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Aldi Soupreme Minestrone Soup

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Brand: Aldi / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2009 18:29
      Very helpful



      Ok but not great!

      I really love soup and every week my Mother goes shopping and grabs me a few cans of the stuff. I'm very much a fan of food I can heat up with little effort required as I'm not much of a cook and usually by the time I decide to feed myself I'm starving so time is very much of the essence lol.

      This offering came from Aldi at the price of 59p a can and came with a few other soupy offerings from the store that I couldn't wait to get stuck into!

      The Packaging:

      400g can with an orange label around it. On the front of the label I'm told it is Soupreme Minestrone soup and that it contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and that it is suitable for Vegetarians and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there along with a picture of the soup. Other information on the back of the can includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients and allergy advice is given (Contains: Egg, Wheat and Gluten and may contain traces of peanuts and other nuts, milk, soya and celery), the size is stated (as I've listed already), I'm told how to heat the soup through, storage instructions are given and contact details for Aldi are listed. Nice enough can and it's informative enough though if I was nit picking it could do with a ring-pull to the top of it, however it's no real problem really.

      Me And The Soup:

      Well of course all you do is empty the contents of this into a saucepan and bring it the boil and then simmer it through for a few minutes or you can put it into a microwavable dish and heat it that way for about 3 minutes. I always go for the lazy girls option and dump my soups into a bowl and shove it in the microwave whenever possible!

      When I open the soup up I'm met with rather watery mixture that is dark brown in it's colour. In there I can see a variety of vegetables and stuff and it heats up in the microwave in the time allotted really well.

      Taste wise this isn't really that bad though not my favourite from within the Aldi soup range to be honest with you. It does thicken up a little bit through cooking though not that much really. The taste of the liquid is slightly tomatoey and it has a hint of onion, garlic and basil in the mix. Then within the soup there are a mixture of carrots, potato, tomatoes, strands of pasta (vermicelli), haricot, green and garden beans, onion, black pepper and oregano flakes.

      Plenty of cubed vegetables in there and its all well seasoned however I find that although the soup was nicely seasoned and had a few herbs going on within it that the potatoes and carrots really lacked flavour however the peas and beans were flavoursome enough and not under or over cooked.

      The pasta in this wasn't plentiful but was very thin and like the potato and carrot lacked flavour really. It wasn't gloopy as such and didn't mess up the soup with scum but it did have a sort of glossy slime to it and didn't taste of much it simply gave a different texture within the ingredients.

      All in all it's ok but lacks in flavours from some of the ingredients sadly. Filling though and not terrible for the hips so worth trying if your a minestrone soup fan!

      Nutritional Information Per 1/2 Can:

      Calories: 74
      Sugar 4.8g
      Fat: 2.2g
      Saturates: 0.6g
      Salt: 1.0g

      Only available in Aldi stores.


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