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ELC Cleaning Trolley

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Brand: ELC / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2014 11:17
      Very helpful




      We bought this for the boy for Christmas. It was a last minute present and it came about because one day when we picked him up from nursery they told us that they had a new cleaning set and he had spent the entire day playing with it and nothing else. The Mrs told me immediately that she had always wanted to buy him one as he liked to copy her whilst cleaning and so we ended up looking around for a decent cleaning trolley for him. When we bought this it was on offer luckily. Full price was £40 but we got it for £25. I don't think we would have bought it for £40 so it was a good job it was on offer.

      Set up

      When the boy opened this on Christmas Day he wanted us to set it up for him right away. This was a toy that needed constructing - don't they all?! It came in a large box but everything was separate and needed putting together for it to be ready to play with. I didn't need to follow any instructions as it was pretty straight forward. It slotted together fine but didn't feel very secure so I had a feeling that once the boy started pushing this around it would quite easily come apart again.

      The trolley

      This is a trolley and it's the modern one so different from the picture Dooyoo has given, it's a more modern version. It has a shelf in front of the handle which is an ideal size for the little plastic bottle of squirty spray to go on. Beneath this shelf on the frame of the trolley is another section ideal for the bucket that goes with it. The frame of the trolley at the top as two hooks which the dustpan and brush fit on. There are holes at the top of the frame and through these you slot the brush and the mop. Underneath the frame in a rounded section is the place for the vacuum cleaner. The tool from this hoops round and hooks into two clips at the top although this is actually really difficult to do. It has wheels and a handle so you can push it along. The boy is a small 2.5 year old but it's a good height for him, his sister, a normal sized 5 year old has to bend a bit to push it. The trolley is bright, it's pale blue and red. At the end of the top shelf is a loop which looks a bit like a handle and I think this is for you to drape a cloth over. It didn't come with a cleaning cloth though, perhaps this was missed out of ours or maybe you are supposed to supply your own, I'm not sure, it would have been good to get one though else how are you supposed to dust or wipe down surfaces?! The trolley itself has just two wheels at the back so when you push it you have to put a little bit of weight on it for it to move otherwise it scuffs across the floor.


      The accessories that come with this trolley include a blue plastic bucket with a handle. This handle can be detached and it does this often. The boy will just be playing with it and hold it in a certain way and the handle comes off. This is a little frustrating. You get a plastic cleaning bottle which is yellow and designed to look like one of those with a lever underneath it. This lever, however, doesn't move which upsets the boy, he keeps trying to squeeze it but obviously it won't move and sometimes I worry he'll try too much and it'll end up snapping. Seems a shame they didn't make it a proper lever. You get a mop which has a yellow pole and white felt for the 'mop' section. This is good and a good height for children to hold and pretend to mop with. You also get a brush which is the same height as the mop and has a good set of bristles so it can actually sweep things properly. The boy loves this! You then have a dust pan and brush set which is fairly flimsy but the boy will play with it and doesn't seem to mind! Finally you get the best bit- the vacuum! This is one which is pulled along rather than pushed along. The boy likes to walk with this around the house trying to hoover up. It has little balls inside it so that when you switch it to on it makes a whirring sound and the balls move around which make it look a bit more exciting. The whirring sound can get a bit annoying, if it's left on it's just at that low grade hum that gradually gets into your consciousness and you wonder what it is! The problem with the hoover? The attachment keeps falling off! Even when the boy isn't being heavy handed the end part- the hoover bit which he NEEDS- just falls off and he has to come running to me to put it back on. We are contemplating putting sellotape around it just to stop this happening so his play isn't hindered constantly.

      It's falling apart!

      This cleaning trolley does not stay together. I can almost forgive the end of the vacuum for falling off and at least if we attached Sellotape to it it would stop it from doing so but the actual structure of the trolley doesn't stay together. If you pick it up by the handle- which I quite frequently want to do when putting it away- the frame comes apart and it all comes away! If you push it too fast then it looks like bits start to lift up so it won't slot back together without an adult to help. The actual area where you put the hose from the hoover is really tight and even I can't get the hose to snap in sometimes let alone the kids! The handle from the bucket keeps coming off too so that again needs me to assist. This is not what you expect from a toy aimed at young children. Surely the first thing you think of is quality and for it to be sturdy? Surely?

      The boy's opinion

      So it looks like I'm a bit frustrated with the design but what does the boy think? We did buy this for him after all. Well he loves the vacuum part. Whenever Mrs B gets the Dyson out to hoover he likes to bring his vacuum along, turn it on and put on his serious face as he vacuums beside her. This is really cute to watch. He does love his hoover despite the fact the end bit keeps coming off! Aside from that he doesn't really play with other parts of it apart from pushing the trolley along, until it collapses that is! At first he played with it all but now we're a few months in it doesn't get much attention at all now. We should have just bought him a hoover and a dustpan and brush from the pound shop or something! I think if the nozzle on the bottle would have been a proper spray action then he would have played with that a bit more. Even though the trolley is a bit odd with just wheels at the back and not the front, the boy is able to push it, he has got the hang of putting a bit of weight onto the handle to get it to tip up a little so it pushes easily. I was surprised by this and thought he may struggle but he got the hang of this really quickly, luckily!


      A quick look at the website and this toy tells me it's suitable for children 3 years plus. With that in mind I wonder why they went for such a height that it would be a little bit too low down for an average three year old seeing as it is the perfect height for the boy who is in size 9-12 month clothes! So the very concept of this seems flawed from the off. I think the main thing that has disappointed me with this is that it is obviously an 'upgraded version' seeing as there was a previous design so this one should be better but there are still so many niggles with it. I had hoped that the boy would have loved this as much as he loves the one he has at nursery but it really hasn't held his attention for long. He is a very active 2.5 year old who does struggle to find things to hold his attention but many of his toys do so it is possible! It was lovely to see his face light up when he first opened this and he clearly loves the vacuum but the whole of this toy has so many niggles that it hinders his enjoyment that he can get with it so I'm not surprised that he doesn't play with it as often as I initially thought he did. I am very relieved that we bought this when it was on sale, it's a ridiculous amount to pay otherwise for a toy that quite literally falls apart when either an adult or a child plays with it! Just lifting it up is enough to make the frame pull away. I don't know how many 3 year olds are very delicate and light handed but perhaps some are and this is aimed at them rather than your average toddler! I think the vacuum part is the boy's favourite and he will play with that for quite some time even when the end part does fall off, he likes to imitate the noise and that's cute. He tends to use the bucket for collecting his toys rather than pretending it's a mop bucket or something but then the handle falls off and everything tips out and he cries so it's not really a good toy! I don't understand why the trolley only has the two back wheels, it would be far better with four wheels so that the pushing system is easier, again it seems like another flaw that this product has. This is not the worst toy we've bought from ELC, the worst was definitely the supermarket which saw us spend £60 but this is a close second. I really would expect better from such a well known brand which has been around for so long. There is nothing worse than looking forward to seeing your little one enjoy a toy and then realise it just doesn't do the job you thought it would. Thank goodness it wasn't full price when we bought it. I'd recommend looking elsewhere if you want a cleaning trolley or just buy a few bits separately as I'm sure it would work out cheaper and better.


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    • Product Details

      Sturdy trolley for your little helper to enjoy pushing around.With broom, mop, bucket, dustpan and brush, sponge, cloth, play cleaning spray, washing powder, spray polish and soap.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts Age range: From 3 years.

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