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Brand: ELC / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    3 Reviews
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      14.11.2013 09:08
      Very helpful



      ELC play money

      My daughter has got to that stage where she loves to count and work out money and what things cost etc so we thought it would be a helpful idea to get a set of play money to play with, after all, I don't want her getting her hands on my money!! I think it's great for her curiosity and learning about numbers and also for her to start learning about money and that things cost and that you have to pay for them yourself.

      We have a really cool shop and a cash register at home that we have set up in her playhouse and she and her brother love to play shop and sell us things with this "real" money as she likes to call it. It's been a really nice addition to the shop as it adds another little aspect to the play and takes the fun to another level.

      This was one of the reasons why I decided to buy this particular set as it does look quite like the real thing and not as cheap and plastic as some play money can be. The set consists of English money and Euro money as well which I think is a nice touch as we often holiday in European so its nice for her to learn that different countries have different monetary values too.

      There is paper money which although doesn't look real as it has little toy lions printed on it, it is about the right size and looks like paper money. When we first got it is was quite pristine, much like when you get a new bank note out of the cash machine but now, after we have layer with it for a few months it's a bit rumpled and creased and looks a bit more like money. I have to say thought that the Euros actually look more like Euros than the pounds too but this may be due to the fact that all foreign money looks like play money in a way as it's not something you're used to. The Euro numbers do look fairly authentic though.

      The credit card is great as it is made to look just like an American Express card although it says ELC express on it instead. It's fairly thin plastic but has withheld lots of heavy play and trying to put it into the hole on the cash register where the card is meant to go.

      The coin money is a bit plasticy but again the Euros definitely look a lot more real than the English money does. I like though that they have made the proper shapes so the 50's and 20's have lots of sides etc. The money is quite light and is scattered all over our house but they do find it very fun to give us change from our purchases.

      The exact denominations are as follows:


      Coins: 2 x £2.00, 6 x £1.00, 3 x 50p, 6 x 20p, 5 x 10p, 6 x 5p, 6 x 2p, 5 x 1p.

      Notes: 3 x £50.00, 3 x £10.00, 3 x £5.00.


      Coins: 3 x 2 euro, 3 x 1 euro, 4 x 50 cents, 4 x 20 cents, 4 x10 cents, 4 x 5 cents, 4 x 2 cents, 4 x 1 cents.

      Notes: 3 x 500, 2 x 200, 2 x 100, 2 x 50, 2 x 20, 2 x 10, 2 x 5.

      All in all, a great set for learning and fun and perfect if you have a cash register or shop toy in your house.


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      21.01.2013 16:24
      Very helpful
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      Worth buying for children to understand maths and use in role play.

      An important item within most role play is money and it can help children of all ages with maths. The notes and coins are really useful for children during this kind of play and will last a long time as children will vary the uses to meet their needs as they get older.

      The notes and coins are in both Sterling and Euros and are similar to real money in look and size but not the same. It contains an assortment of all UK / Euro coins and notes (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 coin, £2 coin, £5, £10, £20 and £50) Unfortunately in Guernsey, where I live, we have our own notes and coins one of which is a £1 note. As UK no longer has these the children cannot see these as a note and have to use a coin instead. A cheque book and credit card is also included.

      The play money can be used to help children learn and develop in the areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage):

      Physical Development:
      Young children will use fine manipulative skills to pick up the small notes and coins.

      Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
      With the simplicity of the toy children will come up with endless rules and activities which they will share with their friends and gain social skills.

      Communication and Language:
      Children will listen to other ideas from children and make their own discussions to do with their play. Often using money in a shop prompts one child to list what they need and the other to make a ridiculously high price as they don't understand the value of the money.

      Children will learn to recognize what the words and numbers are on the notes and coins.

      Children may learn to recognise the notes and coins by shape as they get older just like you and I do. They can also use it to learn adding up and making the correct amount of change for the price of items.

      Expressive Art and Design:
      Children will act as others as they use the money through role play whether they are a shop, cafe, hotel, vets, the list is endless.

      Understanding the World:
      Children could be taught that not all money is the same and that different countries have different currencies as all places are different. They may also learn that not everyone has lots of money and that money isn't bought like this play money, we do have to work for it.

      The children regularly use the money as part of their role play especially in the role play shop.


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        01.12.2012 18:12
        Very helpful



        A great little set

        I'm sure just about all of us have played with play money at some point either when we were children ourselves or even with our own children/nieces or nephews/grandchildren etc.

        Play money is exactly what it says on the tin - money for playing with! This particular set from ELC seems to be the most popular and in all honesty I'm not sure if I've ever actually seen play money in high street stores other than ELC but I'm sure that it is available in other toy stores.

        The play money set contains a selection of 'money' which is designed to be like real money. The money can then be used to provide currency in games eg. playing shops, cinemas, post offices, vets, anything really! I had a set when I was younger, my niece of course had a set too and I have always seen these in schools and nursery settings also.

        The set has changed slightly over the years and when I was little it just had 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £5, £10, £20 and £50 (a selection of all) whilst my niece had the set with the cheque book and the debit card and of course the addition of the £2 coin. It also has Euro coins and notes. This version is the one that ELC still stock today and it is priced at just £4.00. However, it is currently out of stock on the website but I am sure that most people have an ELC nearby if it is something you think someone you know would like.

        Play money has a number of uses both in the home and educational settings. Aswell as being a useful addition to role playing games where the exchange of money is required it is also an excellent maths resource. Of course, learning to count is an essential part of a childs education as it is something that everybody will need at some point. Money is something that we all have to count and deal with pretty much every day so therefore it is essential to help children to grasp the concept of money and what is what from an early age therefore making it easier to deal with later in life.

        With my niece we tended to just use the sterling currency simply because otherwise she did find it quite confusing however she was quite young at this point. The dual currency would be an absolutely fantastic aspect if you were holidaying in Europe or maybe had family (or you, yourselves) are in Ireland and I do like the fact that you get both, after all the set is only £4.00 so you really cant complain!

        There are a good amount of each coin and note and as with most small toys it is more than likely that a few of these will get lost over time or notes maybe even torn. This is not too much of a problem because there are plenty more and never have we found ourselves needing more of one particular coin. However, if these are used in an educational setting where a coin is needed for each child or pair of children then multiple packs may need to be purchased.

        The coins are good, they dont look much like our real money but of course they cannot be too realistic, they certainly can be recognised for what they are supposed to be and all coins have the name written on both numerically and with letters which helps the childs development and understanding. They are roughly the same size as the real coins and they are all the same shape and roughly the same colour which makes it very easy for children to make connections between their money and real money. The notes are made of a thick type of paper which is of a high quality. Again, these dont look realistic but they do have a gorgeous lion on as the king which personally I like as I am a fan of lions! The cheque book again is of a similar quality and is certainly a welcome addition that can be used for those larger purchases. The debit card is made from cardboard. If your child has a tendency to chew on things this could pose a problem and personally I think a plastic card would be better but the card is designed to work with the ELC cash register and others on the market so maybe a plastic variety wouldnt have fitted through the swipe slot, it is a very minor issue anyway.

        Children can either use these coins on their own, with friends/siblings or with you as a parent or guardian. The coins have a fantastic longevity because pretty much every situation they will be used in will be different so the scenarios never get boring. When children are young then these can be used simply as counters eg. 'one banana is 4 coins' and then of course this can be developed further as the child progresses, starting with easy equations eg. 'one banana is 10p, and an apple is 5p, how much do I need?' and then of course progressing with your child to much more difficult scenarios eg. 'I have bought one banana (10p), some sugar (£1.10), a carton of milk (89p), bread (£1.35) and some cat food (83p), If I pay with a £10 note how much change do I need?'

        I have found that children love playing with this money and I too used to when I was younger because it gives a realistic aspect to the games and allows you to learn a little more about the coins that your parents use in the shops etc. My Mum used to often play shops with me when I was little and whilst I thought it was great fun I now know that she also enjoyed it when I said 'lets play shops!!!' because she knew I was also learning something along the way.

        Maths is something that my niece has struggled with since she began school and therefore games with this play money can really help her progress, of course the difficulty of problems or games that we present her with can change with time depending on how much further she has progressed. For example when she was around 5 we may have asked her to make up 6p with the coins, when she was 8 maybe to work out our change from £1 etc.

        The coins, notes, chequebook and debit card are all of a great quality. Naturally, as the coins are made from a much longer lasting product (plastic) than the rest these do stay in better condition for longer but all of the set does remain in good condition and useable for years and years providing it is looked after.

        For £4.00 I think you are getting a real bargain with this play money because it has so much play value but also educational value too. It can be used time and time again for a number of different purposes and the play money always seems very popular amongst children. It is well made and looks good and there is plenty of each denomination allowing all sorts of games to be played. I would definitely recommend this play money but please note that it is not suitable for under 3's because of small parts and this toy would probably be better as a supervised toy initially just to ensure that no coins find their way into your little ones mouth.


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    • Product Details

      Includes credit card, cheque book, Sterling notes, Euro notes, Sterling coins and Euro coins.Ideal for use with our Cash Register & Scanner for hours of pretend shopping fun.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts Age range: From 3 years.

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