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Restaurants in Hong Kong in general

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2012 13:46
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      Go and try out different restaurants if you are in Hong Kong!

      There are a wide variety of restaurants in Hong Kong, ranging from low price street market stalls to high end luxurious restaurants in the hotel, from local Chinese cuisine to international cuisine. You can basically find what you like and try out a variety of food in Hong Kong.

      Finding a Restaurant
      There are a lot of good restaurants in Hong Kong. Of course the good starting point would be your travel guide. However, if you have no particular restaurant in mind, I would recommend you to go to one which is full or has someone queueing up outside. It's the easiest way to find out the best restaurant in town!

      The Menu
      Menus in English (at least a simplified version) are generally available in Hong Kong. If you do not see one on your table, try asking for one. They may have one prepared but they just have not put it on the table. If there is none, there are two easy ways to order; (i) look at your neighbour and point out the food your like (ii) speak in English and usually there are people around who can help you!

      Besides, you can always ask for a menu before deciding whether to enter a restaurant or not. In that case, you can avoid entering a restaurant which serves food you don't like or those which charge a very unreasonable price!

      The Food
      If you follow my suggested rule above (i.e. choose based on the number of eaters there!), you can probably be guaranteed to be able to enjoy some decent food! As a general rule, the following cuisines are generally quite good in Hong Kong: Chinese, Japanese, International buffet in hotels...

      The Service
      People in Hong Kong tend to eat very fast (or more accurately, they do everything in a very fast pace! I think that Hong Kong people walking pace is the fastest in the world!). Therefore, if you enter an average neighbourhood restaurant, you may be shocked at the pace of food serving. But don't worry if you are going to a nice restaurant in Hong Kong, the service is of international standard there and will serve at the best pace. Just don't be shocked if you find that the food comes very fast after ordering when you are in a restaurant!

      No tipping is required if you are going to a fastfood restaurant or something a like. For other restaurants, a 10% service charge is already included in the bill and you are only expected to leave a small change as tips after your meal. Tipping of individual servers are not expected. If you are going to a 5-star hotel, then you are expected to tip in the way you normally do in the 5-star hotel in the UK.

      I hope that you will find the above useful if you are going to travel to Hong Kong and eat there. If you want to know more, please feel free to leave a comment here or message me!


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