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Chad Valley 70 Piece Complete Kitchen Set

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Brand: Chad Valley / Type: Kicthen play set - role play

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2011 19:01



      Small brightly coloured kitchen set, good for toddlers but not for 3+.

      A few years back my famiy gave my son and his cousin vouchers for christmas, so we thought why not put their money together and get something really good for there playhouse at Grandmas. Both boys under 2 loved playing with the kitchen at the local Mother and toddler group so we decided to get one that would fit there house.

      Origanally I think this was in argos at £25 for the set. Now the playhouse we had wasnt that big in the first place so we thought something small would be fine we started looking online, in catalogs and finally came across the kitchen set. so we went and bought it for them. The boys loved it but to be honest we were quite disappointed at the size, when we put it in there play house it looked like it should be in a dolls house. I thought the picture was a bit deceving in the size.

      Although the size wasn't great the boys still loved it anyway and got quite some use out of it. I think we even still have the kettle from the set. The set came with a Cooker, Washing machiene, Kettle and Toaster which all made sound as they tipped or used. There was also a tea set ( Plates, Knives, Forks ect.) which were made from plastic, I found that the knifes and forks bent easily when the boys used them. I wouldn't mind but if it is made for children it should be a bit more durable as we all know kids don't play gently. The set also came with plastic food which was nice, bulky and easy to pick up for those little fingers.
      There was also food made out of cardboard which didn't last very long, they just got crushed and ripped, they ended up going in the bin. I would make those pieces plastic also.
      The whole set was brightly coloured in all the prime colours, it was easily moved and easy to store in a cupboard or alike.

      I would also say that I think it is a good product for toddlers but not for any child 3+ as it is a basic kitchen set they might get board of it easily.

      I must say this is a bit of an inbetweener for me! I wouldn't recommend but glad the boys enjoyed it!


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      19.12.2010 16:30
      Very helpful



      A lovely kitchen set which has loads included

      For my twin sons 3rd birthday I went on the search for any role playing kitchen sets that I thought may be suitable, but any that were not going to be too expensive either.

      I soon came across the Chad Valley 70 piece complete Kitchen Set in the Argos catalogue which cost £32.99 at the time (Nov 2010) but can sometimes be on offer too.

      There is a picture of the set both in the catalogue and online so you can see just how bright and colourful the set is as well as what's included roughly.

      This complete kitchen set includes a washing machine, a kettle, toaster, a cooker, cutlery, cups, plates, plastic food, food boxes and other kitchen utensils. To me it looked brilliant and I only needed to buy one set for the twins as there was plenty within the set to keep them both occupied without causing any arguments.

      The set comes neatly packaged within a cardboard box which has the set pictured on it. Everything is kept in a see through plastic bag inside the box, all of them sealed and needed to be cut or ripped open.
      Every item, apart from the food boxes, are made of plastic. The washing machine and cooker are very realistic miniture versions of the real thing. They are bright yellow in colour with any buttons and doors in all the right places. Now these mini versions are not to be mistaken for a 'proper' kitchen set. These are very small versions of the real thing and are not even a childs height. The set is suitable for children aged 3 years plus and I'd agree due to all the parts that are included such as the cutlery. The oven and washing machine are small, but they work realisticly for a child too. The washing machine has buttons and a powder drawer which can be pulled out, it also has a spinning notch on the back which you turn to be able to turn the 'drum' of the washing machine inside. The cooker has an oven door which pulls down with a rack inside and a real looking 'hob' too. For both of these to seem even more like the real thing for a child they do need batteries. Altogether the set needs 6 x AA batteries and 3 x C batteries, but the Kettle needs some of these. Once the batteries are inside them the cooker's hob lights up and makes cooking sounds, the kettle makes the sound of water pouring which is perfect for my little tea makers and a washing machine which makes washing sounds and lights up too. All the sound effects make the role playing fun even more imaginative and realistic for a child which I think is brilliant.

      The size of the set overall means that it can be neatly stored away or put into a toy box easily too, instead of having a proper all in 1 kitchen which can't be tidied or put away.

      The toaster doesn't need any batteries but it does have a pop up feature to it the way a real toaster does. There is a button on the side which your child can push down resulting in the toast/bread (which is included) popping up.

      I've recently review chad valleys food set and the plastic food included in this kitchen set is exactly like that. Plastic pieces of food resembling the real thing, that can be easily wiped clean and make some wonderful meals lol! Some of the food includes bacon rashers, a fried egg, a whole chicken, sausages, burgers and sauce bottles. All of which can be easily recognised by a child too.

      The plates, cutlery and other kitchen utensils are all plastic, colourful and varying in colour from red and blue to grey and green. They are all quite durable too and I can see them lasting quite a while, despite my boys heavy hands. There are plenty of plates, cutlery pieces including knives, forks and spoons, cups and teapots as well as a frying pan and saucepan.

      Overall, in my opinion, the kitchen set is brilliant and great value for money. It has plenty included so more than one child can enjoy each aspect of the set whilst sharing or playing together. It is colourful and cheerful too and is very realistic making role playing all the more exciting for young children.

      For me the only 'bad' point about the set is the food boxes, each box is classed as one piece of the 70 piece set and they are thin and flimsy cardboard boxes which are either ripped or squashed within seconds which is a bit of a waste.


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