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Pasa Restaurant (Koycegiz, Turkey)

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A restaurant located on the riverside in Koycegiz in Turkey.

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2009 12:13
      Very helpful



      A nice place to stop for a refuel before doing battle with the market traders

      Located right on the quay side of Koycegiz the Pasa restaurant is ideally placed to fully exploit the passing trade as tourists are coming from, and going to the boats.

      The lunchtime menu is nothing special and consists of chicken, meatballs, fish, kebabs, lamb steaks and pide. These are all dishes you can get from several other places in the town. The food is no cheaper nor is it more expensive than other restaurants in town. We were told that the quality of the food is no better nor is it any worse than other restaurants in town, so you have to ask yourself the question why eat at Pasa?

      Most of it has to do with the location, and tourists, most of whom are typically lazy whilst on holiday, is absolutely spot on. This restaurant is the first thing you come across when you enter Koycegiz from the lake, and the enthusiastic, friendly and very helpful tout is the first person you come across. You are instantly made to feel welcome which is a good thing, and it usually results in custom of some kind, be it a drink or a meal. Within 5 minutes of being in Koycegiz we knew exactly where we would be having lunch, and we hadn't even got off the quayside.

      This restaurant gives a great first impression, which is important when there are similar restaurants that are very close by. The restaurant looks well cared for and modern with all the requisite facilities required. I find some places in Turkey are run down and in desperate need of some TLC but this is not one of them. The site is also immaculately clean and any mess is cleared up almost instantly, which makes it nice and keeps the insects at bay.

      In the middle of the dining area, all of which is alfresco but has cover from the sun, is a water feature consisting of a pool (complete with a large fountain), rockery and some shrubbery. The dining area is clean and attractive, and there is a certain ambience and atmosphere, that is most inviting. I found just being in the area comfortable, and looking around it appeared that most of the other diners felt the same.

      A unique selling point of this restaurant and perhaps the best feature is that some of the tables are in the water feature. They are not in the middle of the deep pool, but around the outskirts is a shallow 'drain' with about 3 inches of water. This allows you to sit at the table with your feet in the water to cool down. It is a great feeling, especially after having been walking around the town or market for the last few hours. One thing I should stress is the water gets very, very cold and whilst it is nice and refreshing to begin with I found that my feet soon turned in to ice blocks. I wasn't particularly bothered about this as I hate hot, or even warm, feet but my other half does not share this.

      The staff are fast and efficient and the service is very prompt. Liking to slow it down a bit whilst on holiday, I thought the service was a bit too fast and I felt we were rushed in and rushed out. I suppose this is to be expected given that the owners are going to want to ensure they can cater for all the passing traffic without people just sitting at the tables admiring the view and not spending any money.

      After sitting down your drinks order is taken and within a few minutes they delivered to your table, and you are asked to order your food. Although quick, there is more than enough time to decide what to eat as the lunchtime menu is rather limited.

      Like the drinks the food arrived very quickly. I admit that I am very skeptical when meals are served so quickly as I am not a lover of the "fast food" concept since I usually find it under cooked and un-nutritional rubbish, so when our meals arrived so quickly I was surprised since it looked like a proper meal.

      All meat dishes are served with a green salad, pasta, rice, vegetables and handmade chips, with the standard basket of bread. Given the cheap cost the portion sizes are large enough to satisfy a good appetite, but not so large you're going to feel sick after polishing off your plate, and let's face it I always finish everything when it comes to Turkish cuisine.

      The food doesn't disappoint and is just as tasty as similar items bought in more expensive and "proper" restaurants, which surprised me somewhat. It just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune to get some decent food.


      Overall, Pasa is a fantastic place to eat. Whilst the lunchtime menu is rather limited, there is something for everyone. The tout is very friendly and helpful, as are the staff, who are also very fast and efficient. The food will arrive quickly but there's no need to panic as it is all properly cooked and appears to be very fresh, not surprising given the turn around and churn of diners this place seems to attract.

      The food is cheap but very tasty and represents excellent value for money. Despite the gorgeous views of the lake, and the nice surroundings of the water feature, rockery and shrubbery this is not a place where you can spend a long time admiring and soaking up the atmosphere since you are rushed in and rushed out quite quickly. This is not a bad thing since most people use this as a stop-gap for a quick bite whilst waiting to board their boat and move on to the next destination.

      (This review has been posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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