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Wallace & Gromit CH3353X2 Sandwich Toaster

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Brand: Wallace and Gromit / Sandwich press

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2012 12:04
      Very helpful



      too gimmicky

      My husband recieved this Wallace and Gromit sandwich toaster as a gimmicky Christmas present from one of his relatives.

      In my opinion that's all it is - gimmicky, it's absolutely worse than useless as a sandwich toaster, we've probably only used this around a dozen times, and it is now discarded at the back of one of the kitchen cupboards.

      This little sandwich toaster is Wallace and Gromit themed, it is bright orange in colour, with a picture of Wallace and Gromit on the top and the words 'Cracking toastie Gromit!'.
      It makes 2 toasted sandwiches, and each toasted sandwich is imprinted with 'CRACKING TOAST GROMIT!' on one side and a picture of Wallace and Gromit on the other side. The sandwich toaster doesn't 'cut' the toasted sandwiches down the middle it leaves them whole, with the imprinted design on.

      It works just the same as the majority of sandwich toasters, you plug it in to heat it up and a little red light comes on, the red light goes off and the green light comes on when the sandwich toaster is hot enough to insert your sandwiches. The sandwich plates are non-stick, but like all sandwich toasters you need to butter the outside slices of your bread before inserting the sandwiches into the toaster.
      You then need close the lid and fasten the clasp at the front to 'lock' the toaster closed for cooking. You do need to check your sandwiches at regular intervals and remove them when they are cooked enough for you. Unplug the sandwich toaster to turn it off. This is easy enough to clean, I just wipe the plates over with kitchen roll once they have cooled.

      Now for the problems with the sandwich toaster.
      I do not know what size of bread you are supposed to use in this, but certainly not regular sized bread, the plates are far too small to use regular bread with it, you have to cut the crusts and some of the slice of bread off before it will fit in.
      You can put hardly anything between your bread as a filling as this then makes the sandwich too thick and the clasp won't close. Just cheese works ok, and at a pinch ham and cheese. I like chicken and mayo toasties and these don't work as the sandwich becomes too thick. My husband likes cheese, tomato and red onion toasties and again these are too thick. Basically it's just cheese, and not too much of it at that!
      The thickness of your bread is also a factor, thick sliced is an absolute no-no, medium sliced will work - just - with only a thin slice of cheese between them, thin sliced is best as then there is the chance of a more substantial filling, but nowhere near as substantial as other sandwich toasters we have had.

      Overall this doesn't really work for toasted sandwiches, they are just too thin and you can't put most things on them as then the clasp won't close. I like the fact that it imprints the designs on to the sandwiches, and I don't mind that it doesn't cut them in half. But basically it won't make you a decent filling toastie, and isn't that the point of these?!
      So I have to say that I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone I'm afraid.


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