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Restauracja Maska (Warsaw)

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Address: Ulica Obroncow 12A / 03-933 Warsaw

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2012 08:41
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      Not bad but not that good

      A couple of months ago I began working in the Saska Kepa area of Warsaw, an upmarket, artistic area, its main street 'Francuska' is ladened with cafes, restaurants and pubs, streets branching off it tend to mostly consist of residential areas or embassies, when England played France in the Euros, I finished work just minutes before kick off and had to pick a place to watch the game.

      I was recommended Maska, a restaurant located on the quiet, leafy Obroncow street, it was a little pricier than I was used to but I thought I'd give it a twirl, as I was cycling, I wasn't going to have too much to drink anyway. Having initially popped in during the day to check whether they were showing the game, I decided it seemed worthy of visiting and had a nice, calm atmosphere. Maska had several seats outside and what was clearly a rather respectable restaurant had still caught the Euro fever, sporting a Euro 2012 logo and selling beer from a special pump sponsored by Tyskie, they'd also put up a big screen. At 10zl, it's not exactly the cheapest beer in town but a lot of good restaurants purposefully set the prices of alcohol high to avoid boozy customers and appeal to diners only.

      The prices were clearly keeping people away because although initially there were a couple of tables of people having coffee, it slowly became more depleted and by the time the second half started I was the only person in the restaurant. The beer had been most satisfactory and the game wasn't bad either, so I decided to splash the cash and picked up a menu. Maska specialise in sea food but like most restaurants in Warsaw, they only receive a fresh delivery once or twice a week and it's those days that they tend to attract the majority of clientelle.

      Serving up the fancier side of Polish cuisine and some French dishes, it was dearer than I would have liked but I opted for the promising sounding sizzling garlic mushrooms with a baguette. At 12zl (3 euros) it looked like the best value, I'd ordered at half time and it wasn't until about the 80th minute that my dish came, I'd started to think they'd forgot it, after all it wasn't like they were busy. The staff were nice in the meantime though and when it did eventually turn up, it was served in a quaint, rugged frying pan. I'd hoped that it had come with plenty of bread, enabling me to soak up all the garlicky olive oil but was disappointed that the 'baguette' was in fact three small slices of it. Main dishes were about 50-70zl and portions did not look particularly large.

      The inside of the restaurant was very nice and combined with the veranda, it had a slight Spanish feel to it. The toilet is located at the back, near the kitchen and the inside of the restaurant is spotless, there were also TV screens in the inside but that may have been temporary. The manageress (maybe owner) seemed particularly nice. I feel a little sorry that they didn't have more customers but despite the overall pleasant experience I had, I'm not too surprised that it's empty when taking in to consideration the price. I wouldn't like to judge them on the waiting time as it may have been a one-off.. maybe they ran out of mushrooms? It happens and I wasn't too bothered about the wait. They probably assumed I was enjoying the game and in no rush to fiddle with sizzling mushrooms. Which to some extent was true.


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