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La Cueva De 1900 (Madrid, Spain)

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Address: Plaza de la Cubos / Madrid

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2013 12:58
      Very helpful



      Time for breakfast.

      **La Cueva de 1900, Madrid**
      During our summer holidays in Spain we spent a few days in Madrid, those of you who have read my review of our hostel a while ago will know how disgusting the breakfast they provided was so as a result of this we decided to eat breakfast while we were out and about. After leaving the hostel in search of something half decent to eat we decided on a traditional Spanish restaurant called La Cueva de 1900.

      La Cueva de 1900 is located near Gran Via metro station on Calle de Santa Maria Micaela 4. The restaurant is quite easy to recognise as it is clearly signed and has a few tables and chairs outside.

      **Breakfast Time!**
      As I mentioned above, the purpose of this visit was for breakfast so as you can imagine it was morning and personally my stomach can only handle so much when I've not long woken up, unfortunately this meant that the decor of this restaurant was a little too much for me and I had to sit looking out of the window or at the table, the reason being that while the restaurant was nice and large, well lit throughout, with plenty of seating areas and a nice large counter and bar area for ordering your food and drinks, if you looked up to the ceiling you will be greeted by the sight of countless cooked pigs' legs hanging above this counter and bar area, luckily I had seen this in other restaurants as we had been walking around and I was kind of getting used to the sight.

      Once seated near the front of the restaurant near the window we took a look at the menu which was printed in Spanish and English and made our breakfast choices. The menu offered a good selection of foods including churrios, tostadas with various toppings, many ham options such as sandwiches and toasted sandwiches and a drinks menu covering most things from coffee or orange juice through to teas and soft drinks. To order our breakfast we needed to go to the bar area and try to catch the attention of an available server. This wasn't too hard as although they all looked really busy as soon as they saw you waiting they came to take your order. I ordered two coffees, one Churrio for myself and one tostada with a tomato puree style topping for my partner, at this point I was ready to pay for my order however the lady serving me didn't seem interested in taking my money and instead gave me the coffees and said she would bring the food over to us and continued with serving her next customer.

      After returning to the table and taking a few sips of coffee a different waitress came to our table with our food. My churrio was served on a plate with a little packet of sugar for sprinkling over the top. For those of you who don't know, the best way I can describe a churrio is it kind of like a doughnut texture inside with a crispy outer layer and usually looks like it has been made with one of those cake decorating kits and squeezed through an icing bag. Most places seem to serve them with sugar and they taste really good. I often find that one is enough for me depending on how big they are. So, La Cueva's churrio's were no exception and the one I ordered was very tasty and because it was quite a decent size and also because I had attempted to eat breakfast at the hostel I only ordered one. My coffee with milk was also nice, it wasn't too strong and there was no bitterness at all. My partner tells me that the tostada was also very nice, although I didn't think it looked that appealing! It was basically a toasted baguette stick with a tomato puree style sauce spread over it.

      After we finished eating and drinking we decided to get the bill and get a move on as we had many things to see and do with the day. To get the bill we simply asked a passing waitress, she nodded her head and disappeared, a few moments later we were presented with our bill by a waiter who also seemed to disappear. Our bill came to a total of 4 Euros and 20 cents, we put the money on top of the receipt which was then taken by yet another waitress and our change returned again by a completely different person! This whole process does come across as quite disorganised, but at the same time also quite organised as there seems to be good communication between staff for them to swap and change so much with no mistakes and also no table numbers! We noticed that most of the staff spoke in English and they all seemed very happy and friendly.

      The overall atmosphere here was nice and relaxed and yet at the same time there was a sense of disorganisation and general hustle and bustle. The decor isn't so nice if you look up, but if you can keep your eyes level then the rest of the restaurant is bright, spacious and generally very nice.

      There are some toilets to the rear of the restaurant which are clearly marked as being for customer use only. The toilets were generally clean, nothing special but nothing to complain about either.

      With regards to wheelchairs and pushchairs La Cueva de 1900 is fine, the whole restaurant is at street level and there is plenty of room inside to move around. The toilets may be a little small for wheelchair users but I wouldn't say impossible.

      Overall I would recommend La Cueva de 1900. I really enjoyed my churrio and coffee and would definitely return here in the future if we are ever in Madrid again.

      4 out of 5 stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :)


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