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Disney Belle Tea Cart

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2013 12:58
      Very helpful



      A great idea for a role playing toy but I've had issues with it.

      Thank you for adding this product Dooyoo.
      This review will have the usual beginning middle and ending. A amusing start with informative middle and not so happy ending.

      I got this Disney Belle tea cart with Mrs Potts tea set last year. Actually not for me but my daughter. It costs £30 from the Disney store which has been out of stock since before Christmas. I must say I'm very shocked to see it selling for £94.99 plus £8.00 delivery on Amazon they must be kidding me, this is made of plastic not gold.

      When it arrived it was flat packed in it's box complete with the tea set too. My daughter was so excited by seeing it all and was studying the pictures of the box and went and got her Fisher Price tea set ready to use with it too.
      (If you are currently eating you may wish to stop until you have finished laughing at the next part)
      We got it all out and gradually managed to build it together following the instructions as there were quite a few parts to it. The tea set once un wired from the packaging was easy and it only took about 15 minutes to sort the cart out. It all slotted together in to the relevant holes. Once the floor was cleared from rubbish my daughter happily proceeded to put the tea set onto it along with her Fisher price tea set. Now I don't really know much about Mrs potts which I believe is from Beauty and the beast so bare that in mind. My daughter holds up one of the cups and says "Mummy broken" and yes there was a small chunk out of the plastic cup, it wasn't sharp so thought it may have happened at the factory but I proceeded to then check all the floor and empty out the packaging to find the missing piece (laughing yet). I couldn't find it and she was happily playing with it all so I took the box to the computer to get their info off where I intended to email a complaint about the small chunk missing and ask for a replacement cup. Now you can only imagine how I felt when I looked at the box and suddenly it jumped out at me, the words Mrs Potts and CHIP teaset. Oh my word how stupid did I feel, it was meant to be like that, how I laughed.

      Ok carry on eating now lol. The actual tea set comprise of 4 cups and saucers which all have cute faces on them, a milk jug, sugar pot and talking mrs Potts teapot also with a face on and the open mouth acts as the speaker part for sounds. It is all solid plastic and withstands child abuse being thrown about dropping etc. Mrs Potts is a cute teapot however you cant open the lid. She says several phrases like "shall I pour" "at your service dear" "would you like a cup of tea dear, I'll warm it straight up" and makes a bubbling noise like tea being poured. To activate the sounds you just need to press down the button on top of the lid.

      The cart it self has 4 chunky wheels with pink flowers on them a fancy tray that fits on the top and a shelf underneath too. The plastic apart from the tray and shelf is coloured pink and lilac. The side parts are quite flimsy but once the cart is together it is ok, just more at risk of being broken if left apart or stood on for example. The detailed parts on the cart with gold patterns is actually glitter topped which does tend to leave glitter particles about the place.

      I daughter so enjoys playing with this and again making me have lots of invisible tea and more plastic cakes from the trolley. Now later on in the day she got this she shouts out "mummy broken" and when I looked around the bottom shelf part had fallen out which I struggled to rebuild as when pulled it apart a fraction to slot it back in other parts started to fall apart, eventually I'd sorted it out. Yes sorted it out for all of 10 minutes before it happened again and again and again. It then became a daily occurrence they she'd play with it and I'd spend lots of time on floor repairing it during the day. Now I have been in direct contact with Disney over this matter and they were happy to replace it but none were in stock and I haven't found anything in stock yet that i'd like to replace it with and actually considering super gluing it together. They assure me that there have been no other complaints about this product however I did find an online review saying about the same problem. Once that bottom shelf slips out the whole thing starts to fall apart.
      It is so annoying that my daughter loves playing with it so much yet I hate her playing with it knowing I'll be fixing it in another 5 minutes time. It is currently in pieces on her bedroom floor as the wkend was the last time i was going to repair it, even her Dad had a go and still didn't last more then 5 minutes. It's not like she is trying to push it up and down the stairs she is just pushing it about and the shelf only has couple bits on it so not making it too heavy.
      If this had been a £5-£10 product I wouldn't have bothered to complain but the fact it is worth £30 should be better quality.

      If you are considering one of these then buy at your own risk I may have one from a dodgy batch but be prepared that this could happen and take it straight back for a refund if this is the case. The tea set part of it is fine and can still be used whether the cart is functionally properly or not. Also remember that Chip is meant to be there else he wouldn't be called Chip ;-)


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