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Aldi Bramwells Real Mayonnaise

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Brand: Aldi / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2009 13:31
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      On the fence!

      One thing I do get through an awful lot of in a week is mayonnaise. I'm a sauce fan anyway but I find so many things to do with good ole mayo! I love it on my chicken burgers, dipping chips in it and swamping boring old salad in it too and as I say I get through a lot which is why when my Mother last went out shopping she decided to invest in some Aldi mayonnaise! Costing about 89p for a large squeezy bottle she was trying to economise me!

      The Packaging:

      500ml clear, robust plastic bottle with curves to it's sides for ease of handling and a large white plastic flip top lid opening is to the bottom of it. On the front label which is yellow with white and navy writing on it I'm told it is Bramwells 'Pickles, Sauces, Dressings' Real Mayonnaise 'Thick, rich & full of flavour' and then I'm told it is Gluten free, suitable for Vegetarians and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. On the back of the bottle and on yet another label other information given includes ingredients and allergy advice, a full nutritional rundown chart is shown, size is stated (as I've listed already) and contact details for Aldi are listed. It's a nice enough bottle, doesn't look cheap and is easy to handle and informative enough.

      The Mayonnaise Itself:

      Well the mayo itself is a cream colour, much like most salad creams and mayonnaise's really. In the bottle it looks rather thick and gloopy and mayonnaise like and you do have to really squeeze the bottle with two hands firmly to get it out, which would be a tough job for people with little strength in their hands (I.E the elderly).

      The mayonnaise itself though is rather tasty. I was expecting it to be richer tasting but in-fact this is a rather light tasting mayonnaise and it has a rather creamy texture and taste to it and no harshness at all. Like most mayonnaise's it is a mixture of egg yolk, vinegar, sugar and lemon juice the only thing I think is missing from this which is in alot of mayonnaise's is mustard and that is why I think this is rather mild and any lacking kick. However it is creamy, has a touch of tartness to it and is well seasoned and not at all sugary. The mayonnaise is smooth and glossy and holds really well near hot/warm foods and all round is a nice mayonnaise...just don't expect any sort of real stand out flavours from it and you won't be left disapointed.

      It sounds like I'm being negative about this product, I'm not at all. I actually rather like it's creamy taste and there's a place for it on some of my foods but is it like mayonnaise? Well it looks like it and taste a little like it but no it isn't as good as superior brands and it lacks something!

      Allergy Advice:
      Contains: Egg

      Nutritional Information Per Tablespoon:

      Calories: 234
      Sugar: 0.5g
      Fat: 25.7g
      Saturates: 2.0g
      Salt: 0.4g

      Only available in Aldi stores.


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