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Pizzeria Renesans (Warsaw)

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Address: ul. Francuska 33

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2012 12:28
      Very helpful



      Good, cheap grub

      If there's such thing as a phobia of queues then I certainly have one. Whenever there's two or three people waiting for something then I'll usually give it a miss and wait for a quieter moment or simply go elsewhere. This is the only reason that it took me so long to go to Renesans, a French restaurant in Saska Kepa, Warsaw, a couple of hundred metres from where I work.

      This establishment continuously draws custom and even my boss dubbed it as the place where you can find the best chip in Warsaw. Located at the beginning of Francuska street, the kitchen is visible from the street, as several chickens turn around on a spit roast and an enormous metal vat houses piles of once or twice fried chips, ready to be re-fried once more in an inferno like, oil filled fryer.

      Renesans, for all its success, actually looks a little run down, its sign is a tad hard to read and the old furniture reminds me of a Turkish coffee shop in the back of beyond. I also find strange similarities to the cafe from the TV show Allo! Allo!, the staff wear white and always appear occupied with something, what's more the young waitresses also seem to resemble their big screen contemporaries.

      Despite residing in a row of posh restaurants, Renesans does not look out of place, managing to hold its own with a lived-in charm. It attracts a real mixed bunch and you'll just as likely see a group of builders coming in for some chips as you will a glamorous couple sitting outside gazing into one another's eyes.

      Whilst essentially serving chicken and chips with a range of French sauces, the menu does vary slightly and they also have a pizza chef and oven. Chips to go are served in small cardboard boxes. 100g with sauce costs 3,40zl whilst 200g costs 7,80zl - no discounts here!

      Does the trough cut the mustard though? Well, the queues for chips and constantly occupied seats are no coincidence. Some places tend to serve chicken a bit undercooked, that isn't the case here and the title of best chips in Warsaw is certainly merited. The industrious nature of the employees ensures that meals are quickly served and the restaurant always seems to be one step ahead of the game, meaning you are guaranteed fast, fresh food.

      A perfect place for people with a limited lunch break, I would not hesitate to go back again and perhaps put the quality of their pizzas to the test. A meal will cost you about 20zl and if all the seats outside are taken, there's a bit more room inside. Another option is taking it away and enjoying it in the nearby Skaryszewski Park. The only area that Renesans loses points on is customer service. When ordering at the hatch, an elderly man muttered the price to me with a face like thunder and had all the charisma of a funeral. Despite this, the quality of food is so good that I'm willing to give it a 5 star rating anyway.


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