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Vango Planet Traveller 70+20L

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2 Reviews

Brand: Vango / Style: Mountaineer / Max Litres: 90

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 11:28



      Perfect for travelling

      I bought this bag to take with me while travelling India , the main reasons for choosing this particular bag were the price (£70 including postage) , the added day bag and the fact it wasnt a top loader so it unzipped all the way around just like a normal bag or even a suitcase.

      After looking at various bags for sometime I came across this one its price doesnt seem to differ too much between sites or shops so I just decided to use a local shop , it does however seem to be a little cheaper than other brand bags that dont seem very different to me just another reason for me to buy it I suppose.

      The bag itself did everything I wanted it to it held everything needed in honesty I thought there would have been a little bit more room but thats probably down to the stupid measurements used for bags I mean who rally knows what 70l off luggage looks like !!! The day bag was very very useful I put our passports, money, and just about anything that was valuble and important it was pretty much stuck to my back anytime I wasnt in guest houses. The bag as a whole was great on long train journeys ( 48hours is a long long time on a train)
      bus journeys and was comfortable to wear walking around trying to find places to stay.

      If your looking for a bag to take travelling I ticked all the boxes for me so I would certainly recommend this to all budding travellers

      Hope this was helpfull



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      22.07.2008 20:06
      Very helpful



      ace travellers backpack

      I bought this bag after it was reduced and seemed a good size capacity. After taking it home and using it properly for a trial run before a round the world trip I realised exactly how many features it has.

      The bag is a 70l main backpack with a 20l day pack that attaches via zip to the main bag so you can carry both at once. The size is ideal, as 20l is what most kids have for a school/college bag and 70l will fit a whoel girls wardrobe in for 3 months - pretty impressie and it's still under the airlines weight limit! The only problem being picking it up!
      For security you can have the big bag pack on your back and the small backpack can then attach to the straps of the big backpack so you've got all your personal/valuable documents within easy reach and within sight.

      Unlike most travellers backpacks this one isn't top loading. It unzips all the way around, like a suitcase, so you can access everything. This is rather than being top loading - where the thing you want most will be at the very bottom and you'll have to unpack everything. The inside also has elastic straps so everything can be kept in place - as is standard in most suitcases.
      The back straps of the rucksack are designed so that they can be altered both in length like normal backpacks/rucksacks but also the position of the straps in location to the actual backpack can be altered so that the weight is evenly distributed on your back. The straps are well padded so that there shouldn't be any rubbing. There is a waist strap which, again is well padded.

      The bag has a compartment at the bottom which when opened reveals a cover which covers and zips over the backpack to protect from rain when on your back - great for if you're doing lots of walking/treking/hiking with the backpack. One feature which I've only seen on one other backpack and that I think makes this stand out from all the others I looked at and makes it ideal for those travelling on planes is a cover that covers up the backpack straps. This zips onto the rain cover so leaving the rucksack inside and the whole thing looking like a big bag - the two covers then have a ring which can have a padlock put through making your bag secure. The reason for the strap cover is that often backpack straps get caught in the luggage belts at airports as so this reduces/prevents the risk of this happening.
      I can't actually find any faults with this backpack, except may be the price. One retailer I went to had it at £110, luckily I managed to get it in the sale.

      Ideal product for those going travelling for long periods of time and want a practical backpack with functions particularly suited to them rather than suited for hiker/trekers.
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    • Product Details

      Rugged and durable backpack. Carries 70 + 20 Litres.

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