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Minecraft Magnets

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Brand: Jinx

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2014 14:00
      Very helpful
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      Very appealing for Minecraft fans young and old.

      ~*~ Minecraft Magnets ~*~

      Minecraft is a huge craze especially with children , what started as a basic building app game has turned into a worldwide best selling game and now here comes all the merchandise that comes with such a hit .

      We bought our pack while in America , my son spotted them in Walmart and with cries of 'No way ! they are mental i'm definitely getting them' they were popped in the trolley. After adding Tax the magnets were around £6-£7 once converted into pounds. Once we came home I checked to see if you could buy them over here and you can although they are more expensive with them being available from Amazon and other online stores for around £18 - £20.
      Yes I am kicking myself for not checking while in store as I would of picked up a few packs for gifts!

      ~*~ In the Pack ~*~

      Inside the packet come 2 sheets of 80 magnets giving a total of 160 magnets each measuring 1 inch square.
      Each sheet contains
      1 x workbench
      1 x furnace
      1 x chest
      1 x TNT
      1 x bookcase
      1 x jack-o-lantern
      2 x snow
      3 x coal
      2 x iron ore
      1 x gold ore
      1 x diamond ore
      1 x redstone ore
      4 x lava
      4 x water
      2 x clay
      5 x grass
      3 x trees
      5 x leaves
      3 x sand
      3 x gravel
      7 x brick
      7 x stone
      7 x wood
      7 x cobblestone
      7 x dirt

      ~*~ In Use ~*~

      The magnets weren't opened till we had been home a few days and were promptly stuck on the fridge. My daughter at 6 years old and also a Minecraft fan has had more play time with them than my son , as she will move them about and build things where as he is just happy to have them and look at them as they are cool, and his friends always comment on them and how cool they are when they see them.
      The problem with magnets and this is nothing against these magnets, I find and have found in the past when my children have had other magnets is that invariably they end up on the fridge. That is fine when you have toddlers and they use the magnets as an activity, but as my children have grown up I like the fridge to not be so cluttered full of magnets and the sticky finger prints from where they have been played with.
      Ideally these would be displayed in my son's room, but looking round there wasn't a flat surface that was suitable, the only thing you would want to stick magnets to is his radiator and obviously that isn't flat.

      To solve the problem of where to put them, when his room is decorated this year we will paint either a large pin board or a section of wall with magnetic paint that you can now buy, so they can be displayed properly.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      Overall the magnets are a good quality and we have had no problems with any of them not being magnetic enough. The finish on the front is good and none of the pictures have started to peel off and all the magnets remain nice and flat.
      Would I buy them at the Amazon price ? Probably, if I had somewhere suitable to display them other than my fridge then yes I probably would , my son certainly thinks they are cool and as he is getting older it's harder to find things he likes, so for a gift for a Minecraft fan you can't go wrong.
      Also all the official Minecraft merchandise is expensive so comparing it to other things available for example the foam sword we also have was over £20 for a bit of foam, when you compare the magnets don't seem so overpriced.
      But having said that £10 would be a much more realistic price.

      ~*~ Conclusion ~*~

      One of the better Minecraft goodies available, my son and daughter would give these 5, but the price is still a little ouch for me so
      4 out of 5


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