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Appleford Dietade Fruit Sugar

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Brand: Appleford / Type: Dressings - Fruit Sugar

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2011 14:52
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      A good alternative to sugar and sweeteners

      Just recently I was allergy tested. I was surprised to find out I'm intolerant to many things and should cut back on a few other things and one of things I'm sensitive too and was advised to lay off for now was sugar and artificial sweeteners.

      This is a bit of a nightmare really as so much stuff we eat and drink does contain this stuff but it was simple to rule out of a lot of things because I simply try and lay off pre packaged and processed foods as much as I can. Other than that I set about finding a sugar/sweetener swap and went for advice in my local Holland & Barrett store and I came across this product.

      Not only is it suitable for people watching their weight but its also suitable for people with food intolerances and for that reason along with a few other bits and pieces I decided to give it a go.

      The Packaging:

      The Fruit Sugar (Pure Fructose) comes in a silver foil type of bag within a white coloured large box with a photograph of cup of tea on the front (and the back of the box appears the same by the way) and a teaspoon of this sugar about to be popped in it and we are told that it is AppleFords Dietade Fruit Sugar, Pure Fructose 'The Naturally Sweeter Real Sugar' and that in this box there is 250g of it. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the sugar, nutritional information is listed as is information on how to use it and contact details for Kerry Foodservice (the manufacturer of the product) is given. Informative packaging this is though the bag inside the box containing the sugar isn't resealable or anything like that sadly.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Box:

      Dietade Fruit Sugar is 100% pure fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables and cereals.

      This sugar actually enhances the natural flavours and aromas of food and because it is almost twice as sweet as ordinary sugar, it is excellent for cooking and sprinkling in smaller amounts, and as a result fewer calories are consumed.

      When baking with Dietade Fruit Sugar you would generally use one third less than ordinary sugar to produce the same level of sweetness.

      However, it should be noted that oven temperatures should be reduced by approximately 25C and the baking time slightly increased.

      The Sugar:

      Well in appearance it is a little more moist than normal granulated white sugar. Not soggy or anything like that just a sort of thicker in consistency however it is still pure white and granulated only I think again that the granulated bits are smaller than that of usual or caster sugar.

      Taste wise, well to me it is a little sweeter than normal granulated sugar however it is natural tasting at the same time and isn't unusual in taste at all just because it is pure fructose.

      Basically you can use this in place of wherever you would need a usual sugar. Getting the hang of this can be quite tricky as you need to measure this out differently to get the same taste of usual sugars or sweeteners. As I mentioned earlier in cooking or sprinkling it on food you need 33% less of this to what you'd usually use and the same rule typically applies to putting it on cereals and in jams, jellies and baking. With beverages you need the same as you'd use of anything else, once you remember this information you'll be fine!

      I have used this in a baking a cake recently and it didn't taste no different to how it would usually and I use it in coffee all the time now. It melts in and dissolves fast and basically it really doesn't taste any different to normal sugars and whats more it leaves no aftertaste at all.

      All in all I like this natural sugar whether I'm intolerant to normal sugar or sweeteners or not and I know that its healthier and a more natural choice so why not!

      Nutritonal Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 400Kcal
      Protein: Nill
      Carbohydrate: 100g
      Fat: Nil

      174% sweetness of that of ordinary sugar.

      Available in all good supermarkets and health food stores costing about £1.39 a box.


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