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Breville VST001 Daisy Sandwich Toaster

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Brand: Breville / Type: Sandwich Makers

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 23:03



      definitely the easiest way to enjoy toasties

      I think most people agree that one of the easiest, fastest and tastiest meals to prepare is a toastie. It becomes even fun with this Breville TR13S Daisy the cow toasted sandwich maker because with its fun and original design I just love looking at it while I make some cheese toasties to calm my cravings down. I got it for christmas before going to university and pretty much I have eaten a toastie a day using this machine since then. Pretty fattening but sooo good!

      Inside the maker has the plates which have the 4 triangle holes to create your toasties made of 4 slices of bread. Obviously the shapes don't fit all makes and sizes of bread and I have found my bread to be a bit too big but at least it seals off the toastie nicely keeping most of the cheese inside.

      The functionality is very efficient since you can disassemble it popping off the metal plates in order to wash them easily. Other people's toastie makers I have seen don't do that and you just have to wipe it clean on the machine which isn't ideal. At least you can put these in the dish washer if need be. Sometimes if you cannot control yourself and you put too much cheese in, it comes out melted and sticks to the plates, but as it has a non stick layer, it is not a big problem. You just need to be careful when you unstick it to not scratch it using a knife like I did because it will ruin it and then it will be harder to clean it as the non-stick comes off. However I have had this for years and it still works just as well.

      It heats up within a minute and when the toastie is ready for you to eat, the lights change to warn you you have to take them out. It usually takes around 2-3 minutes to become golden brown and crunchy. Perhaps a downside it has is that the toasted sandwich machine is quite hard to get it clip closed and sometimes the clip part has come off, luckily it has not broken, you just push it back on. A technique I now use it to put in the sandwich when its hot but don't clip the lid closed, just wait for the sandwich to reduce in size and then it will be easier to clip shut.

      Obviously the toastie maker does get incredibly hot so don't leave it in reach of children or put anything plastic near it. It usually starts steaming and making bubbling noises when its pretty much ready to come out. I have never burnt myself on it though as the handle doesn't get hot.

      Overall it is a really good appliance for your meals and to be honest I cannot stop using it since it is so easy and quick to have a nice meal at home. I definitely recommend it!


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      21.07.2010 22:02
      Very helpful



      Attractive gadget - tasty sarnies

      "Udderly Tasty Toasties"

      This is what it says on the box of this Breville toasted sandwich maker and this sets the tone for the item in question - it is a fun product! Of course it works too, but the design cannot fail to bring a smile to your face before you even begin.

      The sandwich maker has a secure closure clip, unlike some we have owned, and a good quality wipe clean outer which has no signs of heat fade even after several months of use.

      Open the catch and 2 non-stick plates are revealed. Thankfully these can be released for easy cleaning as, however careful you are, making a well stuffed toasted sarnie is often a messy affair. The slices of bread are automatically sliced by the mouldings and if topping is caught in the chop a leak may occur. My previous toastie maker had non-removable plates and I was eventually forced to ditch it due to significant cleaning issues - as the main machine contains electric elements they cannot be submerged in water and thus can only be wiped. This is fine for overspills beyond the plates, but the plates themselves definitely need a careful scrub. These plates are dishwasher safe so you don't even have to do the scrubbing yourself!

      The sandwich maker has a 850 wattage which is sufficient to warm the filling through and ensure a crisply browned toastie. The thermostat prevents over burning.

      The only downside to this toastie machine is the fact that when closed the outer case does become hot. My previous machine was stainless steel and, although this too became hot, it was somehow expected. The cow-cover here somehow has you believing it to be cool and it would be easy to pick it up or lean on it and get a horrid surprise. To be fair, the instructions do warn of this possibility and I guess as a criticism this compares with complaining that your gas fire surround is hot!

      The 4 feet on the base are non-slip which allows stability as you are opening and closing the machine.

      After initial heating up, your toastie will be ready in just 3 minutes (if I have used something juicy such as pineapple I do tend to add another minute or two). There are sandwich ideas to start you off, but once confident you can have great fun experimenting with your own recipes. Toastie makers have been great in our family for getting the children involved in cooking and also for sneaking in some healthy ingredients under the guise of a sarnie-snack!

      My cow-toastie-maker cost £15.99 from comet. The toaster has been largely super-ceded by a similar one complete with cow's head and mooing function so, if you value a peaceful teatime, go get one soon!

      Thanks for reading.
      (Also on ciao)


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    • Product Details

      Features: Power on indicator, Non-stick coated plates, Non-slip feet / Short name: Breville VST001

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