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Disney Princess Cleaning Set

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Manufacturer: Disney / Type: Children´s Role Play

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2012 22:08
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      Not a good buy

      My eldest daughter was interested in what I would think of as younger childrens characters for a long time and it was really only a few months ago we suddenly changed properly to Disney Princess and Hello Kitty characters. For her birthday she ended up with quite a few character items and one of which was this one, her godfather took her shopping to Toys r Us and came back with this which I was pretty impressed with since he is a 50 odd year old gay man with no experience of children some of his choices are sometimes a little out there!!

      Like I said this toy came from Toys r Us and it costs £19.99 which I originally thought was about the right price for a toy which is Disney Princess however since it has been played with I do not think it was worth the price he paid.

      The set comes in a hard plastic shaped casing so it is shaped around the pieces inside and is quite hard to get open, even once you have cut along the top with scissors as the plastic is so hard you need to cut down the packaging too so then you have to avoid cutting any of the actual toys and then the toys are stuck onto the plastic with sellotape too.

      The set comprises of a number of different cleaning items most of which have stickers on of the Disney Princess characters. You get a bucket where all the other items sit in and then there is a squirty bottle, a sponge, a duster, a dustpan and small brush and a long handled sweeping brush.

      The bucket is made of hard bright pink plastic, it is a pretty strange shape for a bucket as it is flat at the back and then curved on the front so if you look down on it it is a semi circle shape. The bucket has markings on it as if they are trying to make it look like wood detailing and has a pale pink thin handle on it. On the front of the bucket there is a sticker which has on it Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty and around it is the shape of an apple in the plastic which I am guessing is to signify Snow White. The bucket is strong and the handle swivels so it is pretty durable too as if it was fixed it would be more likely to get damaged in my opinion. Sophie doesn't really bother with the bucket however her younger sister Emily loves to carry the bucket around and put all sorts of her toys in it.

      The sponge which comes in the set is just a normal sponge inside by the feel of it and then it has a purple material cover on it which ha a sort of honeycomb pattern in it. There is nothing on the sponge to suggest it is Disney Princess, neither of the girls really bother playing with this part of the set.

      The duster is a long lilac plastic handle which has some swirling detail on it and then there are lots of small pieces of white fabric on a plastic rod, each piece is shaped like a flower and has a hole in the middle where they sit on the rod. Sophie again isn't really interested in pretending to clean with this or play with it at all however Emily seems to think this is a type of hair brush and so she wanders around brushing her hair with it.

      The dustpan and brush are a little strange in my opinion as the brush seems a little too big for the dustpan. The brush is bright pin plastic with hard white bristles standing out from half of the plastic length and the other half of the length is the handle. The dustpan is pale pink in colour and is very shallow so when you use the string brush bristles to brush into the dustpan anything you are brushing just jumps out of the pan as it isn't deep enough. The dustpan also has a sticker on to show it is Disney Princess, this one is of the same three characters again. Sophie likes to pretend she is sweeping up to help me and of course I praise her for helping, the brush is actually good enough to actually clean up it is just the dustpan that's not.

      The long handled brush seems to be the favourite part of this set with both my girls for different reasons. The brush has a long pale pink handle which has a bright pink end with a hole in like a normal sweeping brush usually does and then has a bright pink bit where the bristles comes from. These bristles are long like an old traditional sweeping brush and have a weave of thread running in and out of the bristles about a third of the way down to keep the bristles in place. Sophie likes to pretend she is sweeping up with this brush as well as the smaller one but as both me and Sophie have long hair I have found lots of long hairs are getting wound around the bristles. Emily likes to walk around pretending she is playing an instrument with the end of the handle in her mouth and her pressing pretend buttons down the length. The long handle isn't really very strong as it is hollow in the middle and has been bent so now has damage markings on it and I think if it was bent in the same place a few times the plastic would split and then become sharp.

      By far the worst of the set is the squirty bottle, it is a purple bottle shaped so that it is rounded at the bottom with it tapering up getting narrower up to the top. There is a sticker on the front of this showing Cinderella, Snow White and Belle and also shows the little mice from Cinderella. The lid for this is a white piece of plastic supposedly made to look like a squirt part of a bottle. The white top of the bottle does not fit in properly and I am constantly getting this thrown at me for me to put the top back on the bottle and of course the more it is taken on and off the looser it becomes. The damage has gone further now in the fact that the bottle has split down both sides and has ended up with edges which I don't want my children to cut themselves on so I have had to take this part of the set away. As far as I am aware this wasn't stood on or anything else which would cause the damage and is just because of putting the lid on and off all the time which if it fitted properly in the first place wouldn't have happened.

      This set is recommended for children who are aged 3 plus however apart from the damaged item I have no issues with my younger daughter playing with this as the pieces are all made of hard plastic and bristles so there us nothing really for her to hurt herself on. Sophie thinks it is great pretending she is helping me with the sweeping up but more form the praise she gets for helping I think than to actually play with the set. Emily also likes pretending to clean up but more to copy her sister than much else. The set is nicely coloured and of course it is Disney Princess which is going to appeal to most young girls however it is poorly made and not worth the money in my opinion, my daughter has only had this set for 2 months and it isn't something that is played with everyday so for two pieces to be damaged I think is pretty poor. I am only rating this 2 stars as I think it is not worth the money and the pieces when damaged become dangerous.


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