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Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10

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7 Reviews

Manufacturer: Hasbro / Type: Toy Blaster

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    7 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 12:46
      Very helpful



      Buy the Maverick instead.

      I'm a big fan of the Nerf range, and have purchased more of their toys than an adult male probably should have, and there are certain things I've now noticed that I consider whenever I buy them. One such thing is that batteries just don't cut the cheese like good old fashioned cock-and-fire mechanics do.

      This was my second Nerf gun: the first was a Maverick (http://tinyurl.com/d8lyttq) that I bought on holiday, and after that I couldn't resist expanding my arsenal. I saw this Barricade and was immediately impressed: it looked pretty similar to the Maverick I already had, except you didn't have to cock the gun each time you wanted to fire. You simply loaded it up and pulled the trigger until everything in front of you was peppered with Nerf. Lovely. The capacity exceeds that of the Maverick by a significant margin, it's not really any bulkier so it'd still work for holidays and trips to the beach. I was excited, hook, line and sinker.

      In the end, it was unfortunate that I was this into it before I'd paid for it, because I should have done more research. All of the advantages I just mentioned were still there, and that was great, but the battery powered element just didn't work for me. The power with which the Nerf darts are fired by the Barricade is disappointing in comparison to the apparently simpler Maverick. You'll have a while where it gets close to matching the Maverick's velocity, but then the batteries start to run down. For me, this is the worst part: why can't the batteries simply operate at maximum and then eventually and suddenly die? I appreciate that this isn't Nerf's fault but simple battery science, but I really don't like how they effect the gun. You'll have good power for a while, and the shots will become gradually weaker until they barely fall out of the gun, the hum of life when you switch the gun on is replaced by a spluttering wheeze.

      Of course, not everything is bad: I don't think Nerf have made an absolutely terrible product yet, really. However, this issue is a big one for me, and if I'd known how it would play, I wouldn't have bought it. When I bought mine it was just before a big family gathering, and my brother bought himself one as well, and I can honestly say that my family had a lot of fun with this model. That said, there was a clear advantage to those using my Maverick over those using the new Barricade.

      If you're looking for a Nerf gun, I'd steer clear of this one. While there are some redeeming factors, it simply doesn't have the power to make it a worthwhile choice. Albeit being one of the simplest, I'd still be inclined to recommend the Maverick. The newer Elite range also has the Strongarm Blaster, which uses the Maverick as its inspiration and (apparently) improves on all of its flaws, like a barrel that swings out fully and using the Elite bullets that are a HUGE improvement on the traditional Nerf ones. Remember, anything with rapid fire (such as the Barricade) won't reduce the time you have to spend picking up bullets before you can play again! Cock-and-fire all the way.


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      12.02.2012 17:54
      Very helpful



      Nerf let us down this time - but we do still like the brand.

      My sons both love Nerf guns, so despite having enough to kit out an entire unit, when asked what he wanted for his birthday this year, once a gain a Nerf gun was top of the list. I tried to point out that he already has so many guns, and you can only use one gun at a time anyway, but he really did want this. His reason for the request was the round chamber in which the bullets go looks like a tommy gun in his opinion. At any rate - as much as I would have preferred to buy anything else, this is what he wanted, and I did have an Amazon voucher, so this is what we bought. Unfortunately, shortly after buying this, the review sites had tons of reviews for this item and not many were very good, but it was already bought so we'd have to wait and see how it worked.

      My son quickly felt through his packages on his birthday, looking for one to large to be a video a game or books, found this and was absolutely delighted. It was quickly handed over to Dad to get batteries into it. This requires 3 AA batteries and I'm afraid you do need the high powered ones, such as Duracell. The batteries were in, the gun was loaded and we prepared to become living targets. Nothing happened though, my son tried and tried, but could not fire the gun. Dad was busy setting up another present, but when he eventually got to it he found a locking button which was jammed. Using brute force, which he has in much greater abundance than the rest of us, he was able to force this button to slide over allowing the gun to fire. Rechargeable batteries did not seem to be providing enough power for this ( although they do work for my camera and our DS remotes) so he ran out to buy Duracell.

      Once again my son had a smile a mile wide as he held this gun in his hands and ran about firing off a few shots and then raced up the landing to see how far he could shoot this gun. He came back down a minute later, it was jammed again. This continued for awhile, my husband would force the button to an ion position, my son would get off a few shots, sometimes even firing the whole magazine of ten, but then it would jam again, and neither my son nor myself are strong enough to unjam this. My husband can get it to work, but he is afraid he will break it. My son can not use this toy unless my husband is present and willing to keep unjamming it over and over again.

      After awhile my son asked if this could be returned to the store. Thankfully Amazon has agreed to take it back for our choice of a full refund or a new gun. Considering the other reviews I have read, my son has decided he would rather have a different gun, and I am more than happy to pay an extra £4 for the one he wants, which does not take batteries as I'm sure this will save a fortune in the long run. I am also afraid if we took another gun like this one, we might find one that works for awhile before jamming , as happened to other people, or of course another gun that just does not work at all.

      My son was terribly disappointed with this toy, although he always takes everything in stride. His birthday seemed a disappointment all around in my opinion as a series of disasters meant only one of his friends was able to come. I felt horrible with this toy not working as well. So bad in fact that I added £15 to the £16 in birthday money he had and sent my husband racing off to Smyths for a Nerf Vortex Nitron - an even worse battery hog it turns out. In the long run though, we may be better off with this gun not working. As mentioned, it does require the dear batteries, and even with these the gun seemed to be slowing down by the end of the evening. There is a bit of a grinding sound, and perhaps this gun is just faulty, but I really do not want another toy I have to buy batteries for on a constant basis, and I do prefer toys that at least will take rechargeable batteries.

      Thankfully, in spite of everything - my son declared it "the best birthday ever". He always thinks everything is the best ever, but it's lucky he is easy to please. He did get a new gun after all and will be getting another as well when the exchange is complete. I think I took it worse than he did, as a parent we want birthdays to be perfect. I am not the only one to have problems with this gun though, so I would not recommend it at all, but if you must get one for a special occasion, it might be wise to try it out before the special day.

      I should mention this toy comes with 10 Nerf " whistler" darts. These are meant to make a whistling sound when you shoot them, but I have never noticed any sound, and this is not our first set of these darts. In my opinion, these are no better or worse than either other Nerf darts, although my son says he likes them because they have black tips and he likes to have different colours. He would like them even better all black. The darts do not hurt when are hit with them, and will usually not knock anything over, but of course it might be wise not to use these in a room full of lightweight breakable ornaments. When this is working it will fire off all ten darts one after the next in less than one minute if you hold the trigger down. It does seem very slow for an automatic type weapon. Or you can pull and release to fire single darts saving your ammo.

      Overall, I still like Nerf as a brand. They are wonderful toys to run about the house and have indoor battles when the weather is bad. Children do seem to absolutely love them, and the majority of their toys are well made, although terribly expensive. I do wish they would leave off all the battery powered toys. This just seems to be one more thing to go wrong, as well as being expensive for the parents to keep up with. I will still recommend Nerf in general, but not this particular gun. This gun currently sells for £10 - £15. I paid £11.49 at Amazon, using a dooyoo voucher.


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        02.02.2012 12:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        fun for kids

        The reason I had one of these was because at Christmas 2011 me and my family do a surprise gift were we all buy an untagged present and swap it with each other and this years themes was weapons, I received the Nerf N-strike after we had all finished out dinner and what not we all decided to start playing, it sound silly because I'm the youngest out of the lot of us 19 going on 20 soon so of course we acted very childish but that's what Christmas is all about.

        The Nerf N- strike is a motorized semi-auto toy gun made of a sturdy plastic which is suitable for a rough battle. The main colour of the Gun is a bright yellow, it has a black handle with a red trigger and orange parts dotted around as well. The darts that come with this are a thick plastic peach colour but I have seen you can have varied colours which is great if you have the same gun then you can have a different colour for each team This Nerf gun takes 3x AAA batteries which are not included with the gun, you cannot use this with out the batteries because this allows the middle barrel to automatically spin around releasing the darts every time you pull the trigger this allows you to fire your weapons much faster than your opponent giving you a better chance of winning an epic battle. The gun is very lightweight which did leave me questioning the durability of this Nerf N-strike.
        How well does it work
        To aim, you basically have to just point and shoot as there isn't anything to aim with however it is easy to hit people because they are so big and the darts are pretty small, the darts measure a couple of inches long. This fires out quite fast so you do have to think about if your firing it in someone face and be careful not to get them in the eyes because I can tell you from experience it does hurt a lot. The automatic barrel spins round quite fast taking only a few seconds to get all your darts out, the gun only comes with 6 so you find yourself scrambling on the floor to find your ammo because you get hit and your out. To load up the darts, in the front of the barrel that you can see on the sides are holes, you simply slid you dart in there and turn it around.
        Durability and extras
        This feels like it's made of a sturdy plastic although is hollow and light weight, I dropped this a few times and it was fine but after at least the tenth time of dropping it during my battle is did give up on me and the orange bit at the front, the hole the darts come out of, that part snapped off, although the gun still worked it did look silly so I decided to sit out the game and sulk because my gun had broken. Although children probably won't treat this gun as rough so it should last longer than an hour or so.

        Batteries are not included in this but most of us have batteries lying around the house anyone and this doesn't take up a lot of power so you can be reassured the batteries will last a long time. The batteries make the barrel turn around and also allows the gun to make firing noises which does become very annoying. You don't have to assemble this gun you just take it out the packet and put the batteries in and it's ready This comes with 10 darts already but you can buy packs of 36 darts and if this is for a child you'll find you have to buy a couple of these packets because 10 darts is not enough especially if they get lost often.
        Price and availability
        You can buy this from anywhere that will stock Nerf guns such as argos, toys r us, rammsdens, tesco and from Amazon. This gun is fairly cheap and on Amazon it was 19.99 but has now been reduced to 11.50 so now is the time to get one before they all run out. I would imagine that it is a little cheaper in places like Tesco.
        Overall, the colours make the gun extremely attractive to both children and adults although the downside is when there's tension in the room and you raise your gun, they notice it more because it's so bright so I always got hit first and was out, but to a child they probably wouldn't care about things like that. This is very light weight meaning anyone could play with it with ease however the durability is really bad and broke within the hour of me playing with it although it was rough playing so it would last much longer for someone younger. For 20 you do expect to get the batteries with it but unfortunately you don't, the darts are very easy to put in and the automatic barrel allows a really fast release. I loved playing with this is brought about much fun for my broken family and we really needed a good laugh especially at Christmas, I won many games with this and wish I still had it so I may buy another one now there's a sale on!

        Age group - 5-8 years
        Compact design
        10 dart revolving barrel
        Tactical rail and stock attachment.
        Quick and reliable
        Weight - 0.84kg
        Depth - 8.7cm
        Height - 23cm
        Width- 35.4cm


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          01.02.2012 13:55
          Very helpful



          Good Nerf blaster but does not have the full fun factor

          I was introduced into Nerfing by my neighbour's boys who often plant themselves in my place on weekends for a session or two of their obsession. Recently they have this new Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 gifted to them by their father and now in my possession as my favoured weapon in the game of Nerfing with them. It is foam dart blaster, if anyone is unfamilar with a Nerf gun.

          LOOK and FEEL
          It is very light - perfect for young nimble hands of a child. But it appears robust too. I cannot comment on the durability as I do not have it long enough to form any definitive opinion.
          The feel is very solid - like you are handling a real gun. And very balanced also - so the weight looks to be evenly distributed not overbearing on your wrists.
          It comes in bright yellow - a first for a Nerf gun, if I am right.

          FEATURES and EASE OF USE
          It has a barrel that does not need any priming. It comes with 10 foam darts including suckers and whistlers. It has a battery compartment on the lefthand side where three AA batteries are to be inserted after unscrewing the compartment.
          It is a battery powered blaster only and does not have an alternative firing feature, manual or mechanical. So you definitely need a battery to operate it. Without it or when the battery dies and you do not have a spare ones in the house, that's end of your nerfing game.
          The dart loading is simple enough. There is no need to pull the barrel. You need to just slide the darts in the side of the barrel and give the barrel a twist.
          After loading the dart you need to power it up by a tiny switch beneath the door of the battery. Now, this switch being on only your right hand side of the battery door indicates that it would be very tough for a lefthanded person to operate it. So it is certainly not dual weilding.
          The good thing is that the trigger cannot be accidentally pulled back until the switch is on. So there is no blank firing. To fire, you have now just to pull the trigger. It fires one one round with one trigger pull indicating that it is meant to be semi-automatic. Even being semi-automatic is a definite advantage over other similar toys since you can use this gun with one hand only unlike the other Nerf guns where you need to use both your hands, one to fire and one to prime.

          The darts fly out powerfully. It is fairly accurate too. The round when trigerred fires very fast - all 10 in a few seconds, I suppose. Sometimes the darts jam inside the barrel and only a few come out or the force of fired dart is not good enough.
          There is also the problem with the trigger itself jamming mid-way which can be pulled again to release the jam.
          It is also a bit noisy in that the noise is a bit like the buzz of a drone fly, slightly irritating if used for considerable length of time. Also it removes the element of surprise because the moment it is switched on anyone could guess what is coming at them.

          It is normal to have fun shooting foam darts at each other or Nerfing as it is generally called. But the real fun part with a Nerf gun is when you ready the weapon to fire the rounds. It is the sound of priming- a gnashing sound that says that the weapon has been loaded to fire. This is sadly missed with this piece as there is no priming.

          At under £10 it looks very reasonable.

          FINAL WORD
          It is a good Nerf blaster and would recommend it for it's ability to fire with one hand though it certainly takes out the Nerf fun and does not keep surprises due to its noise factor. It might be good for outdoors though as you would not hear the noise and the weapon itself would fire fast but for inside I would prefer other ones.


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          31.01.2012 08:46
          Very helpful



          Not good enough

          For my son's sixth birthday last year I gave in and purchased him a Nerf gun which he had been nagging about for months and I had always said no. I had a quick look on amazon before purchasing the gun and the product which I chose was the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 gun which from memory cost me around £10.00. Now I have to say from the off set that I chose a gun which wasn't going to cost me the earth which it seems many of the Nerf guns do and I felt that around ten pounds was a reasonable price to pay for a product such as this for my son.

          ==What is it?==

          Nerf guns are made by Hasbro and are basically a gun in which you can fire foam darts with. The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 gun is recommended for children aged six years and over.

          The Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 gun is one of the smaller Nerf guns as far as I am aware which was something that I liked as I wanted something that was quite compact and would store easily in my son's toy box at home. This is not to say that the product is really small because it isn't and I would probably compare it to a similar size of one of those power water guns you can get for outside. After a while the gun does get quite heavy to hold and my son would often have to hold it with two hands to make it steady enough to get a good aim. The gun is a tough feeling plastic and yellow, orange and black in colour.

          The gun features a ten dart revolving barrel and with the gun you also receive ten whistler darts which are used for putting in the gun for a battle. I would advise purchasing an extra set of darts for use in case any get lost personally and these can be purchased for just a couple of pounds usually.

          ==Our experience==

          My son was delighted last May when he opened this Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 gun and wanted to have a play with it straight away. The gun does require three AA batteries which are not provided so this is something to be mindful of so your child can enjoy the toy immediately.

          My son found it quite easy to load the darts in to the barrel by himself but it took us a little while to work out that if you pull the trigger the barrel will move around in to position which made inserting darts easier as we would insert one then pull the trigger to move the barrel round and insert the next. I think it is a good thing that a child can work the gun on their own really because I think the idea of these guns is that you go head to head in a way and shoot each other should you have a friend with a Nerf gun too.

          When my son switched on the gun I have to say I was pretty amazed at how noisy it was and there was no way at all that you could sneak up on someone and shoot at them with it because they would most definitely hear you coming! For us this wasn't an issue as my son doesn't have any friends who have a Nerf gun and so he was simply using it for firing at things around the house but for those who would perhaps take things a bit more serious I would advise that if you want to sneak up on people you are better off looking for a different gun.

          As my son's Dad came round later on that evening to see him my son took the opportunity to fire the darts at someone and launched an attack on his Dad. As they battled away the delight on my son's face was obvious and he was really having a great time playing with the gun. He did fire a couple of the darts at me and I have to say I was quite surprised with the force in which it hit me and it wasn't painless like I expected it to be! I did tell my son that obviously you mustn't aim the darts at peoples faces and such like and to be honest he did listen to me and aim more for the torso really.

          Now of course I am always going to have a go with a product such as this and I was quite surprised with how easy it was to aim the gun and how far the darts did actually travel. My son and I lost a few darts along the way as we rapidly fired the darts from the barrel and so I would say that it is really beneficial to have another set of darts especially if you are going to be using the product outside. We used to set up a little firing range with cardboard tubes and see who could knock the most off using their ten darts which was a nice little game to play and something which is obviously less violent than firing the darts at people!

          My son played with this gun on and off for a couple of months and whilst we had a few issues with the darts occasionally getting jammed in the barrel for the most part the gun worked well. However, one day my son got the gun out to play with and it was completely jammed and would not do anything at all. I wondered if the batteries were dead and so I replaced those with brand new ones but it was still jammed and nothing that we did would make the gun work again. My son was pretty gutted to be honest that the toy he had had a lot of fun with had broken so soon after his birthday but in the end he accepted that we would have to throw it away as it wasn't going to work again. Whilst I appreciate that I only paid around ten pounds for the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 I would fully expect it to last more than a couple of months and so to be honest this has put me off other Nerf products which is a shame because like I said it was clear to see the fun my son had whilst firing the darts at things using this gun.

          You can pick up this Nerf gun on amazon for just short of the ten pounds mark at the moment but I can't say that I give it a recommendation purely because ours broke so quickly and hadn't been excessively played with at this point either.

          Thank you for reading my review!


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            26.01.2012 09:06
            Very helpful



            A Good durable toy,but be prepared to buy plenty of batteries

            Like any parent of boys of any age, my house is overrun with the latest Nerf sports toys and scattered with the small orange Nerf darts which tend to appear in every imaginable place possible!

            My boys go crazy over these dart guns and my home is transformed into an action packed all out war zone of various zooming, whistling and flying Nerf darts in every direction, they kit themselves out heavily armed with various Nerf ammo and Nerf guns with all the accessories to boot and then crazily run about the house trying to out wit each others game strategies with their shooting and aiming skills, games of Nerf and Seek (which is a game they made up themselves!) an adapted modernised version on the classic Hide and seek but with guns, or the other game they invented and named Strike a Pose which is an adaptation of the cowboy game of standing back to back and taking ten steps each in opposite directions where they both turn round and strike a pose then shoot.... Oh to be a child again when all that matters is the quality of your next game or adventure!

            In the crossfire I often get caught with darts fired at my arm, leg, head or face, much to the amusement of my angelic children! Ha-ha, it is lucky for them that I taught them since being very young that they should never dish anything out which they could not take back in return, they know I will get them back, preferably first thing in the morning when they refuse to rise from their beds...( I stifle an evil giggle here!) They do say revenge is a dish best served cold don't they and I make no exception in Nerf Wars.

            I bought The Nerf N Strike Barricade RV-10 from Toys R Us in October 2011 as it was one of my boy's birthday's, the gun was on offer at the time for £12.99, oddly enough it happened to be one of the Nerf guns they did not have so I added it to their already vast collection with a feeling I might live to regret it.....Semi-Automatic?.....UH OH!

            *** THE NERF PRODUCT ***

            Nerf is a well known innovative trusted and loved brand brought to us by the company Hasbro, Nerf is a product which is over 40 years old believe it or not but has become really popular in recent years with Nerf now standing at Britons number 1 award winning must have boys sports and toy category.
            This particular gun the Nerf N Strike Barricade RV-10 is approximately a foot long in length and is made of extra strong sturdy toughened plastic for super durability and is quite light to hold and carry, it comes packaged in a coloured and attractive cardboard box with easy to see and read instructions of use on the reverse of the box with illustrated pictures, also included inside is an instruction leaflet which you don't really need with the illustrated instructions being so good.

            The gun is Typical of Nerf with the Trademark bright colours of a yellow body and contrasting orange features, silver details with the Nerf logo's written in black, you can tell by the look, feel, weight and appearance of this product that it is one of excellent quality.

            This model is a bit different from the other available guns as this takes 3x AA Batteries (which disappointingly are NOT included in with this product, they have to be bought separately) this is for the semi-automatic barrel feature and enables quick fire, I found this a little noisy but not unbearable and in the boys opinion's this is a feature they both love because it makes it more realistic and fun.

            The different guns take different Nerf Darts and this one requires the Whistler Nerf Dart variety and comes with 10 included with the gun, they are soft orange hollow foam darts measuring 2" long with a rubber capped tip which has a tiny square shaped hole on the edge of the rubber, the name gives it away really but this is so the darts make a whistle sound when fired from long range, I do always try buy a refill of these darts when I purchase a new gun because in my opinion 10 is no where near enough for continued and satisfactory play as there will always be losses and damaged darts when the guns decide to jam up which they sometimes have a habit of doing and that caused the dart to shred so it can no longer be used effectively, you can buy refill packs of 36 for £4.99 from everywhere that also sells the guns, which I think you will find are available in almost every high street shop and online store, I would advise to run a price comparison check for the best deal though as these are always on offer somewhere.

            Rated an aged 6+ toy

            Not suitable for children under 3 years old

            Warning not to aim at eyes or face

            Features a stock attachment and tactical rail for adaptable mix and match add on ability

            *** PRO'S ***

            *Powerful Fast Fire Action
            *Attractive Durable Design
            *Long Range
            *Adaptable Add on Ability
            *Good Exercise (keeps kids active)

            *** CON'S ***

            * Batteries not included with gun
            *Batteries run down fast and need replacing too often
            *Jams Often and can shred darts
            *Not very Accurate
            *Quite Noisy
            *Darts slide out when pointed downwards

            *** FINAL THOUGHTS ***

            This Nerf Gun fulfils its purpose as a children's fun toy, my boys have said that they prefer the non-battery operated guns as opposed to this one because the battery life is not very good and runs down fast which always leads to disappointed children.

            I think it is amusing and entertaining to watch the boys playing with this product, they tend to run around a lot and are very active whilst playing with this so I consider it a bonus that they are getting more exercise through play and I feel that overall I got good value for money as I bought it whilst on offer, it's a small price to pay for the endless hours of fun and joy and I would have paid full price which I believe is £17.99 at the moment.

            I allow my boys to run about the house like crazy loons firing the darts because I am confident the darts are although quite powerful but also very soft and safe enough not to cause any injuries or damage even at close range.

            *** TIP ***
            Have fun with your children designing and creating your own targets out of cardboard boxes with paper print out's of peoples faces from photo's, family members and friends etc ,and also create little aiming practice targets from empty cereal boxes, let your's and their's imaginations run wild with the endless possibilities of imaginative play.

            *** MY BOY'S THOUGHTS ***

            When I asked my boy's what they like best and least about this gun they said...
            They liked it best because of the sound effects and the 10 shot barrel fast firing, and the size they say is very comfortable to hold and easy to quickly hold in position to fire.

            They least liked that the barrel had to continually manually re-loaded after every 10 shots which took too long to do and that the batteries always ran out too fast.

            I have therefore rated this product 3 out of 5 as there is considerable room for improvement but can still be enjoyed as a fast paced full on boys sports toy, if I did not have to spend a fortune on batteries I would have awarded this product an extra star.

            Thank You for Reading

            (Review also posted on ciao under mojo-mojo)


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              25.01.2012 23:23
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              The only darts you can throw without having someone's eye out

              I'm a big kid at heart, aren't we all, and when it comes to toy guns I seem to instantly revert back to my past, tending to think I'm Rambo on a mission to save the entire U.S. army from the Viet cong all by myself, (Well Stalone did it so why can't I?).
              Anyway, my friends son has several toy guns and when they come and visit he tends to bring a different one each time, this usually ends up with him fighting against me and my youngest daughter, who likes to play these sort of game as well.
              Anyway, just before Christmas my friend and her son, together with his new Nerf toy gun he had just bought, came round and challenged me and my daughter to a 'war game'. So, donning face paint and full combats, (kidding...honest), grabbing our weapons, we set out in the garden and started acting like three mad soldiers on a mission that only we knew about, (top secret or what?)

              Firstly, before you start gasping for breath and screaming at me about the disgusting way I treat my guest, taking their kids out into the garden and shooting at them with a gun. The guns I am talking about are Nerf guns and are as dangerous as a Timmy Mallots mallet (remember him???), as like his mallet the actual bullets, or darts as they are known as, that are fired from the range of Nerf guns are made from foam, so when they strike you they don't hurt at all, in fact a fly landing on your arm would be more painful.
              I also know that there are people who don't agree with people, especially young lads running around with guns as it may lead them to being gun smugglers when they are older but kids will be kids, and I'd rather they got the fascination of guns out of their system at a young age than when they're in their teens and wondering round the streets with some 'dodgy' people.

              Anyway, on that day when my friend visited, bringing her son, I had a major disadvantage due to the weapon I had been offered was nearly as old as me and could only fire a few darts at a time, even then it sometimes jammed as the clip the darts were in would push two up at a time, leaving me having either having to find the darts to reload them or trying to prise the jammed dart out of the clip, all whilst under constant fire from my daughter and Tom, my friends son.
              As, unbeknown to me, he had got himself a rather nice little weapon that sounded as good as it acted, spraying me with the foam darts over and over again, and the worst of it was that he had leant my daughter the exact same modal, so I was way out of my depth and getting bombarded from every corner.

              After several attempts at reloading under fire I finally decided to do what any good soldier would do, I surrendered, waving my white flag as high as I could, trying not to cry in utter shame, especially as they both continued to shoot at me finding it the funniest sight they've ever come across, (the rotters).
              So, when they finally became bored with shooting me I took a look at the weapons of mass humiliation that they had been shooting me with, and, in my defence, I stood no chance at all.
              The weapons they were using were the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 which out classed me big time as they have the capability of firing more rounds in a faster time without the danger of 'jamming' up.
              In fact, I must have looked that impressed with it that my daughter decided to surprise me for Christmas and bought me the exact same modal, which really did put a smile on my face and a little revenge in my mind for when that little terror came back to visit, and believe me, I've been practicing using it ever since opening the present, getting up to speed with firing and reloading... revenge will be mine.

              The gun itself is made of quite sturdy plastic and can take a few drops without snapping into pieces on the floor. It looks nothing like a real gun as it has a bright orange chamber and barrel with the rest of it being yellow, although the handle is black so this could be seen as the most realistic piece of it. But as it doesn't look real there's no danger of the Police Armed Response unit surrounding you, screaming at you to 'drop your weapon', after a call from your nosy neighbour as you fire it in your back garden.
              It claims to be compact, but it's not really as it's about 360mm long by 230mm high and 90mm wide, but it is as light as a feather, almost, weighing in at about 840g.
              I can fire it using one hand, although my youngest daughter, who's 9, ends up using both hands as she says that her arms begin to ache after a while, firing shot after shot after shot, even with the reloading rests she has, but she's only got little arms anyway, bless.
              It has a revolving dart firing mechanism, styled like the old fashioned cowboy guns, Smith and Westerns, or the more up to date Magnum 357, (not the Chocolate Ice lolly).
              As I said it can hold up to ten foam darts and reloading it takes a matter of seconds, so you can bombard your target more or less constantly, (I speak from experience), without having to worry about them firing back.

              Loading the gun can take a bit of time at first but once you get the hang of it it then takes mere seconds, which is good when you're in battle.
              Once the ten darts are in your ready to shoot the dog... only kidding, although my dig doesn't mind as the darts don't hurt, with them being made of foam, he just runs off with them until I shout him back, then I have to fight him a bit for it.
              The darts, even though made of foam, can fire up to about 30 foot, which isn't to bad at all, but the accuracy needs a bit of working on, and the speed it can empty the chamber is remarkably quick.
              To fire the darts you just loud the gun, turn it on and pull the trigger, then you watch as the darts make a lovely whistling noise as they fly through the air, striking there target.

              I nearly forgot something very important...
              It does require 3 AA batteries to work the spinning firing mechanism, which when working can be a bit on the loud side so don't expect to make a stealth attack on someone, but this is where the range come in as, due to the noise, you'll find it hard to get close to your target, but do have a supply of batteries at hand as they can drain pretty quickly especially on rapid fire.

              As I said I was given this as a Christmas present by my daughter as she has a bit of a strange sense of humour, although I personally think she wanted it more for herself as she's used it almost as much as I have, and I have found it to be great fun indeed.
              In fact I've enjoyed having a laugh with it that much that I went out and bought a second, together with a packet of spare darts, and found this gun on sale for a mere £15.00, (although Amazon are doing it for £12.00 at the moment), and for this you get the gun itself and ten foam darts, but no batteries.

              As for spare darts, which I have bought a pack of 36 from places like argos, these are at a bargain price of £6.00 and are a must for extra fun with this weapon without having to keep fetching your darts. Although I am in the process of training my dog to fetch the darts and bring them back to me, without chewing them.

              One thing I do have to say is that if you intend on constantly firing it then you may experience the odd dart jam or two, but this is quickly sorted and the fun can continue.
              Also, as I said, the batteries can run dry pretty quickly in this case so make sure you use quality batteries and not the pound land specials that leak after ten minutes usage.
              I've mentioned the batteries again because without them the gun is pretty useless so do have some good quality AA in your pocket when in battle.

              In all this is a brilliant little toy gun which offers hours of fun for the kid inside you, or, if you're feeling generous, lend it to your kids so they can have a go. There's very little danger of anyone getting injured, although if you take a dart in the eye it may hurt a bit, but it won't blind you as, like I said, the darts are made of foam and are nice and soft.
              So, if you want a cheap and cheerful present for your kids, or you partner, (I was going to say husband but I'm not sexist as I feel that women would love this as much as men), then this is certainly worth looking at as it's what I like to call 'harmless fun' and maybe a bit of a way to release any built up anger without fear of being arrested.
              It will be money well spent.

              I am thinking though that next time my friend comes round with her little terror of a son I may get my hands on the Nerf Stampede as they have a clip that can hold 60 darts... then we'll see who's laughing when it's him under constant fire....


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