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Asda Good For You Carrot and Coriander Soup

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Brand: Asda / Type: Soups

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    5 Reviews
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      11.11.2012 17:10



      Not great for my taste buds!

      Carrot & coriander soup is one of my fave flavours, so when I spotted this one at Asda, which also promised to be 'good for me' I decided to try it.

      For a 600g plastic tub it cost just £1, which I thought was a really good deal. There is plenty enough for two servings and the plastic tub has a lid which you can replace of you are just having one serving and want to keep the rest of it in the fridge until the next day. As it is from the 'Good For You' range it is low calorie, low fat and has no artificial colourings, flavourings etc. So far, so good.

      The first thing I noticed was that this soup smelled quite sweet. It was also not particularly 'creamy' as described but that in itself didn't bother me as I was aware it was low fat and it was thick enough really. Unfortunately it also tasted sweet, very sweet along with another starange taste, possibly a bit like vinegar?! It didn't taste too nice and the aftertaste was even worse. I only managed to eat some of the soup by dipping some bread in it and I then threw most of it away.

      Personally I would rather have more calories, if that makes it taste better!


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      28.05.2009 11:45
      Very helpful



      Asda good for you soup, low calorie and tasty

      I love home made carrot soup, either carrot and lentil or carrot and coriander. For convenience though I have to settle for shop bought when I take soup to work for my lunch. I'm also limited as I refuse to purchase soups for lunch that are calorie laden especially when it is carrot soup!

      I was extremely pleased when I came across the Adsa Good For You Carrot and Coriander Soup when browsing the aisles; even better that it was a fresh soup and not a canned soup.

      ***Packaging ***

      The soup comes in a 600g plastic tub. The lid lifts off and can be put back on if you decide like me to put half back in the fridge and eat for lunch the next day. The tub is branded like all of the other Asda Good Four You Products with yellow and green packaging and nutritional information being the main selling points. An image of the soup is on the front of the tub. On the back of the tub you will find the ingredients, storage information and heating guidelines.


      For a 600g tub of soup its £1. I can only eat half the tub for lunch so if I buy a tub of this soup I can eat the other half the next day. 50p for a filling lunch is very good value. As its an Asda product... yes you have guessed it you can only buy this soup from Asda!

      *** The Soup ***

      After pouring half the soup into a bowl I micro waved the soup for 2 minutes putting the other half of the soup back in the fridge for the follow day. The soup is a bright orange colour which has a slight yellow tint to it. In comparison to Weight Watchers Carrot and Lentil Soup (which is like orange coloured water) I was surprised at how thick the soup was especially for a low calories soup. When the soup is cold the soup smells quite sweet but cold the soup is rather subtle.

      After the soup had been heated and taken from the microwave the soup had a much stronger scent. The carrots smelt even sweeter and the coriander could now be smelt and gave the soup a more spicy scent.

      The description on the tub is that the soup is "light and creamy, sweet carrots combined with fragrant coriander". Taste wise the carrots are very sweet, yet not too sweet. This is the taste that hits you immediately. The coriander is more of an after taste. I did find that the after taste was slightly unpleasant as the coriander gives an after taste of plastic.

      The consistency is quite thick and mushy. There are lumps of carrot in the soup which I would prefer for the soup to be completely smooth.

      ***Nutritional Information***

      Per 100g 26 calories, 1.1g of fat
      Per Serving (300g 1/2 tub) 78 calories 3.3g fat

      As this is an Asda Good For You product, as you would expect it is low calorie and low fat. The soup also contains no artificial colours, artificial flavours and hydrogenated fat.

      ****Will I be having it (for lunch) again? ****

      This soup would not be my first choice for lunch but I would not discount it completely. The plastic aftertaste put me off the soup slightly but for £1 for two days worth of lunch I will certainly be purchasing again. Low calorie and filling ... I can't really complain, even though its not half as good as home made!


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      20.05.2009 15:12
      Very helpful



      Wont buy again

      I have just had this fresh soup for my lunch. I have to say I am not its biggest fan.

      This soup is fresh, and so if opened has to be eaten within 48 hours or it starts growing mould as I found out with a mushroom soup a few weeks ago. I am a fan of fresh soup, it tastes loads better than soup from a can and usually tastes less synthetic.

      This soup cost me about £1 at full price, although I think if you buy it nearer its sell buy date then you could get it on special offer.

      It comes in a big plastic tub, enough to feed about 3 people I think, as I tried to eat a bowl full and only managed half a bowl. Its very filling, and I had 2 pieces of bread with it as well. Its great for a quick lunch, however I didnt like the actual taste of this particular soup.

      I heated it up in a pan for about 5 mins, and stirred regularly as instructed.

      I like carrots and I like corriander, whats not to like? Well for a start the carrot was still really crunchy and not blended in properly, The soup was really mushy and just looks really unappetising. The taste is quite bland, and it leaves a nasty aftertaste in your mouth.

      I think I will stick with the mushroom flavour soup as it is has a lot more taste, and is generally nicer all round.


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        12.04.2009 19:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        If you've read my Baxters Chicken Noodle Soup review ten you'll know that I'm someone who doesn't have a big appetite, so soup is always a great choice for me as it's filling, cheap and healthy. Score! This flavour of soup is one that I've been eating regularly for about 9 months now, but whilst in Asda, I came across a one I had never seen before. Asda Good For You Carrot and Coriander Soup. Time to try a new brand of my favourite flavour!

        This soup comes in a 600g plastic tub, which is around 6.5inches tall. The label is a yellowy - orange colour with white, yellow and green accents and a picture of the soup and main ingredients on the front, with the Asda Good For You logo directly above it. In one of the petals on the Good For You logo, we you are told that the soup contains 'No Hidden Nasties'. Further down the label you are told what these hidden nasties are. No artificial colours. No artificial flavours. No hydrogenated fat. Perfect. In another of the petals, you are told that there is less that 2% fat. It's sounding better and better, isn't it? Well, just wait for this...only 26 calories per 100g!!
        On the back of the tub heating guidelines, ingredients, allergy advice, storage advice, nutritional information and company contact information. The plastic tub is 100% recyclable and is opened with a 'pop off' type lid.

        According to the back of the tub, "We promise that all good for you products are always low or lower in fat and won't ever contain any hydrogenated fat, artificial flavours, artificial colours". It then continues to say "let's hear it for...veg - this soup contains one of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetable portions per serving". It really does sound wonderful - ""light and creamy, sweet carrots combined with fragrant corriander". Yum, all that and its deliciously healthy.

        As I peeled open the the lid, I was met with a thick, orangey yellow liquid and a sweet, but savoury scent. There were little green particles in it, but this is obviously the coriander. There seemed to be alot of this, so that was a plus - there's no use in getting a Carrot and Coriander soup with hardly any coriander. I can't really explain the scent more than sweet & savoury, but it was delicious whatever it was. When it was time to eat it, I measured out half of the tub and put it in the pan to heat up for a few minutes, then poured it straight into the bowl. It's as easy as that.
        I grabbed a spoon and sat myself down, eager to try the soup as it had seemed perfect so far. I took a taste and was extremely impressed. It tasted exactly like it smelled! Absolutely delicious. Savoury enough to be a meal, but sweet enough to be something different. Not only was it very healthy, very tasty and very cheap, it was very filling. Really now, what more could you want?

        This can only be bought in Asda and costs roughly £1 (the price changes all the time and is occasionally on special offer).

        Overall, I think this is a delicious soup and will definitely replace the Somerfield Carrot & Coriander soup that I'm used to buying. I only need half of a tub for a delicious, filling meal, and only quarter if I'm having a slice of bread with it, but I rarely do this as it has to be eaten rather quickly due to it being a fresh soup.

        Per 100g (microwaved), this soup contains 26 calories, 1.1g of fat and 0.11g of sodium.
        Per 1/2 tub (microwaved), this soup contains 79 calories, 3.3g of fat and 0.33g of sodium.

        Contains: milk and celery/celeriac.
        May contain: traces of nuts and/or seeds.

        Thank you for reading!


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          07.07.2008 23:09
          Very helpful



          ASDA Good for you carrot and coriander soup

          Browsing the aisles in Asda, I noticed their Good for you Carrot and Coriander Soup. I love the taste of coriander, I always shove loads in curries and I buy garlic and coriander naan breads quite regularly as well, so I was interested to try this.


          The packaging of the one I bought is different from the one above, as I bought a standard tin. The picture shows an appetising bowl of the soup, and the 'Good for you' logo is a lot more subtle being up in the top corner in a flower shape - great if you don't want people to know you're dieting as it's so subtle.

          ~Heating it~

          The soup can be either heated on the hob over a low heat for 4-5 minutes, or be heated in the microwave. I chose to heat it in a pan on the hob as I didn't have anything to cover a bowl with in the microwave.

          When I opened the can, my first impression was that the soup looked quite watery. It was a dark orange colour with small green flecks of coriander.

          Once I started to heat the soup it seemed to thicken a bit, and the smell of the coriander filled the kitchen.


          Now the soup had thickened, I could see that there were bits of grated carrot in it, as well as what appeared to be little lumps of carrot - almost like pulp.

          The main flavour of the soup is the carrot, which I found fairly bland. The coriander, however goes really well with the carrot flavour, it really gives it a kick, I don't think it would taste too good without it. It also contains onion, and I could definitely taste the onion flavour coming through in there, and I felt that it gave it a much needed hint of flavour.

          I heated the whole tin up, but I only ate about half. To be honest I thought that it was a little bit bland for my tastes, it could have possibly done with a bit of pepper or something to spice it up a bit, as the onion and coriander alone weren't enough. I do like my food quite spicy though, so it could be down to individual tastes.

          ~Nutritional Info~

          Per half can, this contains...

          59 calories
          1.4g protein
          10.6g carbs
          0.6g fat


          A 400g tin costs just 39p from Asda.


          This was nice, and I would eat it again, but I would probably try adding a bit of pepper or something to spice it up. Also I wouldn't be so greedy in the future, and would only heat half a tin at a time, as I couldn't eat it all. For the price, it's OK - it's not the nicest soup I've ever had, but it's still OK, and like I said, I wouldn't rule out buying it again.


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