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Fisher Price Go Diego Go Diego's Talking Rescue Centre

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2009 20:32
      Very helpful



      Loved by my son but some niggles for me

      I bought my son the go Diego Rescue centre from a second-hand toy shop for the bargain price of £7.50

      My son loves the TV show which is shown on Nickelodeon, Go Diego Go, which centres on rescuing animals.

      When I got it home it was bagged and had quite a few parts which I had no idea where they went and I actually thought that there were extra parts in that did not belong to the rescue centre and so searched online for a few images and found it for sale at toys r us. It states on the website that it is on offer from £44.99 reduced to £29.99.

      What is included?

      It includes a Diego figure ,the rescue station which has a viewing deck, a computer which has audible instructions and sounds in Diego's voice. It has a desk, a telescope feeding bowl for the jaguar and her baby. A monkey, snake and parrot. The rescue centre is on legs and has a path which has an orange all terrain vehicle which Diego neatly fits into. On top of the rescue centre is a helicopter which rotates when pressing a leaver on top of the building and plays the theme tune to the show. The helicopter has a cradle that hangs to carry sick and injured animals. It can also be removed for independent play.

      There is also a zip wire that Diego can be attached to the starts at the top of the rescue centre then drops down to the cave where the snake lives. Diego and the animals can also get down using the elevator

      Our experience

      After looking at the illustrations I did discover how much more there was to do on this than I ever imagined.

      I have to say had this been boxed and with instructions I am sure it would have been simple to work out. It isn't complicated just has many parts to it.

      My son loved it from the second we started to build it and in one way the lack of pictures added to the excitement as we discovered different activities throughout the first afternoon of play.

      My son initially played actually in the centre getting Diego to look out of the window have a look through the telescope and pushing the computer to initiate Diego's voice. We both didn't know what the feeding bowl was for as it seemed to look more like a toilet than a feeding bowl.

      We worked out how to attach the helicopter and sat Diego in but it wasn't till hours later that I actually realised that if we pressed down the top of the tree branch it activated the helicopter to spin while playing theme tune so this added to my sons delight. The crate has been used to carry all sorts of things including the monkey, jaguar and some chocolate buttons.

      He initially had no interest in the vehicle and to be honest it isn't his favourite part of this toy .The track does go around the bottom of the centre and you get to drive through a leafy arch. I can count on one hand then amount of times he has played with this section which is not something I can do with all the other parts.

      The zip slide while one of my son's favourite parts is also the most ineffective. It does fit into the top of the cave securely but it doesn't seem to stay in the roof so have resorted to taping it in place each time he wants to play with the slide other. There is a harness which Diego fits in to slide down however my two year old needs assistance with this. IT is great for imagination as he will pretend that Diego has to either rescue the snake or is scared of the snake and run away.

      Diego does go up and down in the elevated floor but this is quite stiff and as the legs aren't secure it tends to come apart when my son tries to use it; this is the most disappointing part of the toy

      The centre itself is quite sturdy but my only other real complaint is that the legs are held in place by pins but they don't tend to be very secure and each time my son moves the rescue centre I usually have to rebuild it.

      This product has a suggested age of two years plus and I think that does tend to be appropriate although there are times when your little one will need assistance and won't manage to play with all sections independently.

      We have owned this toy for about six months and it has been played with frequently but my son and my next door neighbour's three year old daughter.

      It does take three AA batteries which aren't included but the one I bought had batteries included and these have not run out in the six month I have owned it so pretty energy efficient

      Go Diego does tend to be targeted at boys but is in my experience loved by both girls and boys.

      I know my son would recommend this toy but I do feel divided. On the one hand it is great for imaginary role play but there are aspects of this building which make it not functional.


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