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The South Pacific Restaurant (Samoa)

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Cuisine: Seafood / Address: Aggie Grey's Lagoon Resort, Samoa

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2011 12:20
      Very helpful



      Food was good but not great and service was mixed

      This review is to supplement the review I did on Aggie Grey's Beach Resort as there was quite a lot to say about the food and restaurants at the resort.

      Breakfasts were included in our room price so we made the most of these. Breakfast is served from 6am under a thatched room area. On offer was a single choice of fruit juice (tropical), a selection of fruit, papaya, banana, apple were all fresh with tinned peaches and pineapple as well. The fruit selection changed daily which was nice as you might get tired of the same fruit every day if you were staying for two weeks. Tea and coffee were served but the service was a bit hit and miss as you had to ask at least three times before you actually got one. Some days were better than others so I think it depended on how busy they were at the time. There was toast in one of those useless machines but a member of staff was in charge of that. The cooked stuff included sausages, hash browns, bacon and eggs and pancakes but there was nothing to have on them apart from jam on the first day, the second day there was a bottle of syrup and the third day only honey and jam again. The jams on offer included a red one and an orange, marmalades and peanut butter and rather bizarrely Marmite (not the antipodeans' Vegemite)so not a huge choice. The jams were the sort that looked like cloudy jelly with no fruit to speak of. So breakfasts were average, functional but not exciting or interesting but did fill you up. However you ate this while looking out over the wonderful blue Pacific Ocean which made it all taste so much better.

      Every evening at around 6pm there was a call to dinner. Several of the staff members dressed only in the lap laps came on dancing and whopping with ceremonial axe things and conch shells. They did a version of the Hakka then leapt around onto the pool bar roof and around blowing the conch shell. It was great and always gathered a big audience.

      On two nights we ate at the snack bar. The first night we shared a Samoan oka which is a salad similar to ceviche (raw fish prepared in lime juice) and then a coconut and lime chicken curry which were both really tasty and freshly prepared. The second night my husband had fish and chips (tuna) and I enjoyed Samoan coconut prawns which came presented in an upright bowl and looked like long thin carrots pointing end up. They were very tasty but I could have done with a salad with it. There is not a lot of fresh salad stuff, raw cabbage and carrots are used a lot but lettuce obviously is not grown locally.

      On Friday night there was a fiafia at the resort. There is also one on Wednesday at Aggie's in Apia which a shuttle bus will take you to from the Lagoon resort should you wish to go. The one at Aggie' in town was 60SWT (£15) per person and the one on Friday at the lagoon was 100SWT (£25) per person for the show and food. The show alone was 20SWT. A fiafia is a sort of Samoan buffet so an experience we decided we would like to try on our last night in Samoa.

      It was very crowded and we had to sit outside of the main restaurant where the show would take place. Unfortunately there was a wedding and this party took two long tables in the central room with the best views. Once the show started we had to stand along the sides trying not to block the view of the seated guests.

      The show was a typical Samoan dancing and singing and was quite good but unfortunately there was the inevitable audience participation bringing up three lads whose birthday it was and we had to sing 'Happy birthday' to each of them. They were then made to do the Hakka. After this we had to involve a few men in a dance with the Samoan girls which was cringe worthy and finally the bride and groom were made to dance and take part all of which we could have done without but maybe I am just being a 'Grumpy old Woman'.
      Finally the finale was the fire dance which was outside the thatched roofed restaurant so we got good seats for this and what a spectacular that was. There were several men and they did sort of baton twirling with sticks that had fire on each end and the result was something quite special in the dark and a fitting end to the show and our stay in Samoa.

      On the whole I would recommend this hotel for food but it was not cordon bleu or luxury. Service was friendly and food tasty although breakfast was a bit basic and what you got depended on what the staff decided to put out that day.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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