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Jeff's Restaurant (Krakow, Poland)

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Smart restaurant in Krakow, Poland.

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2012 08:22
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable birthday meal

      == Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar, Krakow. ==
      Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar is an American Style diner restaurant that I first had the pleasure of dining at when I was visiting Warsaw, Poland in April 2011. I really enjoyed the food and always intended to make a return visit but never got round to it. When I moved to Krakow I was really pleased to see there is also a Jeff's here and instantly felt the need to check it out so we went there for my birthday meal

      == Location ==
      Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar in Krakow is located in the Galeria Kazimierz shopping mall. The restaurant is on the 1st floor of the shopping mall and is pretty easy to find as it is opposite the cinema which is very well signposted.

      There are regular trams and buses which run to the Galeria Kazimierz and most of them stop within a 5 - 10 minute walk away.

      == The Restaurant ==
      Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar restaurant area is actually quite small although in this small area they still manage to fit lots of tables catering for most sized groups to smaller tables for couples.

      As you enter the restaurant you will usually be greeted by one of the waitresses in her Jeff's uniform. The waitresses are usually wearing very short denim shorts and a nice red blouse with the Jeff's logo on. I have never seen any waiters in Jeff's only waitresses. The waitress greeted us with a smile and asked us in Polish if we would like a table, however if you speak to them in English I noticed that most of them do understand and will talk to you just as politely in English.

      The decor in the restaurant is really cool, the walls are decorated with a lot of American style posters and plaques and the tables are laid with chequered table cloths to add to the American style diner theme. I was very amused to see one of the plaques they had on the wall was from Birmingham in the UK like I am, even though it said Birmingham City FC and I am not a fan of theirs I still had to take a photo as it reminded me of home.

      == Menu ==
      Ok, so Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar is an American style diner in a city that is hugely popular with tourists so surely they will have a copy of the menu in English wont they? Well, actually no, they don't. To me this is possibly the only let down of this restaurant and it really surprises me that they don't have one as I would say 95% of the restaurants we have visited here have an English copy of the menu's or translations underneath for tourists.
      Luckily for me I was eating with a Polish person so translation of the Menu for me was as simple as "What does that say?" I'm sure though for anyone visiting who doesn't speak Polish the waitresses will be happy to help you as they seemed really friendly and like nothing was too much trouble for them.

      Anyhow... The menu in Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar is quite varied and being an American style diner they offer a lot of burgers and steak meals as well as a few chicken dishes and pasta's. There are a couple of vegetarian options available as well as a soups and salad menu too. For the kids there is a kid's menu offering pretty much the same kind of variety but in smaller potions.

      At the back of the menu there is a list of drinks available including beers, cocktails, juices, fizzy drinks and a range of tea and coffee. We ordered a beer each and we were pleasantly surprised when the waitress came to the table with 4 beers and informed us it was Happy Hour so we got a free extra beer! These beers came with some really cool looking coke beer mats which I have to admit came home with me and now look pretty cool on our coffee table!

      For starters we shared a plate of spicy chicken wings. The wings were served fresh and hot and they were actually really spicy to the point that my mouth felt rather tingly and I had to take my jumper off as I was feeling hot! When the waitress bought them to the table she also brought a roll of kitchen paper towels which came in handy when our fingers were left with a nice sticky orange coating from the chicken. The wings were lovely and the meat was cooked just right. I think if they weren't so spicy I could eat them everyday!

      For my main meal I chose to have cheeseburger and fries. When the food arrived I was amazed at the size of the meal that had just been put in front of me! Presented on a large oval shaped plate I had half a plate of fries, a large cheeseburger with the top of the bun next to it and a large portion of salad. I like the fact that they put the top of the burger bun next to it as this meant I was able to put sauce on and take the onions off the burger without pulling half the cheese off in the process. The chips were skinny French fries, they were cooked lovely and had a nice crispy edge to them, the potato inside was nice and fluffy and they were just really moreish! The cheeseburger was nice although the bun was a little dry and I ended up leaving part of it as I felt like I was overdosing on bread. I am told the salad part is also very nice, however I don't really like salad so I didn't eat this part. It did look nice and fresh though so I would imagine to those who do eat salad it would be nice.

      After a starter and a main meal we were both feeling pretty stuffed and decided to finish our beers and head home without having a pudding. The pudding menu did look lovely and inviting with its cheesecake and Tiramisu making me wish I'd had pudding instead of starter! Never mind, there is always next time!

      == Prices ==
      I think the prices in Jeff's are pretty reasonable but then when you see the size of the meal you are getting I would actually say the prices are great! The starters are around the 20zl mark unless you have something like King Prawns and then you are looking at more like 40zl! The main menu meals also vary depending on what you order but on average a burger meal will cost around 30zl and a steak meal ranges from around 50zl to 70zl depending on the size. Puddings are around 15zl. At the current exchange rate (March 2012) of £1 being equal to 4.9zl I would say these prices are great value for money!

      == Service ==
      The service we received was excellent. Our waitress was very polite and when she realised I was English she spoke to me in English even though I was quite willing to attempt to speak my very bad Polish to her! She was very efficient and made no mistakes with our order.

      == Toilets ==
      The toilets in Jeff's are located upstairs and are kept reasonably well. On the occasion we visited they were clean and stocked with toilet paper and soap and I did find it quite amusing that instead of background music they had opted for an English lesson of some kind quietly playing. Learn English on the toilet in Jeff's! Very different approach to learning a language!

      == Wheelchair Access ==
      Unfortunately due to the toilets being upstairs and as far as I could see there was no lift or downstairs toilet I would say Jeff's isn't wheelchair friendly. Also the seating area is raised by one step and with the tables being close together I would say this really limits whether you could manoeuvre a wheelchair here.

      == Overall ==
      Overall I would definitely recommend Jeff's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar in Krakow. The food quality, the size of the meals and the service you receive are all of a high standard and made for a very pleasant and enjoyable birthday meal.

      Thanks for reading :)


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