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Ladybird Vanity Table

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Brand: Lady bird

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2012 20:38
      Very helpful



      A really poor product

      We were looking around for dressing tables for my little girl as she loves sitting copying mummy in the mirror and always asks where her dressing table is. As she is only young we did not want anything to grown up just a toy for her to play with and be a big girl like she wanted to be.

      What is it?

      It is made of plastic that is very durable and it comes in a bright red colour which is my daughter's favourite. It comes in a few pieces so it does need assembly but nothing too major a few clicks here and there and it is all ready to go. There is the main frame of the dressing table which of course has a small platform to sit all her play toys on.

      On the back piece of the table is where the stickers are on the table these imitate the mirror and lights around the mirror for little one to look into. Obviously these are not made of real glass but with reflective surface so it is slightly possible for little one to see a reflection but it is very blurred and disfigured and this confused my daughter a little.

      There are also 2 small grooves in the top of the table that allow the products to sit in but as the top of the table to act as dishes this leaves little level surface as the table is so small this means you have to lay the accessories on top rather than stand them up as only 1 can stand in each dish and as there are multiple accessories you have to lay them down for them to sit steady.

      There is a tray that sits underneath the main platform of the table for little ne to store their accessories when they are not using them which is very handy as it keeps them all safe and in one place.

      How well does it last?

      Well not very long to be honest although she does still use it now it mainly sits in her bedroom in the corner as there are very any negatives with this toy rather than positives. It is very cheap to buy but seems shockingly made if you move the table which my daughter tries to on occasions it falls apart.
      If it is sat in one place it is fine you can sit the accessories on and off and all seems ok but I'm afraid all of my young children like to relocate there toys a number of times and although this is small and light enough for her to do so without it hurting her it does mean it needs put together often.
      It is recommended from 3 years plus yet my daughter received it when she was 2 and the table is that small she towered over it.


      My first negative is it looks cheap I understand at just £20 we were not going to get anything overly well made but this really does just look like cheap tatty plastic. It functions well and my daughter is over the moon with it but this looks like it will fall apart at any second and although it never has and it has stood the test of time it is still rather disappointing.

      Second there is no chair provided with this although it does not say I the description there is we wrongly assumed there would be something for little one to sit on while using the table. Even if there was a stool with the size of the table itself they would probably be higher than the actual toy s it would be useless anyway.
      Third is as above the size of the table as my daughter was only 2 when she received this we were a little worried she may be too small for it but actually it was the opposite when we built it we found she towered over it and has to sit on her knees to be able to look into the pretend mirror.


      Sadly this spot is usually reserved for the negatives of a product but as there only seems to be 1 positive on this rare occasion it will be used for positives. With the table you receive a range of accessories to put on the dressing table. These include hair dryer, water spray, comb and brush set, beads, a perfume bottle, lotion bottle and lipstick.

      These are all made of plastic and very well made and overall are the best features of this table. My daughter has actually moved most of them to her play hand bag now and loves strutting about wearing the beads and pretending to put perfume on. The brush and comb have been adapted to her dollies and they actually work very well at brushing their hair although they would not do anything for my daughters.

      Our opinion

      Over all I would not recommend this product yes it is cheap but it certainly is not cheerful I see that very have reduced the price now to /317 but even at this price I would not purchase it again I will wait until she is a little older and spend more on a nicer well made table that she can play with.

      A really disappointing product from a brand we have always had good products from definitely one to avoid I am afraid.


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