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ELC Nurse's Medical Case

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Brand: ELC / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2013 23:05
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      I would shop around first before settling on this one

      When I was younger I used to have one of these medical cases as did my husband and when we had our daughter, we wanted to get her one as well. She really loved imaginative play and when I found this on offer in a branch of ELC that was closing down, I decided to buy it for her. She got this for Christmas when she was 2 and a half.

      ---About this product:
      In some ways, this product has not changed since I was young, except the quality seems to have deteriorated! The red case looks the same with the cross on the front, and there is a similar array of implements inside for her to play with. They all come originally inside plastic which is moulded to the internal shape of the case. They can easily be removed from this and then kept in the case for further play. The inside of the case is decorated to look like shelves with a plethora of bottles, jars and pots on them. The case contains: a stethoscope, glasses, name badge, thermometer, reflex hammer, medicine jar, syringe, magic writing board and stylus, tweezers, scissors, forceps, bandage, and a plaster.

      ---Our experiences:
      I have to admit that I was disappointed with this product. My daughter has enjoyed the overall product but I have a lot of niggles about the quality of individual parts when compared with the price.
      Stethoscope - This is actually a pretty good part of the set. It is well made and resembles the implement it is supposed to be. My daughter has really enjoyed playing with this and having seen them in use at the doctors, knows what to do with one.
      Glasses - These are useless! They fall apart really easily and although they can be put back together, my daughter can't fix them herself and they fall apart every time she tries to put them on.
      Name Badge - This is obviously trying to be safety conscious as it has no pin and just clips over the top of a pocket or collar of clothing. That renders it quite useless for my daughter as she has no pockets on her clothes and her collars are generally too high for this so it doesn't get used.
      Thermometer - This doesn't resemble any thermometers I own as it is cylindrical and has a band around it which can be moved up and down to suggest a temperature. My daughter plays with this one as well although had to be told what it was before she could play with it.
      Reflex hammer - My daughter has no idea what this is but likes to use it as cream to put on a patient. This is quite solidly built and takes a lot of roughness from my daughter as she does sometimes use it as a hammer as well...
      Medicine Jar - Nice pot which my daughter still struggles to open at nearly 4, but she does like to use it in her play.
      Syringe - I don't like this as the internal bit comes right out so can easily get lost from the outer part and there is no pressure against it when pushing down so is not very like a syringe. We did use it though to take to the doctors for my daughter's boosters and she gave her giraffe injections when she had hers.
      Magic writing board and stylus - This would be a nice addition to the set if the stylus actually stayed attached to the board somehow! We have already lost the original stylus as it just slipped off the board whenever it was picked up and I have since replaced it with a DS stylus.
      Plaster - This is a large semi-circular piece of stiff plastic and I am not sure what part of a child it is designed to fit around. It is too big for a finger but may be too small for a wrist. It is probably best used on cuddly toys instead!
      Bandage - this is a solid plastic enclosure designed to look like a wound bandage and fits nicely on a finger or thumb. We enjoy using this one a lot as my husband often has DIY accidents so my daughter goes to fetch the bandage for him!
      Tweezers, scissors and forceps - I don't think my daughter has much concept about the difference between most of these and generally uses them instead to play at hairdressers. She does occasionally suggest as well we should cut peoples' limbs off when they complain at the 'doctors' that they are hurting...

      ---And Finally:
      My daughter has had a lot of play out of this case and, despite my reservations and niggles, it has provided hours of fun. She obviously doesn't share my concerns about it; she just enjoys the imaginative play value that comes with it. She enjoys the fact it can be carried around and is spacious enough to add other items to when she finds other random surgical play things on magazines etc. £16 seemed expensive when I bought it and for a few selected bits of plastic; but the times it has been played with mean that I can begrudgingly accept it was worth it. It states it is not suitable for under 3 years, but like a lot of children's toys, it is probably suitable for under if well supervised. I would recommend getting a doctors set for any child to play with, but I would consider looking at other options before settling with this one.


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    • Product Details

      Nurse's medical case includes stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, reflex hammer, medicine jar, tweezers, scissors, forceps, bandage, plaster, glasses, doctor's badge and a magic writing board and stylus.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts Age range: 3 - 6 years.

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