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Adidas 3 Stripe Back Pack

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Brand: Adidas

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2013 22:52
      Very helpful



      A good quality back pack

      My husband always use to take a rucksack to work with him, however when we moved into our own house he didn't really have as much need for one, however it would often come in handy for when he had to go on work courses or for exams or even when we take Jayden swimming.

       However his old rucksack had become so disgusting that I had to throw it out and get him a new one, I didn't want to spend a huge amount on one but I also wanted a decent one that would last, after a bit of shopping around I came across the Adidas 3 Stripe Power II Backpack, it was reasonably priced and ideal for what we needed.  

      The Adidas 3 Stripe Power II Backpack looks like a standard backpack, it is made from a tough and strong black fabric and has the Adidas stripes going down the front of the bag in silver with the Adidas logo just at the top.

       The bag has a rounded top to it with a black loop handle on the top and padded adjustable shoulder straps.  The bag is quite plain and simple, however this is exactly what I was looking for as my Husband didn't want anything too bright and fussy.  The only colouring is from the silver logos, the silver zips and a small bit of white stitching on the zip tags.  

      What I particularly liked about this backpack was the amount of space in it, the bag doesn't look overly big, but there is a lot of space and pockets in it.

       There is the main large part of the bag which opens with a large zip going down the sides and across the top of the bag, this allows you to open the bag wide to get everything you want inside.  Inside this main section there is a large pocket which goes the whole length of the back of the bag, this is described as being suitable for laptops, although you can use it for whatever you want.

       There is a second zip pocket on the front of the bag, this also has a large zip allowing you to open the pocket out reasonably wide, inside this pocket there are a further two sections, the larger one fastens with velcro at the top of it and on the front of this pocket there are two smaller pockets with zips, ideal for keeping valuables in.  

      The only other two areas for storage on the bag are a mesh pocket on each side of the bag which are designed for holding drinks bottles, personally we have no use for these but they are there should you require them.  

      The Adidas 3 Stripe Power II Backpack is of a decent size and measures 46cm(H)x30cm(W)x20cm(D) this makes it ideal for a variety of things school/ collage, work, going to the gym or swimming.

       The bag is very spacious with a variety of pockets for storing all of your valuables and belongings securely.  The straps are of a decent length and can be adjust to suit the individual.  The straps can be altered simply and quickly by sliding the plastic bits up and down each strap so that you get the correct length you require.  

      I purchased our Adidas 3 Stripe Power II Backpack from Sports Direct, I actually purchased it online and it cost £18.99, personally I thought this was a very reasonable price as in other stores similar products were a lot more expensive.  The backpack is strong and hardwearing as well as spacious as I have mentioned so in my opinion it was well worth the money.  

      We have had our Adidas 3 Stripe Power II Backpack for a while now and have been very pleased with it.  My Husband has used the bag for work courses as well as exams he has had to take for another course he is doing and the backpack has been extremely handy, the size of the bag and all of the interior pockets has meant he can take all of the stuff he needs with him and keep it all in one place without having to take several bags.  

      Also my Husband bikes to work a lot so when he has had a lot of stuff to take with him he has been able to use this backpack and alter the straps so that he can cycle comfortably.

       I have also used the backpack myself when we have taken Jayden swimming, the bag allows us to put all of our swim stuff inside again without having to take several bags with us we can take this bag for our stuff and another for Jayden's bits.

       The bag is reasonably waterproof, although it makes no promises to be, however if you get caught out in the rain for a short amount of time your belongings inside will not get wet.

       I like the fact that this bag is strong and durable, the strong straps will not break even with reasonably heavy or a lot of items inside and they are slightly padded so that they will not dig into you and allow you to carry the bag comfortably.

       The bag is very reasonably priced and in my opinion well worth the money, the design makes it suitable for both men and woman.  I would definitely recommend this item to anyone whether you want it for work, school, collage or even going up the gym it is an excellent quality and versatile backpack. 


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