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Wurst Kiosk (Warsaw)

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Address: Zwycięzców 17 / godziny pon-czw 11-21

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2012 13:55
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      An average sausage

      The Wurst Kiosk is a little place that popped up this summer in Saska Kepa, an area on the East side of the river in Warsaw, that has a lot of shops and restaurants catering to certain cuisines, such as French, Russian, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish delicatessens.

      Being close to the National Stadium, entrepreneurs sought to capitalise on a temporary flow of beer swilling holiday makers in the hope that they'd be craving fast food at the tournament. After months of cycling past this place I finally decided to give it a go, the promise of German style Currywurst eventually proving to be too much. Essentially just a hole in the wall with a couple of seats outside, there's no indoor seating and no toilet facilities. The kitchen is primarily made up of a fryer and a luke-warm griddle with some sausages rolling around on it.

      The rather obese man behind the counter, looked rather on the slobbish side and reminded me of the typical greasy spoon on wheels kind of character. Had the food not been ready in the first place, I would have struggled to call it fast food, his sloth like actions ensured he did not take his eyes off the television whilst serving me.

      The sausage was good and he even went to the trouble of cutting it in to smaller pieces for me, which is just as well because the small wooden fork soon turned into several splints of wood. Unfortunately 11zl for a single sausage, smothered in curry ketchup and sprinkled in curry powder is too much when the best lamb kebab in town is next door for 12zl. Also on the menu were beefburgers and Belgian style French Fries with mayo type sauces, at 15zl, the beefburger outprices the majority of competitors. For 22zl, you can get huge burgers with chips in several other places.

      The Wurst Kiosk stocks a range of soft drinks, in particular they seemed to be keen to push a large can of energy drinks, perhaps the chap behind the counter should have a taste of his own medicine and have some himself. With two tables outside and a small counter to lean on/order, they don't seem to be expecting too many customers and I'll be surprised if they are still open this time next year.

      During the Euros, they had screens outside but now the party is over, I struggle to see the attraction - although they do apparently sell some quite yummy German bottled beer. If there's one saviour, it's their interactive facebook page which shows info on the products they cook but I fear that with the current exchange rate, it's just not economical to sell German made sausages in Poland and to be able to compete with other fast food joints.

      5zl = 1GBP at the time of writing this article


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