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Peppa Pig Funtime Fire Station

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Brand: Peppa Pig / Type: Children's Role Play

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2013 19:45
      Very helpful




      My eldest daughter was bought this for her birthday but for all she loved Peppa pig at the time she isn't really one for pretend play so it just ended up being put in her wardrobe and never played with. We had a sort out of her wardrobe recently and have passed a number of things down to her younger sister one of which was this and she loves it.

      The set is currently for sale on Amazon at £14.99 which I would never pay as it is simply not worth it but I have previously seen these on offer at £5 in Asda when they have had a character promotion running.

      The set is basically a plastic pretend fire station (apparently) a little Peppa Pig figure dressed up in a fire outfit and a pole to slide down and comes packaged in an open fronted cardboard box although there is nothing really to have a try of before you buy it.

      The fire station is made of plastic and is open at the back so that your child can put Peppa inside, there are a set of double doors on the side which open, then it has three sets of windows on the front of the building along with some roof windows. On the side there are stickers which picture a wound up hose and a ladder then inside you have a little desk and some more stickers such as a phone, a picture of Fire piggy Mummy and a fire bell. The roof is raised in steps all the way up and has black detailing on it to make it look like the roof is made of loads of little tiles which I thought was quite good detailing.

      The pole to slide down is made of grey plastic and has a clip to put Peppa on however it really doesn't hold very well and a child cannot put Peppa on themselves and Emily became very bored very quick with it.

      The Peppa figure is only about an inch and a half in height and is the usual pale pink in colour but she is wearing bright yellow fire overalls and black boots, the arms and legs are moveable and even though they are pretty narrow they are actually quite strong.

      Sophie had no interest at all with this set however Emily will play with it for ages, she doesn't play as in pretending she is calling Peppa out for a fire but instead she spends ages putting all the character figures she has from the show in and out of the doors.

      I would say that this is nowhere near worth £15 but at £5 it has certainly amused Emily for ages, the set is pretty sturdy and is nice and bright but to be honest I don't understand why a fire station set has even been released as I have never seen an episode where Peppa is a fire woman only Mummy pig and believe me we have watched loads of episodes.


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      11.05.2012 19:55
      Very helpful
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      Peppa pig fire station play set with peppa pig figure

      Hollie really loves Peppa Pig and has a few different play sets.
      For her birthday I wanted to get her a few extra bits for it but didn't want to pay the full prices supermarkets charge.

      I bought it at £6.99 from Ebay but as Ebay were giving away 100.000 £5 vouchers, I snagged one and managed to only pay £1.99 for it! Brilliant money saving present for Hollie's 3rd birthday.
      Peppa Pig Fire station:
      The fire station is a great addition to the Peppa Pig play sets.
      It comes with the building, Peppa Pig, and a fire pole for her to slide down.
      The doors on the fire station open and close for children to "walk" the characters in and out of the building.
      For the price it costs in supermarkets and other toy stores, I think for what it is, it was over priced. Tesco are charging £14.97. I don't see how something so basic is worthy me getting £15 out of my purse.

      Most places often do deals on them or half price sales, so if you were to buy one, I'n my opinion, I would definitely shop around on line rather than buy at those prices.
      Hollie already has the world of play set's set, The school house with Madame Gazelle and the Camper van which we bought 2nd hand on Ebay in perfect condition.

      I wanted to add this to the collection as she loves anything to do with fire engines and fireman. She also loves fireman Sam, so this was the perfect addition.
      Unfortunately I haven't seen Hollie playing with it much.
      I think it is due to the lack of things to do with it that she is struggling to find it fun at the moment.
      She has set it out with the other things she has, and doesn't play with it.
      She gets much more fun from the Camper van set.

      The fire station set:
      As it is a very basic toy, there isn't much to write about it.
      It comes with a Peppa Pig figure dressed as a fire woman, and a detachable hat.
      Inside the fire station is a sticker with the scene of a tea room, and in the middle of the room is a built in desk with a computer and speaker attached to the top.
      The outside of the building is grey with some stickers of a ladder and hosepipe.
      The roof and windows are red and it has a little tower on top with a small yellow flag.
      The building just has 3 walls. The Basic idea is to have it open so the children can play with it.

      The fire pole spins round when Peppa is slotted into it. There is a "claw" like attachment on the pole where you lots Peppa in by her neck. Spin it to the top, then let go and she will drop down. For Hollie, this was quite difficult for her to do.
      I just hope when she gets slightly older, she will find it much more interesting than she is now.

      There are a lot of things wrong with it's design that just proves to me it's not worth the high price tag.
      You can see all the screws that attach the roof the the walls.
      I find this a really lazy design flaw. It could have been designed with something glued into the holes where the screws are ruining the design.
      I have noticed it is on all of the play set buildings which is a real shame.

      Asda are selling them slightly cheaper at £9.97 and Amazon a rather large £14.99.
      Obviously they are great imagination toys and they are very sturdy and great fun, but as this one was very basic, I am glad I got it at such a great price and didn't have to pay the high price for it.

      I'm giving it 3/5 stars due to the screws being on show and for how basic the whole set is.
      It is designed for children 3 years and over.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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