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Rainforest Cafe (Disneyland Paris, France)

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4 Reviews

Rainforest themed restaurant within Disneyland, Paris

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    4 Reviews
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      04.09.2013 12:49
      Very helpful



      Recommended for the experience

      Before we went to Disneyland Paris my friend and I did plenty of research on places we felt we would like to eat because a lot of places in the resort had pretty mixed reviews to say the least. We needed the places we were going to eat to be family friendly and one place that appealed to both of our children and us was the Rainforest Cafe. This is my review of the establishment.

      ==What is the Rainforest Cafe?==
      Although there are branches of the Rainforest Cafe in the UK it has never been a place that I have visited and so my visit to the establishment in Disneyland Paris was my first. The Cafe is situated in the Disney Village up near the top end and so was quite near to our hotel which was a bonus for us.

      From the outside the Cafe looks inviting and exciting. It looks natural and as though you are entering a cave almost! You are promised a wild place to shop and eat here and this is because when you get inside the whole place is set up to look like you are inside a rainforest with moving pretend animals, vines hanging from the ceilings, real fish in tanks and the like as well as a soundtrack which makes you feel you are in the Rainforest. It was quite an exciting place to walk in to and my son was initially quite worried that one of the gorillas sitting in the Cafe was real and didn't want to pose for a picture with it! It is a great place actually just to have a bit of a walk around and take some pictures as it makes an unusual dining experience. Whilst we were eating there were a couple of pretend thunder and lightening storms where lights would flash and you would hear the thunder rumble and I would advise this isn't going to be a serene dining experience but it is a good family place to visit!

      ==Dining in the Cafe==

      You cannot book a table at the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland Paris which is a bit disappointing but it is one of the more popular places for people to visit apparently and so you can understand them not taking bookings really. We decided to have an earlier meal than usual at the Rainforest Cafe so that it would be quieter and so we visited at around 4.30pm and found there were only a couple of other tables in at that time.

      You walk through a small and quite tightly packed shop to get to the entrance of the Cafe and I do feel this could be better planned because on busy periods you can't really move about well in this area. There is a large fish tank with fish such as Dory from Finding Nemo in at the entrance to the Cafe part though and this was great for the children to look at whilst we were waiting briefly for a member of staff to show us through to our table.

      The tables and chairs in the Cafe are all a dark wood and this fits in well with the natural, enviroment theme that they are going for. Our table was a little wobbly to be honest but we didn't ask to move. Another thing to note is that it isn't particularly warm in this Cafe and at points we felt a little cold. Staff were quite efficient in taking our orders and bringing over drinks and things but there was quite a wait for our food which we found a little odd considering there were only a couple of tables in.

      There is a set menu in this restaurant called menu cha cha where you get a main course and a dessert for 21.90 euros but there is also a seperate menu should nothing on this menu catch your attention. Mains cost around 18-26 euros each and you can get things such as burgers, pizza, pasta, curry and such like. My friend and I decided to settle for the menu cha cha because we wanted to cut down the insane spending when it came to buying meals in Disneyland and we had the Rainforest chilli con carne which was served with basmati rice, cheddar cheese and onions. When the main meal came we both thought that it was ok but likened it to a microwave meal quality and of course you would expect more for the money you pay but funnily enough this microwave style meal was actually the best meal for me in Disneyland which says a lot about the quality of the food there!

      Children are catered for via a childrens menu which from memory costs around 12 euros and they were able to have the usual sort of offerings such as chicken goujons and chips, burger, fish and chips as well as a dessert and a drink. This I felt was quite good value really and the portions were plenty for my son and my friends daughter. The children were given a little activity book and natural looking colouring pencils to entertain them whilst waiting for their food and I do like it when places do this and make a bit of an effort with children as they can sometimes just be ignored.

      Desserts wise my friend and I were tied to the menu cha cha and so we both had a chocolate cake which had chocolate sauce in the middle and this was served on a bed of custard cream. Sadly you got very little custard cream with this dessert but it was quite enjoyable as it was rich and filling. There was a pudding on the menu called the volcano which was advertised outside as a sharing dessert and had one of those inside sparklers in it and it looked amazing but at almost 16 euros for a pudding we decided we just couldn't justify that!

      What I didn't like in this Cafe was the fact that the toilets were a nightmare to find! The arrows seemed to point to one place but you actually had to step in to the shop then go up a corridor to the toilets and I think it would have made much more sense to have them in the main Cafe really. The toilets were small, three cubicles I think but they were clean and had soap and toilet roll and such like and so were fine to use.

      ==Would I recommend?==

      I would probably recommend the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland if you haven't been to the Cafe before. The whole atmosphere in the Cafe makes it a fun place to visit and the moving elephants, gorillas and things are really great to look at! It can be a little bit scary I suppose for some children but you would need to judge that yourself on knowing your child. The food isn't brilliant here but it isn't awful either and it is certainly much better than Cafe Mickey for example! You are looking at spending around 40-50 euros for an adult and a childs meal here if you use the special menu, more if not but again that is quite normal for Disneyland! I think the Rainforest Cafe is a fun experience and I would quite like to visit a UK branch too now.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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      29.07.2013 22:36
      Very helpful



      Fantastic resturant though very expensive!

      Rainforest Café - Disneyland Paris

      About a month ago, one of my dreams came true. Yes, I am a child at heart - my dream happened to involve Disney Princesses, rides, Ratatouille and a Circus hotel. Of course, my dream was shared with my beautiful five year old daughter who was also extremely excited to be going to Disney Land in Paris for the first time.

      One thing I knew from my research before we arrived in Paris was that everything was going to be very expensive, including the food, and so we decided to throw caution to the wind. If a McDonalds was going to cost the earth then we may as well enjoy something far greater than a greasy burger and fries, and what better place to go than The Rainforest Café.

      Having never been to The Rainforest Café anywhere before, we were all quite excited. From the outside it looked wonderful so I could only imagine what the inside looked like, and we were certainly not disappointed!


      We were staying at one of the off-sight hotels which were affiliated with Disneyland itself, and although the hotel offered dinner, we wanted to spend as much time at the resort as possible, which meant eating in and around the parks rather than travelling back to the hotel for each meal. There are many restaurants to choose from, both inside the park as well as just outside in the Disney area. From the moment we arrived, though, one particular restaurant stood out and the whole group of us actually agreed on one thing - The Rainforest Café was the one for us!


      As mentioned above, The Rainforest Café is situated right outside the Disney Parks which is approximately ten to fifteen minutes shuttle ride from the off-site hotels (shuttle bus is free and stops by the hotels approximately every ten minutes). It is also a few minutes walk from the train station which connects to all main railways in Paris. If you are coming from the centre of Paris, you will find this restaurant around 20 miles away which you can drive to on the A4 autoroute (motorway).

      Even if you are not going into the main Disney parks, you are still able to go on the Disney grounds outside of the main gates and so can still enjoy a meal at The Rainforest Café.


      The first thing which stood out for me and those of us who had never been to The Rainforest Café was the amazing appearance both on the outside and the inside. If you have been to a Rainforest Café then you will understand when I say that it is like no other restaurant around (at least not that I have experienced). From the outside you feel as though you are walking into a large cave with a crocodile for a guard (one that scared a couple of the children who were with us - mix this with the slight feel of Wonderland with the giant toadstools and you get the idea. As you walk through the cave entrance, you find yourself in the café shop complete with a giant snake on the ceiling amongst other animals and wildlife which is generally found in the rainforest. My husband nearly had a heart attack when the giant snake (something which he is petrified of!) lowered from above him complete with sound effects! Of course, the children wanted to purchase items from the shop though we managed to hold them off as they were all very hungry.

      Once inside the actual restaurant, the decor just exploded! It was absolutely amazing! From wall to wall and floor to ceiling was fantastic rainforest décor, and the noise was incredible. Around the outside walls were a whole host of different animated animals complete with sound effects, from elephants to gorilla's and much more. The ceiling was also inhabited by an array of birds and reptiles, many which also moved. There was also a beautiful waterfall which we were lucky enough to be sat right next to, the water sound becoming more and more relaxing as the evening wore on, and next to the other animated animal noises, it was such a different and great experience...and I haven't even got to the food yet!

      We arrived at the restaurant at a reasonably early time due to having young children with us. If memory serves, it was between 6 and 6.30pm. This is the time when the main parade occurs in the main Disney park. We had watched this the night before and so decided to take the opportunity for a quieter meal the following night because as soon as the parade ends, chaos ensues with everyone rushing to get to a restaurant in time to get back into the park for some more enjoyment before the fantastic light show at the end of the night. The parade starts at 7.00pm and continues for approximately 40 minutes so we had a lovely window where we were seated straight away. An hour later and we would have waited quite a while as this restaurant does not allow booking.

      Once seated, we took in the ambience and my husband marvelled at the animal print table cloth (yes, of all the things to see, he loved the table cloth!). The children were extremely excited with all the different things to look at that they took their time to settle though once we were able to grab their attention long enough, we were able to take a look at the menu.


      We had quite a large party so I will not give you the run down on what everyone ate, though to give you an example of food and prices, I will lay out a small selection below. The menu was not as extensive as I would have thought, though there was something for everyone to enjoy.

      There is a mix of appetisers for either one person or for sharing. In a lot of restaurants, sharing usually means between two people, though the servings here were huge and could easily go around three to four people.

      Big 'O' Onion Rings (V) ... Euro8.50
      My daughter is a very fussy eater and literally had these onion rings for her main course. I am extremely glad that I did not get them her for a starter only as the basket was huge! There was easily twenty onion rings which were large and juicy and very tasty. This is served with BBQ sauce and nothing else, though was very adequate for a main for my fussy daughter!

      Awesome Appetizer Adventure ... Euro21.90
      This is one of the appetisers to share which featured Tam Tam Chicken wings, fried sweet potatoes, Pita Quesadillas, deep fried camembert and Garlic Bread with Pico de Gallo. If I thought the onion rings were huge then I was very much mistaken! I could not believe this was a starter, even if it was one to share. My sister and brother-in-law shared this and my sister felt full before the plate was even clean, and she had a main course to come!


      There is, again, a lot of different types of meals in the main course section from pizza and pasta, to burgers, to curry and fish and chips. There are also salads for the more conscious of eaters!

      Pizza ... Euro17.90 - Euro18.90
      The pizza's are served whole with no option for a couple of slices. They are all rather large and so can easily be shared by the smaller eaters of your group. There is only a couple of pizzas available.

      Pasta - Euro17.90 - Euro20.50
      There are two selections for a pasta dish, one vegetarian and one meat.

      Burgers - Euro18.50 - Euro20.50
      There are a number of different burgers available, and like the rest of the meals, these come in an over-large size! My husband selected a Rainforest Burger with a large mushroom on the side for an extra Euro1.00 and thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband tends to eat a lot of burgers and claims that this burger was the best he had ever tasted, and to my shock, he was actually full up after eating it all which never happens!

      Salads - Euro17.50 - Euro19.50
      There are three choices of salad with one vegetarian option included. None of our party had a salad meal and so I can not comment on these dishes too much, though from the rest of the meals I would imagine these are not only large but also very delicious.

      Other mains include such meals as chicken, shrimp and pineapple curry, fish and chips, fajitas, steak, pork ribs, mixed grill and wraps. These are all rather large as with all the meals and come in between Euro19.90 to Euro26.50. Within our party, we had the fajitas and the wraps and both were reportedly delicious.
      There is also an option for a Cha Cha menu which includes a main course and desert of a pecial menu for the set price of Euro21.90. This can work out cheaper though be aware of the sizes of the meals. There are also only a few options for both main and desert on this menu with most of the options available on the main menu. Chilli con Carne is an option separate from the main menu.


      There are a number of different deserts available and from looking over at other tables, they all look spectacular. I did not personally have a desert as I was extremely full up, though my brother-in-law and nephew shared a 'Volcano' which is a giant chocolate brownie cake with nuts, served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream. When it arrived, even they were amazed at the size. Forget sharing for two, it took three adults and three children to finish it! It also came complete with a sparkler on top which excited the children. Of course, the size reflected the price bringing in this desert at nearly Euro16.00!

      Other deserts available come in between Euro6.90 to Euro8.50 and include sundaes, pancakes, cheesecake and more.


      A range of drinks are available at a range of prices.
      Hot drinks come in from Euro2.50 for a coffee to Euro7.00 for an alcohol cappuccino.

      There are a selection of cocktails available for Euro8.90 and aperitifs and beers from Euro5.50 to Euro7.00. Wines come in all shapes and sizes from a small glass to the whole bottle ranging from Euro5.00 for a 20cl glass to Euro23.00 for a 75cl bottle.

      Soft drinks are also available from Euro3.50 to Euro7.00

      As you can see, the menu is not a cheap one. I know The Rainforest Café in general is not cheap, though I do not know whether this one works out more or not, though we expected prices such as this as most restaurants in this area are expensive. I wouldn't usually pay nearly this amount on a dinner out, though when in Rome...well Disney...! I am glad to say that the food quality matches the prices, and it was definitely the best meal we had the whole time we spent in Paris.


      As already mentioned, we were seated very quickly. I am not sure whether the service would be any different at a later, busier time, though I had absolutely no complaints when we were there. The staff were efficient, happy and helpful - even the ones who did not speak English very well!

      The restaurant is fully accessible to wheelchair users though I can see it getting quite difficult to navigate the aisles at a busy time as there are a lot of tables and seating packed in.
      The toilets are actually situated slightly out of the restaurant at the side of the shop. The signs were not very clear though we managed to find them eventually! All toilets were very clean and spacious and matched the general décor of the restaurant.


      Wow, what can I say!?

      I have been to a number of restaurants in my time, though none gave the same feel as this one. The décor alone is something to entice you in, and the food is amazing! The prices are very high, though everything in and around Disneyland is, it is just something you can not get away from. It was certainly the best meal we ate the whole time we were in Paris, and I will certainly go back there if we return to Disneyland. I am hoping to visit The Rainforest Café in London at some point in the hope that it is as amazing as this one.

      I fully recommend you visiting this restaurant if you are ever in the vicinity of Disneyland Paris, you wont regret it!


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        23.10.2011 23:53
        Very helpful



        Never again !

        The Rainforest Café Disneyland Paris is part of a restaurant chain that owns branches at several Disneyland Parks worldwide, as well as several other international locations including a branch in London. I'd read about the London branch and had this on my list for a future visit to the capital but when we found them in the Disney Village I thought this would be the perfect time. What could be a better finale to a great day in a fantastic theme park than a great dinner in a fantastic themed restaurant ? We were soon to find out that things are not always as great as they seem to be. Oh well ...

        Being situated directly in the Disney village it is easy to find the Rainforest Cafe, the train station is also only just a few hundred metres away and guests who are staying in one of the Disney hotels around the lake can easily reach by walk. As it is in the village you don't have to worry about entrance fees, the village is open to all free of charge.
        Once you arrive you will join the queue of others who'd like to eat here, depending on how busy it is that might take a while. To help the staff allocate the tables you will be asked how many people are in your party right after joining the queue, after this it is just waiting and maybe visiting the large and noisy alligator next to the entrance. He might not keep you entertained for long but at least the kids have fun

        In our case the waiting time took around half an hour. We got a ticket with the name of the waitress who would take care of us, and the hint that we would have enough time to look at the items in the shop before we would be escorted to our table. It turned out that you have to cross their whole shop to reach the actual entrance to the restaurant. They did have some fun items and a nice décor (check the anaconda that hangs out of the trees right after you step inside) and it was also cozy and warm so we didn't mind too much having a look around.

        We found our waitress finally under an arch made of aquariums with live fish, a really great feature that will prepare you for what is waiting for you - if the the "live" anaconda that hangs out of a tree right behind the entrance to the shop hasn't done so yet.

        The décor of this restaurant is really something and every wall is covered in tropical plants. There are trees in which you will spot all kinds of wildlife, huge butterflies, monkeys, parrots, bugs and birds - and even the odd mosquito swarm. You'll find zebras and an elephant cow with her baby at a small lake, waterfalls and probably much more I already forgot about or simply missed . The restaurant is rather larg and the lighting was a bit too much on the dark side for my taste, at least in the area where we found our table. Closer to the middle, near the elephants, it was a bit brighter. The wooden tables and chairs were matching with the rest of the décor and so was the menu.
        The dishes feature imaginative rainforest related names and we started to choose while we survived the first tropical rainstorm - thunder and lightning included, only the rain was missing.

        The whole menu is pretty much American style and I don't remember seeing even one French dish. Main courses on offer include a variety of burgers, pizza, pasta, steak, chicken, fish and several salads. Set menus were available but they included only main course and desert. Neither of us was keen on a sweet desert so we settled for a mixed starter plate, a Rainforest Burger for Mr Cat and the Hawaiian Burger for me. The children's menu comes separate in a colouring book and is about as health conscious as the adult version. Never mind, the place is about fun and the kids didn't mind. All children's dishes come as a set meal deal that will set you back by Euro 11.90 and include a main course, soft drink and desert. Our girls chose shepherds pie and chips and chicken nuggets and chips.

        Drinks arrived directly after ordering but there was a small mix up. Our older daughter had asked for orange juice and got water and the drink was exchanged quickly. Oh well, it was busy and mistakes can happen .
        The starter plate arrived surprisingly fast, we'd waited just 5 minutes - and came together with the children's main courses.
        We got nachos, vegetable sticks (carrot, celery and cucumber), garlic bread, fried calamari, fried mozzarella, mozzarella and baby tomato skewers, a blue cheese dip and a marinara dip (mayonnaise mixed with ketchup ?).
        The plate was huge and looked great until we realised that the calamari and fried mozzarella were not only soaked in oil but swimming in it. This was disappointing as the rest was really good. Usually we both love calamari but they were really disgusting, we each tried just one and left the rest to go back. Same with the mozzarella sticks, my husband didn't even finish the one he tried.
        By the time we'd finished with our starter the girls had also finished with their main courses and plates were cleared without comment or asking whether we liked it or not, although quite a bit went back.

        The service for our main course wasn't quite as fast as the starter and about half an hour later the children were, after a very long day, half asleep in their chairs. We called the waiter and asked if it was possible to have their deserts as they were very tired, which wasn't a problem. About two minutes later we got ice cream for the little one and a pancake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream for the older. The ice-cream came in a small plastic tub and didn't look like much but the pancake was lovingly arranged and looked really delicious. Sadly the waiter forgot the spoons and we had to ask for them, some of the ice cream was still solid by the time we got them. Oh well, it was busy so mistakes can happen...

        The girls just finished their deserts when finally the burgers arrived, around 45 minutes after we'd finished our starter. The waiter had asked us three times if we wanted them medium and every time we had insisted on well done, so Mr Cat wasn't a happy cat at all after he had a big bite and found out that his was anything but not well done. We called the waiter who apologized and disappeared to exchange the burger. Oh well, it was very busy ...

        My burger was fine and came topped with a relatively thin slice of pineapple and cheese. Some finely cubed red onions, a tomato and a large slice of gherkin were served next to it. I don't really fancy gherkin mixed with pineapple so concentrated on the tomato and onion. The chips where thin cut and not the warmest I ever had but the burger itself was very tasty. Mr Cat insisted that I started to eat without him, which was a good idea as his burger still hadn't arrived when I finished.
        The girls were really tired now and I decided that it would be a good idea to wash hands and see some of the rainforest animals on the way to keep their spirits up. So we went to search for the toilets and found out that there was a problem and they were closed, customers were welcome to use the facilities at the Mickey Café on the other side of the road. It was late March; the temperatures had cooled down from sunny and moderate during the day to rather cold and we had started our "trip" to the restrooms without coats, which you clearly didn't need in the rainforest like tropical climate of the restaurant. At this point my patience was starting to run out and I felt like abusing the fountain ...
        Of course it can happen that toilets break down but in a restaurant that serves mainly finger food and is geared up to a family market wet wipes would have been most welcome in such a situation !

        By the time we came back from our visit to the Mickey Café Mr Cat's burger had just arrived and he had his first bite. He didn't look impressed at all ... Although he liked the - now well done - burger he also found his chips stone cold and thus hardly touched them. Most of them went back, again without a comment from the, otherwise, very friendly waiter.
        At least we were asked if we wanted deserts or coffee. As we weren't much impressed by the food so far and could easily do without another sample, weren't in the mood to pay Euro 7.00 for a cappuccino and were tired, hot (the climate in the Rainforest Café matched the name) and exhausted after a long day all we wanted to do was pay and leave. The waiter was very understanding when we told him that our girls were really tired and needed to go to bed. We sat through yet another tropical thunderstorm and it took only about double as long as it took for the starters to arrive until we got our bill. Oh well, they were very busy ...

        The whole experience cost us, including tip, Euro 90.00.

        The planned visit to the branch in London is off my itinerary for good, there are probably enough over-priced places in the capital were they serve at least good food - and while we are still young !

        On a friendlier note, the décor of the place is really fascinating and extremely well done. Shame the place is let down by mediocre food at an upper price range. If I order a burger for almost Euro 18.00 I don't expect cold fries with it and want it done the way I ordered it.

        Apart from this, the Rainforest Café is a themed restaurant located at the Disneyland Park and designed for a family market. To finish a two course meal we spend almost 2 hours in the restaurant. No small child, especially not after the excitement of a visit to Disneyland and walking and queuing up for several hours, will sit through a dinner of such length without becoming either extremely tired or restless.
        Being busy is not an excuse for a restaurant in such a location. The time we visited is clearly not the busiest of the year and they must be used to being fully booked for dinner right after the park closes. Either we were just unlucky and caught them on a really bad day or other reviewers where just too impressed by the fantastic décor to realise the failures. For us it wasn't a great experience, and most certainly not worth the price.
        The staff was very friendly throughout, although all failed to ask whether we actually liked the food or not - but maybe it was just obvious that we didn't when large parts of the portions went back.
        If I would go back ? Oh well, we went there once - mistakes happen and we've learned our lesson !

        This review has also been published on other websites


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          23.05.2011 00:31
          Very helpful



          Overpriced but so much to see.

          Rainforest Cafe is situated in the Disney Village at Disneyland Resort Paris. The Disney Village is accessible and free for everybody to visit whether you are staying in the Disneyland Resort or not. The Disney Village is full of shops and restaurants.

          On our latest trip to Disneyland we dined at a restaurant called Rainforest Cafe which is an Amazon rainforest themed restaurant situated at the bottom of the Disney Village, next to the big lake (Lake Disney). The restaurant has a caged crocodile outside (it's not real but it does move and make realistic sounds!), full sized elephants around the side and giant mushrooms at the entrance - it's hard to miss!

          We visited in the evening when the Disney Village starts to get quite busy. We had pre-booked our table earlier on the same day. As the Rainforest Cafe isn't a Disney restaurant you cannot pre-book a table at your hotel - instead you must pre-book at the restaurant itself. There were only a few people in front of us and we were seated quite quickly. You don't have to pre-book but I would advise it as later on I noticed that quite a few people were queuing to be seated.

          You enter and exit through the cleverly situated Rainforest Cafe shop which sells all sorts including toys, clothes and homewares. The first thing you will notice is the decor, most notably the leaves and vines (and snakes!) hanging from the ceiling. At the bottom of the shop is the reception desk which has a huge fish tank arch that goes around it. The fish tank is full of beautiful tropical fish. There's also a talking tree!

          There's so much to see that when you are seated it might take you a long time to even take a look at the menu! The whole ceiling is covered in leaves, vines, branches and the restaurant features all sorts of animals including parrots, frogs, butterflies, gorillas, elephants, zebras and monkeys! None of it is actually real but it sure looks it. There is also a water fountain, another fish tank and some of the animals are animatronic which are great fun to watch - for children and adults! Every 30 minutes there is a simulated thunderstorm which involves flashing 'lightning', loud 'thunder' sounds and simulated 'rain' (you don't get wet though) which is good fun.

          As soon as we had been seated we were all given menus and my daughter was given a childrens menu and crayons. None of us fancied a starter so we all took a look at the main dishes.

          The waiter soon came over and took our order. He seemed friendly enough and there was no problem ordering our food despite the fact none of us knew a word of French!

          To give you an idea of the menu...

          Starters included Little Caesar, Big 'O' Onion Rings (V), Tam Tam Chicken Wings, Garlic Bread (V), Rainforest Pita Quesadillas, Jungle Combo (a seafood and vegetable sharing platter), Oriental Safari (a shrimp, chicken and spicy vegetable rolls sharing platter), Awesome Appetizer Adventure (a chicken, mussel, pita quesadillas and garlic bread sharing platter). Starters ranged between 4.30 - 21.90 euros.

          Main meals included Rio's Rita (vegetarian pizza), Molokai (BBQ chicken pizza), Cruzzeiro (ham pizza), Rasta Pasta, Natural Pasta (V), Rainforest Burger, The Biggie Burger, Chili Bacon Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Tuki's Veggie Burger (V), Maui Chicken Burger, Siva's Curry (chicken and shrimp curry), Fish 'n' Chips, Primal Steak, Mojo Bones (a rack of pork ribs), Maya's Mixed Grill, The Big Fajitas Party (chicken fajitas), Volcanic Cobb Salad, River Wild (seafood salad), Big Islander Chicken Caesar Salad. Main meals ranged between 15.90 - 25.90 euros.

          Deserts included Bamba's Pancake, Gorilla in the Mist Cheesecake, Chocolate Diablo Cake, Coffee Trails Cafe Gourmand (espresso with a vanilla creme brulee, mini waggle and mini exotic fruit salad), Volcano (a giant chocolate brownie cake with nuts, ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream. Suitable for two or more). Deserts ranged between 6.90 - 14.90 euros.

          There is a seperate childrens menu which includes a main dish, desert and drink. My daughter wanted a vegetable pasta which sadly they didn't have, so she decided on an omlette instead. The omlette looked overcooked and not very appetising, however my daughter ate it without any complaints. She enjoyed the desert which was ice cream with smarties and came served in an edible bowl. Her drink was served in a plastic Rainforest Cafe souvenir cup which we took away with us.

          I ordered Tuki's Veggie Burger which was a large sized soya burger that came with fries and colslaw. It was priced at the lower end of the menu which I was pleased about but at 15.90 euros I still wouldn't class it at cheap! I found the burger a little on the dry side but other than that I thought it was tasty and enjoyed my meal. Other people dining with us had Fish 'n' Chips and Siva's Curry - they said they enjoyed their meals but they weren't anything special. None of us had a desert as we were all full up from our main meals.

          The restaurant is quite large and can seat a lot of people. It was packed during our visit and although service wasn't slow, it wasn't fast either. My daughter started to fall asleep at the table and I had to call somebody over to get her a desert before she zonked out for the night! We requested a spoon that never came and we almost got given drinks that we didn't order, so I guess the staff were having a hard time.

          Although there are Rainforest Cafe restaurants all over the world I hadn't ever visited one before so visually it was a nice surprise for me! However for this reason I can't compare the decor, food or service to other Rainforest Cafe restaurants.

          Do I recommend this restaurant if visiting Disneyland Paris? Well it is most definitely overpriced. The food was pleasant but also quite average - in our experience the price tags weren't reflected in the dishes. However there seemed to be a decent choice of dishes and the dishes appeared to be quite large. Like most (or all) of the restaurants in the Disneyland Resort there wasn't a huge amount of vegetarian options but there seemed to be a few more than some restaurants we visited. Be careful of dishes labelled as vegetarian as a lot of them contain fish and seafood. Some might be put off by the fact Rainforest Cafe is not a Disney restaurant (you're in Disneyland afterall) but others may see it as a good opportunity to escape the Disney overload! The service was friendly but as the restaurant was so crowded it wasn't as efficient as it could have been. The theming of the restaurant is excellent and is probably the main reason why people visit Rainforest Cafe - to be honest I would recommend dining at the Rainforest Cafe for the atmosphere alone, certainly if you haven't visited a Rainforest Cafe before.


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