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Pizzeria Dodo (Warsaw, Poland)

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“ Cuisine: Pizza / Address: UL. GĂ“RCZEWSKA 16 (RĂ“G PŁOCKIEJ)01-147 WARSZAWA / Tel: 022 632 97 88 „

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2011 14:11
      Very helpful



      Okay for a quick bite!

      Pizzeria DODO is situated on Ul. Gorczewska at Number 16. This is really a very busy main road going out of the city of Warsaw in a westerly direction. From my flat, it takes approximately ten minutes to reach, walking at a brisk pace. I have known about the pizzeria for some time now and on a couple of occasions have ordered a take away from the pizzeria but it wasn't until last week I decided to take my husband along for a quick bite to eat after we had been shopping.

      It isn't in the most salubrious location with cars driving at uncontrollable speeds and hectic drivers beeping and shouting, causing chaos everywhere but when you live in Warsaw you get used to all this racket. Next door to the pizzeria is a Chinese restaurant and at the back of the building is a silver jewellers.

      The building itself is a makeshift affair; a small cabin painted white with a wooden roof. There is decking around the building and in summer wooden tables and chairs are placed with potted geraniums and the odd conifer, adding a touch of colour to the outside. Another nice touch is the solar lamps in lantern style, dotted here and there. From the road it always reminds me of an American diner with its big panes of glass highlighting the name DODO in freaky fluorescent orange lights.

      As there was still some snow on the ground last week the pizzeria looked quite cosy inside with its plastic tablecloths and garish lighting. As you walk through the door there is a small counter - this is where you order if you wish to take away a pizza but when sitting down for a meal the waiter will come to you and take your order.

      I wouldn't say there is a big selection of pizzas to choose from - only being 6 flavours on the menu. Pasta dishes include two which are lasagne and spaghetti bolognese. There are a selection of meat dishes which include chicken wings, chicken fillets and pork spare ribs. I have suddenly decided after all these years to give up meat as I really don't enjoy the taste or texture any more so I didn't fancy anything on the meat/poultry menu. I had a glance at the salad menu which consisted of Greek Salad (Feta) which I do enjoy, tuna, chicken, tomato, mozzarella and basil. All very nice and cheap at 13 zloty except for the mozzarella and tomato salad at 10 zloty and a small plate of fresh coleslaw salad which only cost 4 zloty. In Poland coleslaw seems to be on every menu even a Chinese menu.

      After having a good nosy I decided to order a classic Margherita pizza - size 32cm. To accompany this I chose a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. My husband also chose pizza only he went for the cheese and bacon pizza of the same size. Rather than have his salad with the pizza he chose to order a Greek Feta Salad as a starter which he enjoyed. All salad ingredients were fresh and he particularly enjoyed the olive oil dressing which was just the right concoction for him - not too acidic. He is not a great fan of vinegar and at home generally uses lemon juice to dress salad with rather than vinegar. The olives were the black variety with stones but he didn't realise at first until he crunched on one and let out a shriek of pain. Usually, I am the one to do this and have a couple of chipped teeth to prove the error of my ways. While my husband was tucking into his fresh salad I sat near the window people watching with a small glass of Tyskie beer which was free having ordered two large pizzas. This was a special promotion at the time but they do change regularly.

      Wine isn't available at the DODO but you can buy soft drinks such as Coco Cola, Sprite and Fanta. Nestea is available as well as fizzy and natural water. Fresh fruit juices consist of apple, orange, strawberry and mixed fruits. Unfortunately hot drinks aren't served in the pizzeria.

      When my husband had finished his salad the waiter who was pleasant enough but not over attentive took away his plate and within a few seconds our pizzas arrived. They looked enormous at first glance and I thought I would end up leaving some but I actually ate every crumb. The bases were very light and a little crunchy around the edges which I quite like. There could have been more tomato filling on mine and what there was, was very sweet and artificial tasting so I wasn't too pleased with the bottom layer of the pizza. The cooked cheese spread over the tomato base was thick and tasted okay but nothing to get too excited about. The problem with most Polish cheeses is that they are very buttery and don't have a strong taste. I did eat all of the pizza but because I was hungry and not because I thought it was the best pizza I had ever tasted. My mozzarella salad was better. The tomatoes were firm and juicy, olives good and the fresh sprigs of basil drizzled in olive oil and rock salt just gave it that special topping. Full marks for the salad but only 5 out of 10 for the pizza.

      I think my husband enjoyed his pizza more than I enjoyed mine although he did say that the bacon was rather salty and very smoked. He awarded his pizza 7 out of 10.

      Did we choose any desserts? No, is the answer - having only a selection of cakes on offer which looked very artificial and didn't show any signs of home-made baking, and ice cream. We decided to leave it there and asked the waiter for the bill which came to 50 zloty approximately just over ÂŁ10 .

      To sum up - you can't grumble at the price. DODO's is really a lunchtime pizzeria for people who are working and just want a quick bite to eat. The pizzeria is a functional building rather than an aesthetic one. Service is quick without any fuss. It was serviceable but I don't think I would visit again even if it is only just up the road. The pizzas weren't tasty enough for me and could do with another helping of filling on top. Considering there are hundreds of pizzerias in Warsaw I think I would definitely give this one a miss and regarding take away services only order from here if really starving as it is near and the delivery would be speedy.


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