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George Foreman 13621 Grill & Melt Grill

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Fryers, Toasters, Sandwich Makers / Colour: Silver

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2012 16:35
      Not Helpful



      A fantastic, low fat grilling machine with accessories.

      I purchased the family size grill so that meal times would be easier and healthier. I love this grill because of its flexibility. It has many accessories including a drip tray for fat drainage. I can grill almost anything on it and the greatest part of all, is that i don't have to go out into the garden to have some BBQ'd meats. Its compact, portable and can be placed on any hard surface. The option to create tasty hot sandwiches appeals mostly to my teen children, who enjoy creating different fillings for their sandwiches. I also love the pancake trays, which turns out perfectly cooked pancakes. With 6 different heat settings, a spatula, drip trays and cooking plates, this is the ideal gift.

      Now for the negative: One of my daughter's dropped my grill from the top of our fridge/freezer and the handle on the grill plate smashed as it hit the floor. I have been searching high and low for a replacement, but no joy. I sent an email to their customer service department but no response...Although it was our fault that caused the damage those are the things to bear in mind when purchasing. Beyond that, its a great piece of tabletop equipment to have and i have no regrets in purchasing it. I am still able to use the broken grill, but have to be careful not to burn my hands on the metal part which was left exposed on the handle.


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      10.06.2010 17:31
      Very helpful
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      George may be getting smaller but i'd still hate to face him in the ropes

      It's supposed to be summer time and is supposed to be the right time to drag out the BBQ's from the back of the sheds in the hope that they may be used once or twice, hopefully.
      As most people who live in good old Britain know that the BBQ weather is as rare as rocking horse poop, so the chance of getting out in the garden to cook that greasy, heart, yet very tasty food is probably not as certain as the met office say.

      But, there is an alternative to a good old fashioned BBQ which is a much healthier option and still delivers that mouth watering taste that all good meat lovers want and really desire.
      The other, healthier option is from the very famous brand name which is George Foreman and his world famous health grill range.
      This particular modal which I have had the pleasure of using is the very neat compact 13621

      ** Firstly, some of the specs about this health grill...

      * It has a good sized 310cm2 cooking non stick surface which is easy to clean and heats up in no time.
      * Its compact size is 218mm high by 282mm long and 238mm wide, making it a good small cooking device for all.
      * And with its meagre 2.05kg of weight it is nice and lightweight.
      * 1300 watt
      * Ready to use light, green
      * It has a nice lengthy 750mm power cord so you're not restricted to a close by plug socket.
      * And it comes with 2 Drip trays and 2 spatulas for collecting that unwanted fat juice.

      ** MY OPINION...

      I usually use this to cook myself a quick and healthy meal or snack if I am in a hurry, and only cooking for myself, as I find this compact little unit warms up quicker than my normal grill and it cooks a burger, or a chicken wing, in a matter of minutes, (Although do defrost the chicken wing first, unless you get them from Iceland's 'cook from frozen' range of course).
      Anyway, I have owned this one for a while now as I find that the George Foreman range is well worth investing in. As I said I am the proud owner of the massive anniversary edition, (which is big enough to grill a T-Rex), but I find this one is way too big for a single persons meal. So that is why I invested in this compact version, (and when I say invested I do mean invested as the money I have saved through electric bills due to the time spent cooking has made my money bag, and then some. Plus, the health benefits are astronomical on there own).

      The design of the grill allows the fat to drain into the supplied drip tray which sit under the entire length of the grills front.
      It has a melt feature which allows you to melt that lovely piece of cheese over those freshly cooked burgers, this melting feature uses a lid locking mechanism to stop the lid falling onto the food, allowing the heat from the top plate to gently warm the tops of your cooking food.
      It manages to cook food almost twice as fast as a conventional grill due to the fact that the lid closes down, therefore cooking the top and bottom of the food at the same time, whilst gently forcing out the fatty juices.
      The Floating hinge mechanism allows different thickness of food to be cooked properly at the dame time without burning any of you delicious meal.

      It is so neat and is such a breeze to use that anyone can cook a tasty burger or the like in no time, even warming some onions or peppers for a side dish.
      Once plugged in the grill plates take a few minutes to warm up, the little green light telling you when they have achieved there optimum temperature. Then it is a simple matter of placing your chosen 'food' onto the lower plate and closing the lid so the 'food' cooks on both sides, and, with the lid closed, the unwanted fat and grease simply gets pushed out of the 'food' and drains down the slightly sloping grill plate into the waiting 'drip tray'.

      It looks the part, being nice and compact, which allows it to be stored away in most cupboards, (although do make sure it is unplugged and cooled down before doing so).
      The grill itself is white bodied with a very sturdy handle on the front and a black hinges on either side.
      Once opened it sort of looks like a small shark missing its top teeth, (sort of), the lower grill plate having six raised points along the front so your food doesn't slip onto the work surface whilst allowing the grease to drip into the trays.

      The plates are NOT removable on this one but they are still easy to clean, especially with the strange looking little 'spatulas' that are supplied. This is just a matter of scraping the spatulas down the grill plates and removing the small pieces of food stuff and grease mess that tries to cling to the non stick material. This cleaning is best done whilst the plates are still warm but can be done whilst cold, then you just use a cloth to finish the clean.
      And it is this simple cleaning that makes a good healthier eating grill worth using, as any one knows the cleaning of any grill is the worst part of the cooking process.

      It may not be the biggest of the George Foreman grills, unlike the monstrous 'Anniversary edition', which I have also had the pleasure of using for quite a while, but it is great for those small grilled meals that you want to prepare.
      To give you an idea of it's size you could easily get two normal size slices of bread onto the plate, side by side, maybe for a lovely cheese on toast.

      For me, this George Foreman grill is ideal for everyone, but would be great for students, and the likes, who would benefit from this little unit as it will fit in there rooms without pushing out the walls, and will give them the perfect chance to cook a healthy meal in a fraction of the time.

      If you want to grab one of these cracking cooking grills, which will give you a tasty snack whilst helping to keep your arteries unclogged, then you can get one of these particular ones for between £20- £40, and can be found in most good stockist.

      So for all you who want a quick meaty snack then this is for you, but if you want a bigger meal for all your family then stick with George Foreman and grab yourself a monster from the massive range, each grill is a good for your health as any of the others.


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    • Product Details

      The George Foreman 13621 3 Portion Grill and Melt is suitable for small families or couples / As well as the normal grilling mode the Grill can be locked open for melting cheese and other toppings / Suitable for grilling up to 3 portions in grill mode and 1 large piece of toast in melt mode. / Short name: George Foreman 13621

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