

      The restaurant has a few other sites in Las Vegas and in other parts of the USA but it is not a huge chain. It has won many awards including:

      Best Breakfast 2007, 2008, AOL City Guide

      Best Breakfast, Editor's Pick 2008 Las Vegas Review Journal

      72 Hours In Vegas- Best Breakfast Spin Magazine

      "Hash House a Go Go -- The Coolest Place We Ate Last Week" --The New York Post

      "Wow are those the pancakes? This is quite a feast!" --Martha Stewart, The Martha Stewart Show

      "If you ever go to Las Vegas you've got to go to Hash House a Go Go to eat. The food is great and they will really strap the food bag on you." --Dr. Phil McGraw, The Dr. Phil Show

      "It's not often that a restaurant manages to do something totally original, but Hash House a Go Go has done just that." --Las Vegas City Life

      "It is, all at once, the perfect metaphor for Vegas itself: colorful, excessive and amusingly tawdry."-
      -Las Vegas Weekly

      "Hash House a Go Go is home to the biggest helpings in the Western World." -Best of Las Vegas, Norm Clarke

      "If you haven't had a chance to experience Hash House A Go Go since it opened, maybe you should take the Las Vegas Weekly's advice and Run, don't walk, to Hash House A Go Go."

      All the above were taken from their website so you can see this is a popular place with the critics as well as the rich and shameless.

      My feeling is that it is an experience and I am so glad we went but had I known quite how large the portions were i would have shared with my daughter and son's girlfriend as the three of us could easily have shared one dish. If you are in Las Vegas and fancy visiting somewhere a bit different that has had the critic talking then pay a visit and share a meal!

      Thanks for reading. Hope this has been of some use and interest to you. This revie w may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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