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Asda Smart Price - Cream of Chicken Soup

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Soups

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2012 14:42
      Very helpful



      Not great!

      When it comes to soup and the consumption of it, this winter I have been really filling my boots with the stuff. I find it easy to prepare, consume and very warming which is great for someone like me that really does feel the cold and lives far too close to the seafront!

      This soup I spotted on a recent visit to my local Asda store and usually I pick up a couple of cans of my favoured Heinz branded soup but this at only 24p a can was about to make me rather alot of a saving and so for that reason alone I picked up a can of this to try out.

      The Packaging:

      The can contains 400g of the soup anlabelingelling on the can is the usual for the Asda 'Smart Price' range of products and is green and white with a photograph of the soup on the front of it and we are told that it is indeed Asda Smart Price Cream Of Chicken Soup and then on the back of the can other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, we are told how to heat the soup through, anutritionalitoanl chart is displayed, the size is stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for Asda are given. This is the usual cheap style of packaging from this range but informative enough etc.

      The Soup Itself:

      To heat this through you can either simmer it in a saucepan or microwave it, I simmered mine for a few minutes which gave me no issues at all. It went in the pan really runny with little pink bits of chicken in it and came out looking pretty much the same but for steam coming off it! By that I mean it didn't really thicken up by much at all.

      So the soup is a cream in colour with only 2% chicken (and what bit of the chicken that is I don't know lol) oh and some chicken fat. This has a creamish sort of look to it though is a bit watery in places, is rather salty and what chicken there is (and there really isn't much of it!) is rather rubbery and chewy and lacks alot of flavour.

      However this does taste like a chicken soup albeit cheap tasting. It isn't awful but for me the consistency isn't right and thick and creamy enough and the chicken is just as tough as old rope. Worth the 24p on a budget? Sure but I won't be buying it again unless I'm totaNutritionallInformationtonal Inofmraion Per 1/2 Can:

      Energy: 83kcal
      Protein: 1.8g
      Carbohydrate: 7.2g
      of which sugars: 2.0g
      Fat: 5.2g
      of which saturates: 1.4g
      Fibre: 1.0g
      Sodium: 0.80g
      equivalent as salt: 2.0g

      Only available from Asda stores or from Asda.com


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        11.08.2010 20:17
        Very helpful



        Good quality, value and price.

        I love soup and I love most flavours as it fills me up and I eat it as a snack or before a meal sometimes and also at supper time on occasions as I have a fairly big appetite and I came across this soup from Asda Smart Price cheaper brands of food for only 17p for a 400g tin and thought I would try it for the very low price and save some money on my shopping bill.

        It comes in a basic can with no frills label and the soup inside is quite thick and the texture is very creamy and there are very small particles of Chicken but only a small amount but the flavour is very good and the Chicken can be tasted and the quality for a cheaper brand of soup is very good and it is also very filling.

        It is not at all bland for my taste buds and it is not weak like I thought it would be, at first I thought it would taste like very bland but I was pleasantly surprised how nice it actually tasted.

        It looks very inviting when heated and poured into the dish and I have given my grandchildren a bowl last weekend and they also enjoyed it too and did not complain of it being tasteless or bland either.

        I bought 3 cans at the time for my grandchildren as I was having some of them over for the day and staying for dinner and I thought they would not like it but they sure did and they found it to be enjoyable too and I had no complaints from them and a couple of them are very picky eaters but they were fine with this soup.

        I think for 17p it is a bargain price and the size of the tin can easily feed 2 or 4 small children.

        I heated it on the hob in a pan but it can easily be placed in a dish and heated in the microwave also.

        Per half a can it contains, 83 calories, 5.2g of fat and 1.0g of fibre.

        It is very filling and I will certainly be buying it again in the very near future as it is a brilliant tasting soup for the money and if you are on a budget I think it will save you lots of money on your shopping bill as it has mine.

        I recommend this soup not just for the quality but for the great taste it has on the palette too.

        I rate it 5 stars.


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          23.09.2009 11:52
          Very helpful



          Stick with the branded soup!

          The current credit crunch coupled with a recent break-up with my partner has made me re-assess my budgeting skills. I have read numerous articles that recommend switching to supermarket own brand products which can lead to savings of hundreds of pounds a year (perhaps slightly less for an independent woman who eats at her parents whenever possible!). So I have recently been doing just that and trying stores own brands of various products, with various degrees of success. On a recent trip to Asda I was stocking up on soup (always handy to take to work!). I noticed that the Smart Price soups were only 17p per 400g tin, compared with around 80p for the Heinz equivalent. Intrigued I selected one can of each flavour - Chicken, Tomato, and Vegetable. This review is of the Smart Price Cream of Chicken Soup...

          The tin packaging is typical of all Smart Price products with the easily identifiable white and green colouring and labelling. All the expected information is on the packaging i.e. ingredients, nutritional values, cooking instructions, storage etc. Basically it takes 2 minutes to heat in the microwave or 4-5 minutes to heat in a pan. The tin has no ring-pull so out came my trusty tin opener. The soup looked a very light yellowy almost transparent colour and I have to admit didn't look very appealing. I poured it into my bowl and the consistency was watery rather than thick and rich. It had the odd few flecks of chicken in it and I was still hopeful that the taste would make up for the lack-lustre appearance.

          Couple of minutes in the microwave, some buttered crusty bread and I was ready to tuck in. On my spoon the soup still looked watery, greasy and lacked any real colour. It ran off my spoon, rather than "glubbed" like a good, creamy chicken soup should. There was no smell to the soup, and there was not much taste either! There was a slight hint of chicken essence, but it is just too watery to have any real flavour to it. There was nothing, no saltiness, no sweetness - just a mouthful of bland watery liquid. It reminded me of a cuppa soup, but with less taste. Even dunking my crusty bread didn't help, the soup has no consistency or richness so doesn't cling to the bread, it's like dipping it into water. A very unsatisfying lunch. Although unsurprising given it contains only 2% chicken.

          Even for 17p this soup is disappointing. It is far too watery and has no real taste or flavour. For me chicken soup should be rich, smooth and creamy and this is none of these things. I won't be buying it again and it certainly won't be helping me to save my hundreds of pounds as I'll be switching back to good old Heinz! Just as an aside I tried both the Smart Price Tomato and Vegetable soups and both are far better than the chicken variety in terms of flavour and for 17p offer good value for money.

          Nutritional Values per 100g

          Energy 41kcal
          Protein 0.9g
          Carbohydrate 3.6g
          Of which sugars 1.0g
          Fat 2.6g
          Of which saturates 0.7g
          Fibre 0.5g
          Sodium 0.40g
          Equivalent as salt 1.0g

          Allergy Advice
          Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Milk.


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