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Asda Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce

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Brand: Asda / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 16:03
      Very helpful



      Nice enough, though not my favourite sauce from this range

      Of late when my wonderful boyfriend comes to stay with me I have been able to cook more often. Up until recently when he has visited me we've always eaten out or got take-aways and although I'm not complaining to much cos I'm not the one paying for it I do get fed up with it. After all there is only so many days you can have a Mcdonalds breakfast (double sausauge and egg muffin meal thing), a big mac meal for dinner and a Dominos pizza (large each) for tea with a bottle of coke.

      The reason for this though is cos up until a couple of months back my boyfriend had a real food phobia....the worst I had ever seen in fact. All food had to be burnt to a frazzle, no fruit or vegetables...a hatred of lots of foods including garlic and sauces of any kind and all foods had to be really plain in taste and in appearance. We split up over Christmas and one of the reasons was because of this...it sounds silly but you try going out for a meal with someone who asks for steak and chips plain and a piece of fresh parsley is sat on the plate that you can remove and the person you love having a panic attack before threatening the poor staff that serve you with violence!

      When we got back together, cos I have an eating disorder I set up a few new ground rules he had to try and abide by. He has to try foods out. I'm sick of seeing him eat plain cheese and tomato pizzas (just tomato puree not even real tomato and it black), egg and chips, pork chop and chips and plain chicken nuggets and a plain cheeseburger from Mcdonalds. I was sick of never being able to cook us anything unless I ate a grill steak and fried chips!

      Although I have an eating disorder it sounds odd but I simply adore food. I love cooking and think I'm not half bad since I have had my own flat and I have a nice kitchen to work in. I do my shopping weekly and I have an interesting diet and I love spicy foods....especially anything Indian inspired and I will often do I think of as a banquet night for me and my bestmate/flatmate with a few different dishes on offer.

      Slowly but surely myself and Mr Foxy are finally getting somewhere. Its took time and patience (from me believe!) and from the person I described earlier he has really changed. He now loves chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, chicken korma and things providing there are no onions, mushrooms or tomatoes visible within the sauces. I buy a lot of jars of sauces and peer through the jar first to make sure I can't see all the stuff within it he really wouldn't like though I have to admit lol!

      The Packaging:

      The jar the sauce comes in holds 570g of the sauce and is a see-through glass jar with a black screw on/off lid to the top of it. On the front of the jar we are told that it is Asda 'Chosen By You' Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce and that it is suitable for Vegetarians and there is a photograph of a curry on there shown too. On the back of the jar other information includes being told how to use the sauce, the ingredients and allergy advice is given, there is a full nutritional chart shown as well as the size stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Asda are given. Nice enough, simple packaging this is and of course it is informative as it needs to be.

      The Sauce Itself:

      The sauce is appearance is rather runny and shiny with a smell of chillis to it and being such a large sized jar this is meant to serve 4 people which it really does very generously indeed but it is a nice rich light brown colour and you can see the colour of peppers and herbs in there.

      All you do is fry off whatever you want to use. Of course you can use whatever meat or fish you want to or use just vegetables for a Vegetarian Jalfrezi and then when the ingredients are cooked through enough and slightly golden add this sauce to it and let it simmer on the hob for about 20 minutes alternatively you can fry off the ingredients first and and then add those ingredients to a casserole dish along with the sauce for about 35-40 minutes.

      I simply fried off some chicken breast only (cos of fussy boyfriend lol) and tipped this sauce all over it and let it simmer for the time stated, stirring it all occasionally. What I did notice that instead of the chicken settling into the sauce this sauce coated it and slid off it so I had to really scoop equal amounts of the sauce and the chicken out to feed us!

      It did thicken up a touch through cooking though and what we got was a rather nice curry. The sauce is rich and tomatoey with a hint of red chilli to it which isn't too hot. You can taste but not really see the onions in it but can see red and green slithers of peppers in it that are well cooked and tasty (bf picked those out in disgust mind you!) and all in all it was a nice sauce with cumin seeds in it and plenty of fresh tasting coriander with a hint (a very small hint!) of lemon to it.

      Not to garlicky this is a well rounded and highly flavoursome sauce of which the more you eat the warmer it gets because of the chilli but for me it is a winner and makes a really nice, interesting curry! Even my boyfriend liked the flavour of this but he admitted that because of the peppers in it he wouldn't really want to eat this again sadly!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g (The Important Bits!):

      Energy: 78 Kcal
      Fat: 4.8g
      of which saturates: 0.3g

      Only available in Asda at about 88p a jar.


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