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Bush TS281 Toasted Sandwich Maker

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3 Reviews

Brand: Bush / Removable non-stick plates.

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    3 Reviews
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      12.12.2008 20:11
      Very helpful



      A compact and easy sandwch toaster that provides a quicj snakc or even a meal.

      A toasted sandwich makes a good hot inexpensive snack. From start to finish you can make a toastie and have it on the plate ready to eat all within the space of a few minutes and the list of fillings is that you can use is endless . This model toasts two slices at a time.
      The Bush model is compact and modern. Almost circular shaped with removable non stick easy clean plates.
      The sandwich toaster has a power on indicator and a ready to cook indicator.
      It also has non slip rubber feet so it adheres well to the work surface.

      A toasted sandwich makes a good snack at anytime of the day, if you wanted to put a salad together then you could serve salad and a toastie as a meal. Cheese must surely be about one of the favourite fillings for a toastie, maybe with a little sliced onion. The cheese always melts and tastes delicious!
      But ham is good, tomato and pesto, cheese tomato and mushroom is really tasty and banana makes a very good sweet sandwich.

      A lot of people may not bother but I always grease the plates lightly with a spot of oil on some kitchen roll first.
      Then I turn the power on and heat the machine.
      This toaster has a power light that indicates you have switched it on and another light that comes on when the toaster has reached the required temperature, much easier than trying to gauge the heat.
      I butter my two slices of bread and prepare my filling. Once the sandwich toaster has reached the right temperature I then place my first slice butter side down onto the plate, add my filling and then place the other slice of bread on the top, butter side up and close the lid down to allow it to cook.
      This model has a reasonable filling depth, so at least you are going to be able to make a tasty sandwich.
      I prefer my toasties well done, so I always leave mine until I see the sides are starting to crisp well.
      This doesn't take too long and when I lift the lid and see the golden crust then im ready to take the toastie out.
      The plates are as they say non stick and the sandwich lifts out well, leaving no bread or filling stuck to the plates.
      So usually I leave the machine to cool off while im having my snack, going back later to clean it.
      The removable plates certainly lighten the load, for all these sandwich makers make great snacks they do tend to be a bit tricky to keep clean.
      Once the plates are out and washed then I concentrate on cleaning the rest, often if you use cheese it will ooze out and run over the sides, so I wipe this away with kitchen towel before washing off with a hot soapy cloth.
      Remember you mustn't be tempted to use a knife or anything abrasive on the plates, or the non stick coating will be damaged.
      After washing the inside over well I replace the removable plates and then turn my attention to the outside of the machine, which only needs a light wipe over.
      Before storing it away it makes sense to leave it sitting with the lid open for a while, this lets the machine dry off completely.

      This Bush toasted sandwich maker is competitively priced at £19.99 from Amazon. Mine was ordered on a Tuesday and delivered free of charge (UK only) by Thursday.
      It cleans well, the main area that is always difficult to keep clean is where the machine is hinged, but there doesn't seem to be too much to attract any extra dirt and grease around that area and the fixings are strong but not fussy.
      The toaster is ideal for quick snack/snack meals and is a good investment.


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        06.07.2008 11:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        nice sandwich toaster

        The Bush TS281 Sandwich Toaster makes delicious toasted sandwiches in small amounts of time. This little device is compact and can make 2 slices of ordinary bread taste amazing. You can put pretty much anything inside this machine, but watchout, because it make drip down the sides.

        ...Using the sandwich toaster...

        This Bush makes toasting sandwiches a whole lot easier. On the top of the machine you will find one red and one green light that indicates when your sandwich is ready. Before putting your sandwich in, you must remeber to butter the outsides, otherwise things could get messy when it gets stuck to the plates of the sandwich toaster! This is a bit of a disadvantage.

        After this time consuming process has been completed, you then put your sandwich in, and clamp the device together, which is very difficult if you don't have the strength. Plus your hands are probably greasy with butter from handling the sandwich.

        When all systems are go, the red light will show, and you wait until it changes to green. This usually happens after a few minutes.
        So, then you take it out, and you have yourself a perfect toasted sandwich.

        This sandwich toaster has a very handy feature, which allows you to remove the hot plates to wash them with greater ease.
        But, the downside I find that happens to me is when you have to put them back on, and they fall off and make a huge clattering noise.
        Even though the plates are removable, the filling that leaks out of the sandwich seeps down into the nooks and crannies, leading to build up and a dirty old sandwich toaster. You must watch out for this.
        Also, as I mentioned earlier on in this review, there is quite a bit of drippage, espacially if the filling is cheese. This drips out and get stuck to the workspace that you spent some time cleaning.


        The Bush is not too pretty when it comes to appearance, since there is a lot of black on it compared to other household appliances. The stainless steel bit on the top modernises it some what, but it still might fit in with the rest of your kitchen.
        The cord of this appliance is moderate, with enough of it to reach your plug.

        So, overall, it's quite good to use and produces mostly perfect toasted sandwiches, appart from the slight leakages!


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          27.05.2008 09:02
          Very helpful



          Great little machine that cooks toasties well.


          I have a confession to make - I love toasties. Whether it's a simple ham and cheese or a slightly more unusual version like banana, I'm addicted at lunchtime. I find that they are a lot more filling than just standard toast and because the filling heats up too, it tastes like you are having a proper cooked lunch.

          Our last toastie machine had been around in the house for years and had been constantly used but it was looking a bit battered and with us getting lots of new items for wedding presents last year we decided to upgrade. This coincided with my daughter going off to university and she had already mentioned taking the old one with her.

          There aren't really a great many options out there these days for toastie machines so choice was a little bit limited but we were looking for something that would cook two sandwiches at the same time and also something that would blend in with our black/chrome accessories.

          ***The Machine***

          The external area of this machine is mainly black with a silver panel on top along with a red and a green light. When it is switched on at the mains the red light comes on until it is heated up, at which time it goes over to the green light.

          This signals the time to put your buttered bread and fillings in before closing the lid and waiting between 5 and 10 minutes for it to cook it. The lid clips underneath to hold everything in place and there is a central section that diagonally 'cuts' your two slices of bread in half.

          To check to see if it is ready, you just have to unclip the lid and lift it up. It is advisable not to lift your toastie out with a metal implement as you may scratch the non-stick plates.


          The plates are removable but please remember to only do this once the machine has thoroughly cooled down, as they do get very hot. There is a switch that can be pushed across for each of the top and bottom sets of plates and this releases them from the base unit. This process is very easy to do and because of the non-stick coating they are very easily cleaned.

          Sometimes if you have a soft filling or if the filling is a little bit greasy then you can have a little bit of dribbling down the sides or back, but again this is simple to wipe off and doesn't take too much trouble to do so.

          ***My Thoughts***

          I've been using this machine for about 9 months now and I haven't had any problems with it although there are a couple of things that could have been thought out a little bit better.

          The first is that there is nowhere to wrap or store excess cable. Now we are quite lucky in that where it actually sits, we need the whole length to get to the wall socket. This machine is a permanent fixture on our worktop because it gets used at least 4 or 5 times a week and it sits nicely beside the toaster and kettle, but I could see this being a problem for anyone who only uses it occasionally or doesn't have the room to have it set out all the time.

          The second thing that could have been made better is that the plates are only 4 x 5 inches in size and a lot of bread slices are much bigger than that meaning you have to cut crusts off to get them to fit in properly.

          Apart from those things though, the machine works well and does everything it is supposed to. Remembering to put the buttered side of the bread against the plates is something that might take a bit of getting used to and figuring out just how much filling you can put in without it all starting to drizzle out can take a bit of mastering but practise makes perfect in this case.

          Obviously different types of bread will have different results. White bread does tend to go much crispier and turns a lovely golden colour, whilst wholemeal stays a bit softer and you have to be careful that you don't actually end up burning it. It's also better to put quite a bit of filling in because otherwise the top slices won't be pressed against the plate so well and you'll find that one side is more done than the other.

          Another thing I will warn about is that some of the fillings can get remarkably hot, especially things like tomato, cheese and my favourite of banana. The juices can start to come out as you take a bite and I have burnt my lips and palate a few times in the past.

          Whether you are a newbie or an experienced toastie maker like myself, the great thing about this is that it makes a tasty treat in under 10 minutes and the possibilities of different fillings are endless so there is no getting bored. The user's manual has some ideas in the back of it for tasty treats. Because you only need a small amount of spread on the bread, it can be a relatively healthy snack to eat too, especially with wholemeal bread.

          ***Price & Availability***

          We got this in a shop but I can't for the life of me remember whereabouts. It cost around £15 in a sale at the time but it is available from Amazon for £16.58 and this comes with their free delivery offer.


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        • Product Details

          A great value essential for any kitchen / Makes 2 rounds of toasted sandwiches for great-tasting snacks / Removable plates for easy cleaning / Non-stick surface makes cleaning effortless / Power on and ready lights show when the product has reached the ideal temperature / stylishly brushed chrome lid design ideal for any kitchen / Short name: Bush TS281

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