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Star Wars Electronic Light Saber Obi Wan

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Brand: Tesco / Description: Star Wars Electronic Light Saber Obi Wan / Catalogue Number: 208-2351 / Type: Childrens Role Play

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2011 20:44
      Very helpful



      a good toy

      ==Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber Obi Wan Kenobi==

      Jack had a Star Wars filled 4th Birthday a few months ago and seeing as his old light wand which we bought from the illuminated carnival back in last November had broken my mum decided what he needed was a proper lightsaber.

      ==Price and Availability==

      mum picked up this lightsaber from Tesco so that she could get her club card points as I had already told her that it is cheaper if she bought it online (but she is always worried about using her credit cards online so felt in store was a safer option!). There are a few different lightsabers to choose from and you can get a green Yoda one or a red Darth Vader one but mum opted for the blue obi Wan Kenobi version and Jack seemed pleased with this choice.

      The lightsabers can be found in a whole ton of different high street shops and online there is even more choice of where to buy it from. The price does vary but only a little and if you have to pay for postage and packaging this is well worth taking into account and it might even be more beneficial to buy from Tesco when you get your bonus points too. Mum said she paid around £19 for the item which is still a good price.

      ==Look and Design==

      Although on the packaging it does state "Star Wars" as opposed to clone Wars, there is still a picture of Obi Wan Kenobi and this is done in the Clone Wars style. This is irrelevant however when it comes to the product itself and once taken out of the small cardboard half box packaging there is no real labelling on the lightsaber itself. The product does come with a small DVD (small in size as well as length). For some reason this didn't play in our DVD player but worked fine in the Xbox. This DVD is a little series of clips and animations done in the Clone Wars style and is a nice little bonus although because of it being Clone Wars Jack wasn't especially interested as his main love is the classic films.

      The lightsaber is pretty big when it is fully pulled out but for storage and general role playing it can be pushed in on itself to make a smaller and easier to carry about item. Once fully pulled out it has got to be about a meter in length with both the handle and blade of the lightsaber itself.

      The handle of the product is a silver colour and the plastic expendable sword area is a blue colour and overall does look pretty good. The batteries sit in the handle and there is a cover that needs unscrewing to get the 2 AA batteries in place and it is worth noting that the product doesn't come with batteries and will need them in order to work properly.

      On the silver handle there is one large button which activates the lightsaber lights and sounds and will also stop the electronics if you want to tidy it away. It is simple to work and the button is sturdy and isn't liable to break or stop working any time soon.

      There are two small instruction leaflets that come with the product but these don't really have too much information on and mainly tell you how to insert the batteries and the importance of safe battery disposal.

      ==General Use==

      On installing the batteries Jack couldn't' wait to give the lightsaber a good deal of swishing around which worried me quite a lot in the front room with all the ornaments! The lightsaber seemed so big for him as it is not especially child size however the age recommendation on this item is for those age four and over.

      It wasn't hard to get the hang of and with one simple push of the button the light of the product came to life and the classic sounds of the buzzing lightsaber started. One aspect I am not too keen of with this product is that one sound of the lightsaber is only activated when the sword section of the item comes into contact with something! This of course caused a few raised voices at first when Jack thought it was acceptable to give my backside a whollop ever now and again which Himself was finding highly amusing till he got a whack round the head (from me not the Jack and the lightsaber!).

      Now Jack knows he is just able to hit his bed or the sofa to make the contact sound that the lightsaber has but he is more than happy with the sounds you get when just swishing the item round his head. The noise level is not overly high or especially annoying but it is loud enough for Jack to hear it and enjoy playing with it.

      The light from the energy blade is not overly bright and does seem to work better in dim rooms or even at night where is glows the most prominently but again it is still visible in the daylight and Jack doesn't find this aspect a problem at all.

      ==Overall Opinion==

      On the whole I cant really moan about this product as jack really does love it. He often wants to take it out with us but to be fair it is not the best item to be taken to school or even out in the car as when used it needs to be fully extended and this makes it not practical to be carted around.

      The price of the lightsaber for what you get is a little of the steep side when comparing it to the non- official lightsabers that can be picked up for under £10. however the fact that the design of the thing makes it look just like the ones from the films means that it has such appeal and like I said Jack adores it and picks it up several times throughout the day and will role play for a good amount of time with it.

      It is a well made item which is well deserving of a top score of t out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation for all Star Wars fans.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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