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ELC ELC Bag For Life

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2 Reviews

Brand: ELC / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2012 17:11
      Very helpful



      Great looking play food items from ELC.

      ~*~*~ ELC Bag For Life ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a brilliant role play item from ELC (Early Learning Centre). It is a real bag that contains 16 pieces of realistic food items.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      This is available from ELC shops and online at www.elc.co.uk. It is also available from Amazon and costs £10.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      I bought this for my sons birthday a couple of years ago, we had a Mcdonalds Drive Thru, so rather than go and get him a play kitchen or shop we decided that we would find a nice cash register and some play food item.

      As I usually do and have done for a while now my first port of call was to look online to see what was about, and it was whilst looking online that I came across this Bag For Life from the ELC. I was due to visit Cardiff shortly so rather than order this online I waited until I got to the store but it wasn't in stock, so I crossed my fingers and toes and hoped that by ordering online it would come in time for my sons birthday. Which I am pleased to say it did.

      I was attracted to it as I thought it looked so cute, Bags For Life have been becoming ever more popular and this just seemed a really bang on trend toy. I also liked that the food pieces looked nice and realistic.

      ~ Overall ~

      The first thing I have to mention is how well made the bag is. It is more strudy and strong than some of the supermarket bags. It has a nice natural look to it and the handles are firmly stitched into place.
      The bag isn't as large as the usual shoppers but you could actually get away with using it!

      Inside the bag there is 16 pieces of realistic looking play food items, these items are -
      1 x apple, 1 x orange, 1 x pear, 1 x strawberry, 1 x banana, 1 x half a kiwi, 1 x corn on the cob, 1 x carrot, 1 x cauliflower floret, 1 x brocolil floret, 1 x green pepper, 1 x onion, 1 x lettuce leaf, 1 x bread roll, 1 x croissant, 1 x potato.

      I have to say I am impressed with the quality of these items. In the past I have bought cheaper play foods and the quality has left a lot to be imagined but these are really well made. They are made from plastic which I find handy as they are easy to keep clean with a quick wipe over.
      The items look really good, the strawberry for example has the realistic dimples and the cauliflower has the green leafy bit on the underneath.
      I was impressed!

      Now, I am not sure why play foods always contain a strange amount of items. In real life I wouldn't go and buy one strawberry, half a kewi fruit or one lettuce leaf but my son hasn't questioned this and just happily plays along charging me the earth for a lettuce leaf!

      My son isn't as keen on this now as he once was but my youngest loves to have a rummage through the bag, pulling the food in and out, pretending to take a bite and saying nummy (his word for yummy!)

      I have found these to be a good buy, they have lasted well despite having been used a lot over the couple of years we have owned them. I haven't felt the need to replace them which shows a sign of good quality.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      25.11.2012 12:11
      Very helpful



      ELC bag for life

      Over the last couple of years, bags for life have become very popular. The thought behind them is that you buy one of these fabric bags and then reuse it again and again when you go shopping or go out and so cut down on the amount of plastic bags you use and we use as a nation. Just about every shop, grocery store, boutique etc has a version of their bag for life and when I saw this cute Early Learning Centre one I knew I just had to get one for my little girl. We've had this for about two years now and I have an adorable photo of her with it if anyone cares to see.

      If you have read some of my previous reviews you will know that I love play fruit and we have almost as much as a real grocery store here to play with. I must admit I do prefer wooden fruit but this bag comes with plastic fruit which is still nice and really fun to play with.

      The bag contains 1 x apple, 1 x orange, 1 x pear, 1 x strawberry, 1 x banana, 1 x half a kiwi, 1 x corn on the cob, 1 x carrot, 1 x cauliflower floret, 1 x broccoli floret, 1 x green pepper, 1 x onion, 1 x lettuce leaf, 1 x bread roll, 1 x croissant, 1 x potato.

      The bag is actually really good quality, well made and the handles are stitched on well. It is made of a calico fabric and has that raw earthy bag look about it. I would say that this bag wouldn't look amiss as use as a real BAg For Life, ie carrying it to the shops to put your bits and pieces in. Its not amazingly big, its not a shopper, its more of a little bag like the size of a Bloomingdales small bag but we manage to get all the fruit that it came with in it. Most of the time though this bag will hold a baby doll, a bottle of milk, some sweets, some paper, crayons, etc, anything that my little girl decided to put it in. It has held up really well and I am impressed. On the front of the bag is the ELC emblem and the words Bag for Life written across it much like other bags of this sort have written on them too.

      The fruit and veg, although plastic is quite realistic looking and pretty good for plastic fruit and veg. I find some plastic items doesn't look anything like what it is but this fruit/veg is good. For example the strawberry has little dimples in it like the seeds of a real strawberry and the orange has a little green stalk on the end of it, a nice touch in my opinion. The fruit and veg is all about the same size as the real thing and so this makes it even better in my opinion.

      We love playing with this fruit and veg and bag. There are so many role playing opportunities and at the moment we are having a lot of tea parties with food from this bag. We can incorporate lots of different food items we have and my little girl often uses this bag when she goes to the pretend shop to buy us chocolate, it's very cute. The Early Learning Centre recommend this from age two but I think its well worth incorporating this bag into your play before that age so they can get used to the different fruits and vegetables and get to learn them and recognise them.

      The bag costs £10 and is available from The Early Learning Centre.


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  • Product Details

    A calico bag with a selection of 20 pieces of healthy fruit, vegetables and bread play foods.Includes:apple, orange, pear, strawberry, 2 bananashalf a kiwi fruit, slice of cantaloupe meloncorn on the cobcarrotcauliflower floret, broccoli floret, lettuce leafgreen pepper, onionpotatobread roll, croissant, bagel, slice of French bread Age range: From 2 years.

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