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Brand: ELC / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2013 03:28
      Very helpful



      A nice little kit for budding vets.

      My cats have only got to hear the click of the silver metal clasp on this little plastic case, and they vacate the room. Pretty sharpish. They have learned the hard way that if they stick around, they will be subjected to all manner of annoyances involving plastic instruments and poky things.

      This is a Vets set from the Early Learning Centre. My daughter loves animals (try convincing the cats of that when she is playing with this kit), and was thrilled to receive this item as a gift. Knowing that she could now tend her 76 million soft toys when they were ailing filled her with joy.

      This kit comes with a lot of paraphernalia, and indeed manages to include most of what you would need in the day to day life of a Vet (bar an enema and scalpel, which are not advised for nearly 4 year old children).


      The exciting stuff is trapped inside the blue plastic case. I say trapped, because some of the bits were very difficult to remove. The instruments lay in a thin clear plastic tray insert which holds them tightly. After levering these out we surveyed the chaos. All of the "tools" of the trade are made of plastic which makes them un-ecological but easy to clean.

      My daughter has a Dr's set which is similar (apart from the tin of pet food of course), so she has ended up with some duplicates. The solid items such as the bowl and medicine pot are strong and well made but the stethoscope leaves a lot to be desired, as it is flimsy and the tube connecting the parts together falls off at regular intervals. This could be very dangerous when you are attempting to listen to the heart beat of a particularly angry crocodile, so we ended up having to put a small blob of glue on the pipe to ensure the safety of my daughter and welfare of said tetrapod.


      You get a load of plastic tat in a case basically, but to an animal loving child, this tat is precious and will provide hours of imaginative play.

      * Stethoscope - As I stated above, this was on the wonk from day one so we glued the tube securely. It has behaved since but is temperamental when we come to try to fit it back in the case.

      * Medicine/pill pot- A good sturdy little pot with a red clip lid and a blue cross on the front. Very useful for storing grapes inside it, which are then forgotten about for 5 days. Yuk.

      * Pet food- A plastic "tin" of pet food... the crocodile did not like this but it went down well with the Zhu Zhu hamsters.

      * Pet shampoo - A hollow plastic bottle that despite being trodden on more times than I can count, has retained its shape and label.

      * A blue hard plastic bowl with three compartments. Can be used for food or for washing an injury. My daughter prefers to fill it with playdoh poo and pretend it is a litter tray...

      * A pair of plastic scissors which could not cut open a paper bag. Apparently good for removing invisible bandages.

      * A brush- this has managed to withstand all manner of treatment including raking sand, raking the garden and attempts to brush the dogs.

      * An otoscope- allows you to look inside the ears of crabby crocodiles or mangy puppies. This is the tool that my daughter has tried to use on the cats too often.

      * A big fat syringe (sans needle) which would not look out of place in the film Trainspotting. This has been shoved in nearly every toy she owns at some point, and it has measurements printed on the side. The plunger bit works too.

      Inside the lid you will find a sticker which features a pen, a cat and dog, and a chart which serves a a check list for the "Vet", listing strong teeth, glossy coat etc.

      The case itself is sturdy and also functions as a step enabling children to reach the chocolate cupboard... Despite this, it has not dented at all. The handle has metal ends and a soft covering for grubby little hands, and the clasp is metal too. The case shuts well and has never fallen open, which is just as well as it would take ages to pick up all the rubbish inside!


      Me: Some of the contents are cheap and poorly made. The solid parts seems to be sturdy and the case is excellent. The kit contains enough in it to engage a child for a long time, and my daughter keeps coming back to play with it. Educational and entertaining.

      Mini-witch: "Where did the cat go?"

      All in all this is a great toy for young kids who are interested in animals or role play. You can use it as a learning tool with the child or just allow the child to get on with it. Either way, I consider it to be a good buy.

      The kit is available in pink and blue (gender stereotyping anyone?) and is suitable from 3 years upwards.

      Available on Amazon from £14.50:



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    • Product Details

      This vet case is packed with equipment and medicines, ideal for tending to poorly toys, be they teddies or tigers / Age range: From 3 years.

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