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Deuter Light Sack Dry

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Manufacturer: Deuter / Type: Accessories

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 09:27
      Very helpful



      Good quality

      As might be obvious from my recent reviews of a lot of bags, Scuba diving requires a lot of kit. These dry bags are a widely used and extremely useful storage system for keeping things dry when on a boat, in a kayak, on the beach or generally anwhere things are going to get wet.

      I am reviewing it primarily as a bag used for keeping things dry when diving as thats my main use for it, but it can also be used to keep wet things contained to stop drips getting all over your car or just as a bag for carrying wet stuff about.

      The Deuter Light Dry Sack is used by placing either wet or dry items (being the opposite that you want them to get i.e. dry stuff that you don't want to get wet, or the other way around). The top of the bagg is then rolled up tightly and the clips are pulled around to curve the rolled up section into a circle. Due to the heavy waterproof material, water is stopped from entering or exiting.
      The bags come in a range of sizes 1litre, 3 litres, 8 litres and 40litres. I have a small 1 litre for putting my watch and valuables inside when jumping off a boat to go diving and a larger 40 litre bag which is perfect for putting a jumper and warm clothes in to keep on the boat for when I get out of the water.
      Carrying the bags around is probably the only issue. There are no carry straps and you use the belt that is used for sealing the top of the bag to carry it. On land, these are designed to go inside a rucksack as a waterproof liner. I don't really have an issue with this as they are not really bags i intend to carry around all day, just throw in a boat and leave them.

      The bags are manufactured from a highly waterproof nylon coated with a polyurethane carbonite. The bags extremely durable (according to the manufacturer this is due to a ripstop weave). The buckles for sealing the bag are chunky, hard wearing and feel strong.
      Taped seams, which are another layer of material glued over stitching are used to complete the waterproofing.
      The bag feels heavy duty, and in combination with the high build quality I feel very secure trusting the bag not to let my things wet. I'd actually feel pretty confident to chuck the bag in the water and still expect my stuff to be dry.
      The bags are available in a range of bright neon colours. The one litre is yellow, the three litlre purple, the 8 litre is green and the largest 40 litre size is red. The bright colours mean that if the bag gets dropped out of a boat, they are easy to spot and won;t be easily lost (when sealed the air inside will keep them afloat)

      One of the best things about these bags is the cost. Suprisingly for a piece of dive kit they are cheap. They range between about £7 for the smallest one litre capacity and £16 for the largest £40 litre.

      As a functional bag for keeping things dry, these are ideal. I can;t fault them on cost or quality and as long as you realise they don't have handles for use as a rucksack they do their job perfectly. Highly recommnded as a dry bag or rucksack liner.


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